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Pharos Traveler GPS 525


Pharos-Traveler-Gps-525The Pharos Traveler GPS 525 offers voice prompted, turn by turn navigation guidance along with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for access to Location Based Services on the internet. This Pocket GPS device will sync with your Outlook database of contacts making navigation to an address a snap. The Pharos Traveler is the first ever and smallest GPS handheld with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth technology, making it easier than ever to send e-mail, access the Internet, and look up Points of Interest locations while you’re out and about.

“Navigation assistance is something every business traveler needs, but current standalone GPS devices are big and bulky, making them unsuitable for briefcases and plane travel. The new Pharos Traveler GPS 525 is the size of a mobile phone and sets up in rental cars in just minutes, offering turn by turn directions with voice prompts that save valuable time while on the road,” said Christina Shires, Director of Marketing, Pharos.

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