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Pigeonblog, GPS Pigeons Monitor Air Quality


Pigeonblog-Pigeon-GpsSo you want to find a way to monitor air quality in cities. Having sensors that frequently move around the city is a good thing. So build an air sensor and combine it with a GPS receiver to record the location of the sensor.

So then how do you take lots of measurements from lots of random locations around the city? Pigeons! Strap the sensor and Siemens XT 65 GPS receiver on a pigeon and let them do the traveling.

Flights are expected to take-off from San Jose, California in August.

Pigeons releases will occur once a day throughout the duration of the festival on the ISEA premises. Release location: ClockTower in San Jose. The first release will take place during the opening ceremony of the festival on tuesday evening. Additional “White Dove” releases are planned at strategic high pollutant areas within the San Jose region. Exact locations are to be determined.

We still want to know if the pigeons will be getting NAVTEQ or Tele Atlas maps. 😉

url coordinates.

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