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Pioneer AVIC-S1


Pioneer has announced a new portable navigation device, the Pioneer AVIC-S1. The new Pioneer GPS includes a 3.5 inch touch screen display, 2 GB of flash memory for map storage, as well as Bluetooth support. The Pioneer AVIC-S1 is powered by a SiRF Star III receiver.

Pioneer is using NAVTEQ maps in the AVIC-S1 and the POI database contains 1.5 million entries. Map upgrades are possible via an SD card slot. Maps can be displayed in 2D or 3D modes. Voice prompts are available as well as automatic route calculation to help you find your way.

“We’ve designed the Pioneer AVIC-S1 with the features consumers look for in a portable navigation product: transportability, ease of use and affordability,” said Karen Rubin, director of marketing and product planning for navigation products.

The system is designed to be very portable weighing only 180 grams and taking up 4.1″ X 3.5″ X 0.7″ inches of space. Advanced features include the ability to pair the device with your Bluetooth enabled cellular phone for phone calls. The Pioneer AVIC-S1 will then play audio through the built-in speaker and your voice is transmitted by the built in microphone.

The AVIC-S1 comes with an AC adapter, 12V power adapter, carrying case, mounting hardware, and a USB cable. Expect to be able to get a Pioneer AVIC-S1 for your car starting in June at a retail price of $599.

109 Responses

  1. Hi,I’m very interested on buying a Pioneer AVIC-S1 but I would only be able to afford it if I can get a retail price($591.00).Please,any thing you might think I should know will be very appreciated,I mean :-Where I could get it installed in case that I finally get one from you?,-Should I pay a monthly fee fot satelite use?,- What is transit time? an so on.As you may think I do have a little Knowledge about this matters.I look foward to adquire one from you!!

    jorge E Valdes - June 18th, 2006
  2. Jorge – We do not sell any products. We just offer news and reviews of GPS systems like the Pioneer AVIC-S1.

    GPS Review - June 18th, 2006
  3. How new is this AVIC-S1. I was looking a couple of months ago and didn’t see this. Does this unit give turning instructions with street names? I believe is tells you when to turn just trying to find out if it says the street name.

    Also I ordered a Garmin C550 and the distributor says they no longer sell them. That is why I am looking again. What do you know about the c550? Is it available?

    Mike Koch - August 6th, 2006
  4. Hi Mike – We haven’t yet had a chance to try the Pioneer AVIC-S1. I haven’t seen any documentation yet which says it has text to speech capabilities. We have a separate page for the StreetPilot c550 you can review. Yes, that model is currently available.

    GPS Review - August 6th, 2006
  5. I have used numerous GPS units from different companies. The AVIC S1 is a good first attempt by Pioneer but has some short comings. 1.you cannot add waypoints between your departure point and your destination meaning you cannot create your own route. The AVIC S1 determines the route and you have to follow that route blindly. 2.the unit also gave me some wrong turns, one being over a cliff. Pioneer did not know why it would do that. 3.I selected a POI and the unit took me 1 mile from it. I also selected a house address and it took me 1 block from there. 4.even though the unit knows your position it does not know what time zone you are in. 5. in numerous cases it will not give you route numbers but will give you street names instead ex.route 322 New Jersey/PA. 6.the battery appeared to last 2 hours not the 4 hours they claimed.

    Jack Henry - October 13th, 2006
  6. As previously stated, the battery life is extremely short. It is portable, as long as you do NOT travel beyond the length of either power cord. Direction as some times confusing. Does not have merge, or bare option; only turn. Does not tell what street to turn onto. Confusing during a branch or curve on the highway when there is an actual street available for turning. There is not an option to disable, once you reach a destination. The voice never shuts up, once you pass your home address. Keeps saying, over and over, to make a u-turn, make a u-turn, make a u-turn. The 2-gb update option is useless. There is no update available, even though POI are outdated. No idea of how much an update chip will cost, but their CD’s are hundreds of dollars. Unit is always on, unless you manually turn it off. Unlike some units that turn off with the ignition, this one keeps using up your battery. No option for phased travel, just go where it tells you and hope it is accurate. In my own neighborhood it took me through miles of back roads at 25-mph, ignoring a parallel highway!
    On the otherside, GREAT graphics, great visuals. If you can afford to watch. You need a co-pilot to get accurate directions.

    JerryL - October 18th, 2006
  7. 1) recently bought a AVIC-S1 in Canada and generally I’m quite happy with it . but sometimes it malfunctiones and takes you on a joyride without letting you know it got lost. May be a future update will fix that.

    2) In England there is an update offered for the unit. how good is it and will that fix the getting lost ?

    3) I took my Avic-S1 to Germany hoping to pick up German maps for it. NO Luck .
    Where could I get them ?? Let me know please!

    Walter Janson

    Wlter Janson - October 23rd, 2006
  8. When I purchased this unit, I was told that I could upgrade with any win/ce compatible maps. Now Pioneer has told me that is not true. This was to be used in car and as a backup nav system for a small aircraft. It’s a slick unit, but very limited for my use. Next time I’ll get a Garmin….better support. If anyone wants to buy this at a huge discount email me.

    C.J. Lippert - November 22nd, 2006
  9. This thing saves my life every time i have to take a trup anywhere I haven’t been, which is usually quite often. I recommend it to everyone.

    Don Lapre Lover

    Don Lapre Lover - December 6th, 2006
  10. Basically, I have to say this thing is a P.O.S., as far as portable GPS’s go and other models/manufacturer’s available. Documentation is terrible and upgrades are non-existent. I see no point in the SD slot, being you can update just as easily with Active Sync, not that you can upgrade, anyway, it appears. It’s poop. Get a Garmin, you’ll be much happier. I am going to go get a Garman Nuvo 360 to replace this POS tomorrow. At least with it, I can also use the SD slot for MP3’s, and for the same price.

    Wrex - December 28th, 2006
  11. This is the best product! in the car or walking around. I switched from Onstar directions and connections to a Mercedes and “my little man”
    (AVIC-SI) is the only way to go..

    I would like to get map upgrade and can not find out where to buy them?

    Chanel Wapner - February 16th, 2007
  12. Chanel, I haven’t seen Pioneer release any map updates for the S1 yet.

    Tim - February 17th, 2007
    • I have the Pioneer AVIC-S1. If you go to the Pioneer website, they have update disks available. If you click on learn more under the disk image it tells you which GPS’s it is compatible with. The one for the AVIC-S1 is $150.00. It covers the US, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

      Eric - January 3rd, 2009
      • Eric…I am wondering if you have found a free software upgrade for that portable navigation unit…??

        Please advise ….tks.:O)

        Paul - January 4th, 2009
  13. Are there available updates? If so where and what is the cost?

    Carrie - February 25th, 2007
  14. Carrie, see comment #12…. just above the one you posted.

    Tim - February 25th, 2007
  15. I just bought the AVIC=S1 and so far I love it. I’ve tried the block road feature and that worked fine. The voice guidance is not text to speech but it is clear enough and frequent enough to make up for it. Only problem is with Itinerary feature. when I create one with waypoints, save it and load it later on, the AVIC-S1 seems to move the waypoints to other locations. Anybody else have this prblem?

    Charlie - February 26th, 2007
  16. re#15 above: spoke to pioneer customer service and after not being able to duplicate my problem on their own AVIC unit, they deemed my unit defective advised me to return it to where I bought it. Fortunately costco.com has a 100% garauntee policy so they refunded my money no questions asked. I jst bought another unit from them and hope that one will not have this problem

    Charlie - February 28th, 2007
  17. […] AVIC-S2 Coming soon to a car near you is the Pioneer AVIC-S2. We’ve been getting details about this new device for about three months now, but the picturea 3.5″ touch screen display, a SiRFstarIII chipset, and Bluetooth are all traits that the Pioneer AVIC-S2 has in common with the older S1. So what’snew? […]

    Pioneer AVIC-S2 GPS Review - March 9th, 2007
  18. Does the POI file in the Pioneer AVICD3 include RV Parks? If so, what park directory database do they use?

    mike walters - March 19th, 2007
  19. Pioneer used NAVTEQ maps on the AVIC-S1, which is where their POI database would have also come from. That is about all I can offer for info.

    Tim - March 19th, 2007
  20. I read an avic-s1 owner’s review that said that it can play MP3’s. Do you know if thats true?

    Charlie - March 19th, 2007
  21. Charlie, I haven’t heard of that being a feature on the S1. I’ve only had a very brief chance to look at one. The manual doesn’t refer to MP3 and neither does their website pages. The AVIC S2 is supposed to have an MP3 player however.

    Tim - March 19th, 2007
  22. Tim, When I complained to Pioneer last month that they never posted a DST patch for the AVIC-S1, they said they would do so in April. They never did and I followed up with them. They now say “Actually the correction was done by the satellites, there never was a download fix as we first believed.”. Is that correct, or will my unit be ahead 1 hour when DST ends in November?

    Charlie - April 19th, 2007
  23. I’m not aware of any correction being done by the satellites. Did you purchase the S1 before the time change this Spring? Was the time correct then? Is the time correct now? Did you make any manual adjustment to the time?

    Tim - April 19th, 2007
  24. Tim, I purchased the S1 before March 11, when the DST kicked in. You cannot manually change the time on the unit. You simply specify the time zone you’re in and if you want the DST to be automatic or not. I chose automatic. The time was correct until March 11, then it lagged 1 hour. The time became correct again when the previous DST start date of April 4 (?) was reached.

    Chalie - April 20th, 2007
  25. Okay thanks, that helps. I can’t remember for sure, but did we change the daylight saving date in the Fall as well? If we didn’t change it then you should be okay. If we did change it (as well as the Spring moving forward if we keep the new date) then your GPS will continue to be incorrect. There is no “fix” uploaded to the satellite since they just work in Zulu time.

    Tim - April 20th, 2007
  26. I bought the AVIC-S1 and found it to be a decent GPS. However, tech and problem support is evidently low on the priority list for Pioneer. I cannot get it to sync properly, I cannot get it to take my contacts off my Verizon cell phone without freezing up – then I have to reset the device! No indication that any European maps are available – which I need for a trip to Italy in a few weeks. Overall, I’m disillusioned with it. Great price, but still not sure of the value with all the problems I’m having.

    Paul - May 9th, 2007
  27. I am looking to upgrade my AVIC-S1 map. please send me the link. thanks.

    oley khounesavath - May 13th, 2007
  28. Oley – See comment # 12 above.

    Tim - May 13th, 2007
  29. The trail grows cold…. I contacted a company that seemed to be the place to go to buy maps for the AVIC-S1 – Tetrad (800/663-1334) but they referred me back to NavTeq. (866/462-8837) In both cases they said they do not sell maps. I got a response from an email I sent Pioneer asking for help with the sync’ing and contacts transfer problems. The email advised me to call Pioneer Electronics. I called Pioneer Electronics (800/421-1404) only to be told that the sync’ing is only for future updates (supposedly in September 2007) and that the contacts transfer is a software problem and I would need to send the unit back for “repairs” to resolve the issue. I was then transferred to customer support which proved to be a woman with little patience with me. She advised me to send the unit back to Abe’s of Maine, who I bought it from. Hmmmm… Could it be that even Pioneer is not ready to fully support this new unit? I’m determined to get to the bottom of this!

    Paul - May 13th, 2007
  30. Well, the story continues….
    I tried to get Pioneer to agree to take the AVIC-S1 back under warranty. (1-year manufacturers) They refuse saying that Abe’s of Maine is not an authorized dealer and therefore I have no warranty with them. I then called the extended warranty company, (RepairTech) that I paid extra bucks for, and they said they only cover the unit after the manufacturer’s warranty expired – which now I didn’t have! Finally I called back Abe’s of Maine and explained that the unit basically never worked right from day one with the BlueTooth contacts transfer from my Samsung phone. Although it was past their 14-day return period for GPS’s they agreed to take the unit back on send a new one – hopefully without the same problems! Now I face the problem that Pioneer will not honor the warranty since they don’t recognize Abe’s of Maine as an authorized dealer. If anyone has any hope to offer me, now would be the time! Ugghh!

    Paul - May 14th, 2007
  31. Does anybody know who makes the suction mount for the AVIC-S1 (who is the manufacturer). I would like to see if I can get some add ons for it, ie cell phone, and PDA holder. I have seen the same suction mount in a few vehicles with different attachments.

    Neil - June 9th, 2007
  32. I believe Mitac makes most of Pioneers GPS devices, but that may or may not include the mount.

    Tim - June 10th, 2007
  33. I have read number 12. I keep getting the pop-up ” maps you are using are over a year old” so how do I get a new map so the pop-up will go away? I like the unit but do need new maps

    Bob - July 3rd, 2007
  34. Bob, the map updates can only come from Pioneer. I haven’t heard that they have released any map updates for this product.

    Tim - July 3rd, 2007
  35. Well, this is where I have arrived with regard to my AVIC-S1: Maps are not available here in US. When I finally found a british website with the maps they were going to cost me $185 (US). I did get a replacement AVIC-S1 from Abe’s of Maine – that was decent of them. With much effort I found out from Samsung that my phone – SCH-u740, was not compatible – no bluetooth transfer of contacts. When I spoke to Pioneer, they said that the USB cable and ActivSync program was provided so that I could update the unit in September 2007. Hmmm… we’ll just have to wait for that one, but I’m sceptical. In the long run this unit works well, at least my non-techy wife loves it – calls it “Madam”. Not sure how she spells that, though. I’ve got buddies who have the Tom-Tom and use the VZ-Navigator. They have similar problems with once in awhile being sent onto a dead-end street, so I think most GPS’s will glitch out now and then. I guess in the long run I would give this unit a 7 out of 10. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other GPS’s, but maybe that was an overall smart decision for Pioneer, right?

    Paul - July 3rd, 2007
  36. In reference to #12 and #33, it would at least be nice if we could disable the annoying “update your map” pop up message on the S1 if Pioneer is not going to have updates until September – poor combination of programming and forecasting. If anyone knows how to disable this I would be most thankful. I’m really happy with my S1 besides this problem and map update unavailability.

    Charlie G - July 5th, 2007
  37. I am getting the annoying “update your map” message also. Cannot wait till we get updated. Thanks to all for your feedback or I would have thought my unit was defective.

    Dawud P. - July 8th, 2007
  38. My avic-s1 is 1.00.18.Found a update on the web.
    (Home > Support > AVIC-S1 Software Update
    AVIC-S1 Software Update

    Here you can download an update for your AVIC-S1. You should only update your AVIC-S1 if it is a version lower than 1.01.14.

    Just follow the four easy steps below.

    Would you recoment me to use it??

    Demps - July 9th, 2007
  39. Can you be a little more specific? I went to the http://www.pioneerelectronics.com website. Followed the links to “Support” and the AVIC-S1, but found no update link. Went to “knowledge base” and searched for “AVIC-S1 update” and found nothing. If the update is available, and someone has had success in downloading it, would they make available the path to find it? Thanks!

    Paul - July 9th, 2007
  40. Demps dont use taht updat, because your device already has it, and even is in better version. it is the software update but not maps, so you dont need it.

    i found this website by surfing on the net lookinfg for the updates. the massage that i need an update is getting very annoying. in addition my gps is becoming even more slower. i dont know why but i have to wait for about 5-10 min for him to find his own location.

    Does anybody know the date of update release??

    MartA - July 9th, 2007
  41. I own a AVIC-S1 and was wondering how you work the SD card slot on the side and if I acquire a Europe map on SD, will it work?

    Michelle - July 10th, 2007
  42. AVIC-S1 US POI Update – I called their support number 1-800-421-1404, spoke with Lori who advised me an update will be available in August. Registered users should also receive the update via email. Hope this helps.
    – An AVIC-S1 owner impatiently waiting for an POI update.

    Tom - July 10th, 2007
  43. hi i live in toronto canada. i have Pioneer AVIC-S1 GPS and i m new user too. i dont have traffic access in it. i wana see traffic satution in it. but how i can get access in it. is there any traffic control software i need to install in it? or i need any traffic subricption? plz let me know if u guys hve any idea abt it.

    waqar - July 10th, 2007
  44. It is my understanding that the compatible traffic receiver is only available in Europe.

    Tim - July 11th, 2007
  45. hi guys. i just talked to pioneer electronics today. they give me a update link .and they said just download that linked and install it . it will automatically update ur map whenever its available.Also u shud have SD card in ur AVIC-S1 so there is few steps if u dont know how to do it.
    1 Connect ur pioneer AVIC-S1 Usb cable to the computer
    2 Download the update application
    3 double click on the application it will automatically install in ur AVIC-S1 GPS.
    4 At the end msg will pop up in ur desktop that installation complete or successful.


    [removed link pending verification]

    waqar - July 11th, 2007

    POSTALMECH - July 13th, 2007
  47. Actually when i called to pioneer electronics they told me that install this software and it will automatically update my AVIC-S1 In augest… but they didnt give me the extact day in augest. so if u still not satisfy u can call on this number or u can go this location and ask them abt new update’s.

    Street Address:
    300 Allstate Pky
    Markham, ON
    L3R 0P2

    Mailing Address:
    300 Allstate Pky
    Markham, ON
    L3R 0P2

    Voice: (905) 946-7408
    Fax: (905) 946-7425 Primary Category Listing:
    Electronic Components, Navigational and Communications Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors

    i hpe this will help u out in this way…..thank you..

    waqar - July 13th, 2007
  48. Been using the Avic-S1 for a while now and just a week ago, I get this message saying the map needs to be updated. Very annoying. I can’t wait until they come out with the update already.

    Giken - July 14th, 2007
  49. dont worry abt message which is commin up .its still workin fine so far nothing change in it accept that message. hpfully u gonna get new upgrade software by next month “GIKEN”

    waqar - July 14th, 2007
  50. i would like to say a few words.first off i would like to agree with everyone about the updates.you would think a company like pioneer would always try to be on top.this is not the case for the avic s1.now for second i have baught three different kinds of gps systems in the last month.
    1 clarion nice
    2 pioneer avic s2
    3 tomtom one
    i would like to say that for people that want a gps not too complicated wow the pioneer avic s1 is honestly the best one yet.my map is of 2006 and for some reason the avic s2 which is supposed to be newer doesnt even detect my house.it shows me that i live in the woods.lets not talk about the tomtom garbage completely at least to me.as for the clarion very good machine but man is it confusing.so to all you avic s1 owners be happy that all you gotta do is type the name of the street and the system takes you there without problems.i too called pioneer today and they also told me by the end of augaust there will be an update on the map.so that to me is great news and i love my avic s1 its great and simple

    joe - July 16th, 2007
  51. I bought the avic s1 a couple of weeks ago. Has anybody else noticed how buggy this device is? Just to name a few; 1) Despite choosing the option to orient the map north, the map will constantly re-orient itself to the direction of travel, 2) If you zoom in to the maximum level using the magnifying glass, you will not be able to use the magnifying glass to zoom out, 3) Street names can not be displayed in “night mode”, 4) There is no way to delete an itinerary, 5) Sometimes a calculated route within a city will contain ridiculous detours from major roads to minor roads, just to come right back to the original road.

    I wouldn’t have thought a company like Pioneer would release a device with such sloppy programming. If I had known about these bugs and the lack of map updates before I made the purchase, I definitely would have rethought my choice of brand. There was an upgrade mentioned in this forum. Does anyone know if these bugs are corrected in that upgrade?

    andy - July 20th, 2007
  52. Hi there… I just bought an Avic S1. I’m waiting for the updates also because right now, some places are missing in the GPS. Howevr, I just bought the unit, shouldn’t I receive the updates for free ? If not, how much will they cost ? If they are too expensive, I will return the unit. I have 30 days starting today.

    Lallous - August 10th, 2007
  53. Did anyone out there get the upgrade pioneer avic-s1 that they were suppose to have by September.?

    DEMPS - September 7th, 2007
  54. I too am looking for this update that was told to be out in September. Anyone have any luck?

    BCook - September 22nd, 2007
  55. I am also looking for map updates for the AVIC-S1, September is now gone and I still can’t find them, Pioneer also told me they would be available by the end of September. Have anyone found them yet?

    RodG - October 6th, 2007
  56. AVIC-S1 Firmware Update Notice
    August 9, 2007

    Dear Valued Customer:

    Re: Free Firmware Update for AVIC-S1 to Address Recurring Pop-up Messages

    We would like to inform you of the availability of a free AVIC-S1 firmware update to address recurring pop-up messages notifying users of the availability of the 2007 Map Data Upgrade, which is scheduled to be available for purchase on SD card in September 2007.

    Pioneer has become aware that beginning on or about July 1, 2007, AVIC-S1 users began receiving recurring pop-up messages advising them that the map data on their AVIC-S1 was older than one year and recommending that they upgrade to more current map data, i.e., purchase the 2007 Map Data Upgrade.

    These pop-up messages may cause confusion and/or annoyance to some AVIC-S1 users. However, the performance of the AVIC-S1 is not otherwise affected and the 2006 Map Data that came with the AVIC-S1 will continue to operate normally, even if the 2007 Map Data Upgrade is not purchased.

    To address the confusion about and potential annoyance with the pop-up messages, Pioneer is offering a free firmware update to permanently disable these pop-up messages. Alternatively, the pop up messages will be disabled if a 2007 Map Date Upgrade is purchased and installed on the AVIC-S1.

    If you would like to receive the free update to disable the pop up messages, you may do so in one of three ways:

    Download the free update to your computer from here; OR
    Order a computer disc containing the free update by calling Pioneer Customer Service toll free at 800-421-1404; OR
    Calling Pioneer Customer Service toll free at 800-421-1404 to arrange for your AVIC-S1 to be mailed to Pioneer for Pioneer to install the free update. Pioneer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

    Demps - October 7th, 2007
  57. per the last entry with pioneer update, I called the # as there is no link in the last entry on this page. You need to go to pioneers website, (pioneerelectronics.com) then click on navigation, then the support tab, then you scroll down and on the right side you will see under the “important” section, it will say, notice about avic-s1 firmware update. Click on that and then it will tell you step by step what to do. All it does is deactivate the update map promt on the unit. It DOES NOT update the map like I was hoping. I live in southern Texas and the current maps are way out of date.

    b - October 7th, 2007
  58. Hey there just checked Pioneers website today and still no updated maps.

    Eve - October 17th, 2007
  59. I too, am annoyed with the lack of Pioneer’s response to the map update. I sent an email to Customer Support in late July and got the same response – Sept 07. It’ still not there. I sent another email to Pioneer tonight.

    Larry - November 9th, 2007
  60. Below is the response from Pioneer Customer Service to my inquiry about the map update:

    We were also told that the disc will be available in September.
    Sorry, nut i”m not sure when these disc will be available. You can check with us again early December and hope to have more information.

    Parts Sales Representative

    Larry - November 12th, 2007
  61. After reading all of the prvious posts, I get the impression that Pioneer has abandoned this particular GPS. Is that the case?

    My map files are 16 months old. The promised delivery date for updated maps has come and gone, and no new date is available. The software patch for the annoying “map is out of date” pop-up does not work with Windows VISTA. Can the product life-span of this product really be that short??

    Joe Z - November 18th, 2007
  62. I recently got the response from pioneer customer service as follow.

    “The part number(s) you requested are as follows:

    Parts No. Description Unit Cost(plus s/h)


    The price(s) quoted above are valid for 30 days.

    You may order on-line at http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com


    You may place an order with a Visa or Master Card by calling our Parts Department at 1(800) 228-7221. Please reference the part number(s) provided above when calling.

    Our Parts Department is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:00am and 4:30pm PST.”

    or, try http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/part.asp?productNum=CNSD%2DPN10A

    hmm… $150 for the upgrade…

    EcoRI - January 14th, 2008
  63. Pioneer is CRAZY for wanting this amount of money for their maps. The navigation system is only worth 200 at it’s best. I loaded Mio’s 3.3 software on my avic-s1 and the POI’s are way better, but the directions are just ok.

    Dom - January 20th, 2008
  64. The AVIC-S1 and S2 use the same navigation software (known as iGO MY WAY) as many Mio models. Even the manuals are the same!!! Thus, any tricks applied to Mio are also applicable to Pioneer models. That is why I am not surprised that you can use Mio maps in the Pioneer units (other than copyright issues). AVIC-S2 even has the same maps from Tele Atlas with the same file format (such as USA-Texas.fbl)as does Mio.

    I have not tried Mio maps on my AVIC-S2 unit yet (my unit is still under warrenty and may run into legal problems). But I am able to put customized POI files intended for Mio units into Pioneer AVIC-S2 with no problem at all. Mio calls the file iGO.db and Pioneer calls the file iGO_backup.db on the SD Card. I simply rename the Mio file and copy it onto the Pioneer SD card and it works flawlessly !!! In effect, it means that I can download and use any POI file of any format used in any other manufacturers such as Tom Tom and Garmin, convert them to iGO file and use it in the AVIC’s with no problem at all.

    Y Chan - January 21st, 2008
  65. where i can download mio 3.3 map software

    boyd - January 26th, 2008
  66. The AVIC-S1 map upgrade runs out of stock. You will have to wait 60 days at least for order to be processed. Very good service from Pioneer indeed.

    Y Chan - February 4th, 2008
  67. Avic-s1 great product… pioneer= garbage company with no support for thier product. I swear i’ll never spend another cent for a pioneer product.

    Ken - February 16th, 2008
  68. The update for maps are in stock and cost $150. That is the going rate for maps.

    I have had my unit since 12/07 and had no problems. It works accuratly and is very comparable to my factory installed unit in my 2008 Dodge Avenger.

    My wife travels a lot and uses it all over the country. If it works for hera nd she does not get lost then I say “it WORKS”. She gets lost on her own here in town.

    George - February 25th, 2008
  69. $150 is about the going rate for maps that were not originally installed on your device (like a different country), but most manufacturers (Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Mio, etc) charge about $75 to update the map that came on your device to a newer version.

    Tim - February 25th, 2008
  70. How does one get TomTOM,GARMIN,Magellam etc.too up- date the map that came with my gps???

    DEMPS - February 25th, 2008
  71. Avic S1 I have had this unit for 2 years cost $600. Unfortunately I hate the unit. It was good at the beginning meaning it never lost a sat connection as others I tried. But It does not seem to like highways or main roads. I have changed all of the road settings and all roads are permitted and fastest route and shortest route have been selected to check out problem. Unfortunately this thing wants to take every back woods donkey trail it can find, when a perfectely good highway exists. But I must say I have never lost a satelite connectiona and therefore have arrived. Unfortunately much later than needed.

    Would I buy a pioneer again? Not on your life. Garmin Nuvi, here I come.

    Ivan - March 15th, 2008
  72. This is my last purchase from Pioneer. I’ll never recommend this product. This weekend on the way home from ottawa (5 hour drive) it took us on a 1 hour detour because it didn’t know about a highway that has been in place for almost 30 years.

    I’m finished…and I’m sick of the runaround. Anyone considered a class action lawsuit against Pioneer? I don’t know one person that’s been able to get their mitts on an upgrade.

    Greg - March 31st, 2008
  73. All:

    The AVIC series in-dash versions are all crap (see MANY issues and problems described in the avic411.com forums). Don’t go with Pioneer at all…I expect them to get out of the navigation business soon…they’re just to crappy at it. All the newer in-dash and portable units are FAR better than Pioneer’s AVIC series, which I have and regret buying.

    Bill - April 5th, 2008
  74. This Avic-S1 came without being able to map Milwaukee? POS

    Ken S - April 20th, 2008
  75. I am VERY impressed by my AVIC S1’s ability to track satellites even down inside our British Columbia ferry car decks, however Pioneer Canada took my order for a map upgrade last February and there is still no sign . . . .

    John F - April 29th, 2008
  76. i love my avic s1. I am a traveling nurse and boy does it help you get around the city with the short cuts! I have saved a lot just by that alone. I am a little disappointed in long distance travel. it does appear to have some problme when it comes to highways. it has taken me off the main highway to small rural towns only to get back on the same highway ten miles later!!! talking about losing time!!!! but other than that, i love it for the inner city driving when im traveling to individual’s homes within the city.

    selelisa steele - June 7th, 2008
  77. I had the avic s1 for about a year. Before it quit working, I started to dislike it because of the outdated map and the short battery life. It would have me exit the freeway just to get back on it.

    Jesse - June 10th, 2008
  78. We purchased a Pioneer gps from crappy tire, we were told there would be updates, not so.
    We tried to take the unit back, NO LUCK.
    Maybe pioneer would buy it back. Totally useless without putting waypoints, or the updates.
    What a rip off. Crappy Tire LIED to us, then would not take unit back.
    We are out $600.00 or so and will NOT be purchasing ANY PIONEER products.
    If Pioneer wants to buy this back, please contact me via email.

    marie low - June 12th, 2008
  79. I have this gps but the on and off switch is stuck in the on position and it won’t do anything…I just need to kno how to either get it turned off or working…it won’t turn on at all even when I charge it

    louis - June 20th, 2008
  80. I just called Pioneer Canada. I was told that supplies of upgrade maps are now in the US and they are expecting them in Canada in about two weeks.
    We shall see . . . . . . . .

    John - June 20th, 2008
  81. It’s 2 weeks… any news???

    Steve - July 9th, 2008
  82. Hrmph…if you look at the thread it’s been a lot more than 2 weeks. I am so thoroughly disappointed with this unit…

    We went camping last weekend and for the second time this year it took us on a wild goose chase through Southern Ontario. Granted…it DID get us there…but at the same time it also cost us an extra 1hr.

    Funny how everyone bought the unit because of online updates…only to find out that a) they aren’t regular updates, and b) no one can find / get them.

    Not sure what I’ll replace the GPS with, however I’ll certainly be performing a ton more research before I buy again.

    Greg - July 9th, 2008
  83. My map upgrade arrived today!!!
    It installed without any difficulties.
    We will see how it goes . . . . .

    John - July 15th, 2008
  84. P.S. The local hospital for humans is about half a mile from where it should be – right at the animal hospital! This may lead to some confusion.
    Generally however the map and software seems to be a big improvement – now I can enter my home address as a destination – and I live in a small, isolated community.

    John - July 16th, 2008
  85. John, When you say that you got your updated maps, do you mean that you purchased the update or that you were able to get a free update – which is what the rest of us who bought an AVIC-1 are waiting for?

    Paul - July 16th, 2008
  86. I bought Pioneer AVIC S-1 11 months ago and have sent it back to Pioneer for second time. I takes my off highway then tells me to get back on it. Couple of days ago it instructed me to get off highway 15 miles before desitnation took me totally opposite direction of downtown (intended destination was down town San Jose CA) around whole different part and opposite end of city and then took me back to highway 101. Luckily I am familiar with San Jose area got frustrated so I switched system off and found address on my own.
    When I call tech support they tell me something is wrong with software. When I send it in they cannot figure out what is wrong.

    I was checking Garmin and Magellan I found out that those GPS have down load capability. Which Pioneer does not offer.

    I do not know which SD card is compatible with AVIC-S1 please give me details on this.

    thank you.

    Frustrated AVIC-S1 Owner - July 20th, 2008
  87. I am also a little sad about the map updates although if they are available then I guess that is good.

    In the city I find it great, except it doesn’t tell you what side of the street your destination is on. It just says “you have arrived at your destination” but when it is a busy road it would be nice to know if you need to arrive by going left or right from the road.

    I also experienced the same highway problems that you have all mentioned. Taking you off the highway only to bring you back on. There is a solution to it….. Once you “route to” a destination you can go to the route tab and do a fly over and you can watch your route, watch for it taking you off a road and back on. Then go back to that menu and click the itinerary button and you can select turn offs and tell it to avoid then recalculate and it will put you back on the highway. Somewhat annoying but if you take a few minutes to go over where it is taking you before you just let it take you places then you can get where you are going in a more timely manner.

    Good Luck

    Ian - July 31st, 2008
  88. Appreciated all the comments; good and not so good. My pop up to remind me to update my map use to do that but doesn’t any more. Good figure. I am a basically “happy camper,” although the price of the map update is prohibitive, I think. There ARE some glitches, but I can live with as this new technology is developing. The #87 fly over is new to me. I am sure a better, more inclusive, manual would assist us all in using the device more completely.

    Jim - August 21st, 2008
  89. My in laws bought an AVIC-S1 and found it impossible to use.I tested it in my car to see how it worked and why they felt that way. I personally own a Garmin nuvi 750 and there is no comparison. The Pioneer is a piece of garbage in comparison. Don’t buy it, the interface and maps are terrible. No map updates? whats up with that? Today I updated my Garmin to the 2009 maps for $75 no sweat. I feel sorry for anyone that bought one of these. If it will really cost $150 for a map you might as well buy a Garmin nuvi 250 for the same price and be happy.

    Rod - December 10th, 2008
  90. Was anyone able to download a free software update map for the AVIC-S1

    When it was purchase I was told free updates would be available….but can’t find it anywhere….does someone have a link for the free update…??

    Paul - January 4th, 2009
    • We were told the same thing by Canadian Tire, there are no free updates that we can find.
      In fact, we had to pester Pioneer? for months, they kept saying updates are coming.
      Buy a new Garmin with the new maps on, cheaper in the long run.

      Marie - October 19th, 2009
  91. We were also told by Canadian Tire, where we bought our gps that there were going to be free updates on the web.
    Seems like these people will tell you anything to make a sale. We had to wait over a year to even get updates we had to pay for.
    Also when we tried to return it because there were NO updates, they told us they do not accept returns for any gps, YOU BUY, IT IS YOURS.
    They also told us they would send it our for repair, BUT, give their head a shake, it was not broken, only NO UPDATES on the web for it.
    There are updates available now, but NOT FREE.
    We would never buy a pioneer again, especially from Canadian Tire after they lied to us.
    We would research other brands and what free updates there are.

    marie low - January 4th, 2009
  92. I finally bought an upgrade for my AVIC-S1 – almost a year ago now – and yes, I probably could have replaced it for just a little more. It works well the way I use it, but I have noticed that quite a few POI’s are not where they are supposed to be, half a mile out in some cases. Many street names are missing, but I do live in a relatively isolated community. I continue to be impressed by the way it can locate itself on the car deck of our ferry in spite of being surrounded by metal. I am frustrated by its inability to take European maps and that would affect my decision when it is time to upgrade.

    John F - January 4th, 2009
  93. I got this from a car dealer as an option since the vehicle on the lot that i wanted did not have one built in. This unit does some things ok but it is lacking the ability to weight road types like avoid cities, use one way roads, avoid alleys. This will route you down friggin alleys. i always get where i am going but usually a horrible way. I want the upgrade map but since i can buy another unit for half the price of the map, this one will be in a garage sale for $10 bucks. I hope i can get that much because it is a POS. I have sent multiple feature requests to Pioneer to fall on deaf ears. They obviously don’t give a crap. Sort of like their other shotty low end equipment. I am thinking of getting a cheap one, that way if it works poorly, i can say it was cheap what do you expect. I would be keen on downloading a free map for this one, it would be the least pioneer could do for sticking us with their POS unit. It can’t even figure out a clover leaf intersection on the interstate. Two thumbs down and a pile of dog doodie on top. Maybe i’ll plant it in the yard for the dog to pee on. That will give me some satisfaction.

    Dan - February 20th, 2009
  94. I still ove mine. I am in the US and it works great. We have used it from Minnesota to Texas and all over the midwest and northeast. NO PROBLEMS. Are you guys in a diffrent countries?

    Anyway you can change it and add your diffrent software and maps for any country. Want to know how? leave a comment and I will post the details when I get home tonight.

    George - February 20th, 2009
    • Yes Georges…that would be wonderful…all the help I could get with the upgrade of this unit would be awesome..

      Tks & will check back tomorrow on your details..:O)


      Paul - February 20th, 2009
      • oooppsss!! forgot to mention that I am from Canada… :O)

        Paul - February 20th, 2009
  95. OK, where can i download an updated USA map for free. If i have to pay for the map, i will just go buy someone else’s product that offers free map updates. Woot had one for $59 bucks today. If there is a place to snag the full USA map free, i will give it a whirl. Else, it will be in the neighborhood yard sale in May. Unless i let the dog have it.

    Dan - February 20th, 2009
    • Dan, nobody is offering free (routine) map updates for GPS devices.

      Tim - February 20th, 2009
    • I think the World is ready for Google to make their maps downloadable to GPS’s It would be updated more frequently and Google could charge a lot less. GPS makers would lose out on the over priced updates, but the ones that don’t allow it (were it possible) would lose big time to the smart ones who do.

      John - October 19th, 2009
      • So far from what I’ve seen of the newest Google maps (changed in the past couple of weeks) are terrible in comparison to the quality of maps Navteq and Tele Atlas are putting out.

        Tim - October 19th, 2009
  96. Have the AVIC for a couple of years. Chose it for its loudness. Was very happy, but going downhill. Map upgrade price is outrageous- so its useful life will be ending soon. Same problems as others with indirect routing. Sent in to recalibrate screen (this should be a user function, not a service item) and they “fixed” it so it now generates startup errors (nice) “decompressing”. Poor customer service overall.

    Bob - April 29th, 2009
    • My guess is that Pioneer has given up on it too. I see no sign that further upgrades will be on the way. My next GPS will have regular upgrades and it will be compatible with European maps.

      John F - October 28th, 2010
  97. How can I update my Pioneer Avic-S1?

    Marco - June 30th, 2009
  98. Hello,
    where can i get an map update of usa and cananda for my pioneer avic s2 with free updates after that?

    pioneer is charging WAY TOO much money for the updates. you might as well buy a whole new navi at best buy for that price. who knows, they might even offer free map updates for the future.

    i got this navi as a gift and keeping it updates is melting my pockets. Can anyone help me?

    Trudy - October 19th, 2009
    • I’m not sure what Pioneer is charging these days, but $69 – $99 is about the average for a map update for a PND. Map updates for in-dash systems typically cost $200+. There are some companies that now offer map update subscriptions which help lower the cost when you want to frequently update your device. But based on the value of the device you have, there is no such thing as a cheap map update. You will be better off getting a new device in most cases.

      Tim - October 19th, 2009
  99. My avic-s1 only speaks in only in dutch and when i try to change it, then it sends me back to the language selection screen. Could anyone help me fix this

    Shaun - October 29th, 2010

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