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Polaroid MGX-0550


The Polaroid MGX-0550 marks Polaroid’s entry into the GPS market. The MGX-0550 comes with a large 5.6 inch touch screen display and preinstalled maps covering North America. What is unique about the Polaroid MGX-0550 though is the ability to play DVDs and music CDs. You can insert audio CDs, movie DVDs, photo discs of both 12cm and 8cm sizes into the MGX-0550. Discs can be DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, or Picture CD types.

Pop in a DVD and passengers can keep entertained during the drive. The MGX-0550 will interrupt the multimedia options when it needs to alert you for navigation. The Polaroid MGX-0550 also comes with a remote control to manage multimedia playing.

There are also AV inputs to connect a video camera or video game to the device as well as AV output jacks for using an external speaker or an external display. Audio can be sent to your car’s stereo system through an FM transmitter. If the driver doesn’t want to hear the multimedia the sound can be sent to a splitter where two sets of headphones can be connected.

The MGX-0550 comes with a big knob in the front used for navigating through the various menus. Maps can be displayed in 2D or 3D mode. GPS reception should be fantastic, powered by a SiRF Star III chipset. There is also a built in compass, speedometer, and altimeter.

19 Responses

  1. […] Polaroid has unwrapped a new GPS navigation device, the Polaroid MGX-0550. No, there isn’t a camera in this GPS receiver even though it is made by Polaroid. […]

  2. Well, I owned (past tense) the 0550 for about a week. I used it on a trip from Iowa to California. The unit is a lot like a sleeper sofa, not good for sitting or sleeping, the O550 is not good a good DVD player or GPS unit.

    The DVD was very jittery, did not take any bumps well. The slightest bump caused it to skip. The GPS started locking up after the first 3 days of uses. I would reset it, and then go about a mile, it locked up again. I called Polaroid, gave them the model number, and they responded, we dont make a product with that model number. I told lady to check with a manager….minutes later, she came back on the line and said you have a non wokring unit, and to send it in to Polaroid. I just took it back to Sam’s and let them deal with it. I did replace the unit with a Garmin c330, which I picked up at Target for $329.00 and it has been working great.

    I hope you find this helpful

    Joe Beam - December 11th, 2006
  3. I’m sorry, I’ve never purchased anything in my life that I’ve been so absolutely disgusted with that I took it back the same day I bought it.

    There’s a reason Polaroid isn’t a name brand in GPS technology, or anything else but outdated instant cameras.

    kretinus - December 23rd, 2006
  4. i see all over the internet about the polaroid mgx0550 gps . but i have not been able to loclate a target store that has this model .if some one has purchased one or has the number that target uses for this model i would appericate it . i live in denver colorado and not foun a target that has one yet.

    Randy - February 1st, 2007
  5. I gave one of these to my wife as a gift. I had to return the original one, as it kept showing “no signal” or “signal too weak”. The replacement unit seemed to work all right, but it still does not always find a strong signal. My Magellan works much better in identical locations.

    I could not recommend this unit.

    Harley Landis - March 29th, 2007
  6. Used to have one before it was stolen 2 weeks ago. Unit did start freezing up after about a month of use. Could not use DVD player while in cradle. Had to take out of cradle to use dvd. I liked it but look forward to one with bluetooth and better instructions.

    john - April 12th, 2007
  7. I got the unit for christmas MGM-0550, it worked great for about 4 months and one day when I went to get into my truck I turned it on and it said fatal error nav has preformed an illegal error and will shut down, please contact vendor to fix problems. So I called Polaroid there customer service was good, but the lady had no idea what the problem was and had to ask for help, after a few min she said that I had a bad unit and should return it to polaroid so they could send me out a new unit cause it had a one year warrenty. But she strictly told me not to return it to the store, and so did the instruction booklet. Well why would I want another one, when this one didn’t even last 4 months. So Sam’s club being the good people they are listned to my story and gave me cash back with no problem. I took that cash and bought a diffrent nav system in that store. Also you can play dvd’s in the cradle, you will just need to pull the little white tab outa the bottom of the unit so it thinks it is not in the cradel and it will play fine ( so I have heard)lol

    Brian Schmenk - April 25th, 2007
  8. I also purchased the polaroid unit. I got it for christmas. Mine last until about February and I got the fatal error message. My mistake was sending it back to polaroid. It is now almost June and I still have not recieved one back. They say it is on back order. After about 10 calls over the last 4 months the said the will put in a refund request. If and when I finally get my money back I’m getting a garmin. I should have taken mine back to sams.

    JENNIFER - May 31st, 2007
  9. mine crashed after three days. took about 3 months to get a replacement from polaroid. customer “service” WASN’T. i contacted the corporate office and was told that there was a problem with the interface between the mapware and the operating system for the unit. all returned units were to be reprogrammed???? so far mine is working great. no explanation included with the replacement unit, though, so have no idea if the repair was done or if i just got another bad unit. corporate has yet to return the last call. i am a squeaky wheel and will find out if they’ve fixed the bug.

    sandy - August 19th, 2007
  10. I got mine this June and never had a problem with it… until my kid dropped it and the touch screen cracked. Now its unusable as a GPS unit (I can still play CDs/DVDs though). I called Polaroid and they said they don’t do touch screen repairs. Do they want me to buy a new one? If that’s how they help their customers, I don’t think I’d buy from them again!

    Edwin - November 23rd, 2007
  11. We have had the 550 model for about 15 months. I went to use the GPS and the screen whites out and no picture. If i squezze the screen, it will come back on for about 5 seconds and fade away again. We really liked the unit. However, Polaroid syas they do not repair them. They indicated if it wasn’t over a year, they would refund my money. This is terrible customer service from a company that I thought had a good reputation. They couldn’t even refer me to someone who could repair it. We spent over $300 for the unit and now that it broke, its useless and can’t even be repaired. I will never buy another polaroid product again.

    Rich - March 26th, 2008
  12. Just received an email from Polariod (Polaroid [CESupport@polaroid.com]): “Thank you for contacting Polaroid and for your support and interest in our product. Below is our response to your recent email.

    Unfortunately, the GPS unit has been discontinued so there will not be any further updates. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

    If you have additional questions please contact Technical Support at
    866-289-5168 Mon-Fri 8am-11pm Sat & Sun 10am-8pm.

    Thank you for contacting customer service we do appreciate your business.”
    Good Luck!

    John - April 9th, 2008
  13. i had my gps stolen last night from my truck. how would i go about tracking it down useing the gps.

    glen avilla - April 13th, 2008
  14. GPS devices don’t typically transmit any data, only receive, making them impossible to track.

    Tim - April 13th, 2008
  15. I had my MGM-550 for approximately 14 months when it crashed. I turned it on one day and all I received was the Windows.CE Net window. Tried to reset and it didn’t work. I called customer service and they were absolutely helpless and somewhat disrespectful. I will NEVER purchase another Polaroid product. This GPS unit gives great directions to the trash can!

    Vinnie - July 10th, 2008
  16. I had the polaroid gps for about 1 year and now it is useless I though with the SD slot and USB slot I could always get updated software and repairs. But Polaroid does not have any support I spent 300 bucks for a year of GPS.

    Alfredo - October 1st, 2008
  17. Have a MGM 0550. worked great..then like some other, it came up with the Windows CE screen, I’ve searched and I can find no nav programs listed. I have talked with Polaroid, not help at all. They told me to call Navteq, they were of no help either…
    Any new ideas on a fix or cure for the problem ??

    Jack - June 18th, 2009
  18. I had my unit 2.5 years before it started showing the Window CE screen instead of starting the navigation program. Like Jack, I’d like to know if anyone had a cure.

    Sandi in Michigan - August 1st, 2009
  19. i have had mine since Christmas 2006 and had no problems,i purchased mine at Sam’s Club. All features work fine, no issues. SR in Alabama

    Shirra - February 6th, 2010

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