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ProLink GameStar, ProStar


ProLink has announced two new GPS systems for golf carts at the PGA Merchandise Show. Both the ProLink GameStart and ProLink ProStar feature large 10.4 inch displays. The GPS systems feature golf tips, landmarks, course undulations, fairway hazards, distance to pin, and graphical course overviews. ProLink reports that the information can reduce round times by up to 30 minutes since the information is at golfer’s fingertips.

Two-way communications are also possible from the Pro Shop to golf carts sending speed of play reminders, storm warnings, as well as other event information and custom marketing messages.

The ProLink GameStar system displays advertising through “hole sponsorship”. The ProLink ProStar system also features ScoreCast; PGA approved tournament software which will also generate score cards, gift certificates, and tee prizes. Golfers can enter their score after each hole.

Golfers can also order food through the GameStar or ProStar at predetermined locations on the course. Pro Shops can view a real-time display of where each cart is on the course, color coded by how far behind pace the cart is.

“GameStar and ProStar not only improve the overall experience of the golfer, they benefit the golf course by providing improved pace of play, increased sales, facilitating successful tournaments and more efficient and effective monitoring of cart fleets,” said Lawrence Bain, President and CEO of ProLink Solutions. “Golf courses and resorts can also take advantage of the systems’ advertising capabilities to create a high margin incremental profit center that is second only to green and cart fees.”

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