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Rand McNally MONA Mobile Navigator


Rand McNally announced today a new service called Rand McNally Mobile Navigator, or Rand McNally MONA for short. The service is currently available on certain Motorola “i” series phones from Nextel and is delivered as a downloadable Java application.

The service will cost $9.95 per month and provides turn by turn and voice guided directions from your phone. You can plan routes from either the phone itself or from your computer where they can be sent to your phone and used in the Rand McNally Mobile Navigator application.

“With Rand McNally MONA, anyone who needs to get from place to place can access reliable GPS navigation affordably using the cell phones they already have, without spending thousands of dollars on an in-car navigation system,” said Robert Apatoff, president and chief executive officer of Rand McNally. “We take pride in bringing consumers the most accurate, easy-to-use navigation products.”

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