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Right Angled Power Cables


Longtime readers here will know how much I despise GPS devices where all of the cables come out the bottom of the device. It really limits how low on the dash the GPS can be mounted. Thankfully some GPS manufacturers have gotten the idea and are now shipping either powered mounts, relocated the cables, or are using right-angled USB cables.

Right Angled USB CableBut it sure isn’t a practical solution to purchase a new GPS device just for the cable. Thankfully, we got tipped off to a company that is selling right angled USB cable extensions. These cables are designed to work with a number of different GPS models and come with different “direction” angles. It appears most of them have been tested so they won’t put the GPS into USB mode, common with some power accessories.

The company is called USBFirewire.com and you can find their right angled USB cables here.

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