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September 2008 Average GPS Prices


We’ve just finished compiling the average prices by manufacturer for September. Looking just at online store offers for PND devices, Garmin still gets the highest average price at $343. There was some movement in the middle of the line, with Navigon making a large downward trend to $278. As we noted last month I think that is more due to the product mix they had. With their new low-end devices hitting the market, I think this month is a more accurate reflection of where they sit in the market. Magellan is at the opposite end of the spectrum, with an average price of $268

September 2008 GPS Price Index

The data gets more interesting when we compare this month to last month. The average price from each manufacturer showed a drop month to month. Garmin dropped by $7 and TomTom dropped by $4, the lowest of the major manufacturers. As we noted above, Navigon had the largest drop of nearly $50. Mio and Magellan each had overall average price drops of $24. The deals and merchant price wars are just starting as we charge ahead into the holiday shopping season.
August -> September 2008 GPS Price Trends

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