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September 2008 Desired GPS Features


I decided to take a look at the features GPS shoppers have been looking for over the past month. There were not too many surprises, but the data is still interesting nonetheless. At the top of the list, 27% of people were looking for a device that has Text To Speech. Second were devices that featured Traffic systems, either included or at least having the device capable of connecting to a receiver later. Traffic was nearly tied at 15% of shoppers with Multi Destination Routing. The forth most popular feature was a widescreen display.

September 2008 Desired GPS Features

As with price trends, it is sometimes more interesting to look at the data over time to spot trends. So I compared the data with results from November of last year. Most of the features had similar levels of interest, however there were a few changes. 3% Fewer people searched for devices that had slim profiles. I think we saw this decline not because fewer people want the feature, but rather most devices today are slim and thus less people search specifically for it. As the prices of widescreen GPS models have come down, about 3% more people are searching for those devices. Finally the biggest change was a 5% increase in people looking for devices compatible with traffic services. This of course wasn’t a surprise to us as we predicted this would be the year that traffic really became more of a mainstream GPS feature.

September 2008 Changes in Desired GPS Features

2 Responses

  1. Do any of the garmin GPS devices allow you to do routing on ones computer and then download to the device?

    Brett - November 7th, 2008
  2. Yes, all of their devices that support Multi destination routing can accept routes generated by MapQuest, or by their own MapSource software.

    Tim - November 7th, 2008

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