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Shah Capital Offers to Buy Magellan


An investment fund company in California called Shah Capital has made an offer to purchase Magellan. Magellan is owned by a company called Thales and if the deal goes through Thales would sell their Magellan GPS business to Shah Capital for $170 million.

This wouldn’t be the first time Shah Capital has acquired a business from Thales. Shah Capital previously purchased another Thales company which makes electronic cards.

Shah Capital’s offer would pay Thales $110 million initially for the Magellan GPS business and the other $60 million would be paid over five years. Magellan GPS has reportedly been for sale since last year.

One Response

  1. […] Previously we told you about the offer from Shah Capital to buy Magellan from Thales. We received word today that a purchase agreement has been signed so it looks like Magellan will indeed change hands. […]

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