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Sheng Jay SJ5289


Sheng-Jay-Sj5289-Gps7″ Touch Screen with Speaker 800×480 (384,000) Pixel Color GPS Slot of CF, MMC and SIM Cards Internet Browsers by RJ-45 either WI-FI CF Card Support the Media Play of Microsoft Media Player IR Remote Control Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery with Build-In Charger GPS GPRS AVL Management WIN CE OS apply to Pryme mapping of Teleatlas GIS. Dimension: 26 (L) cm x 13 (W) cm x 3 (H) cm Weight: 835 grams

One Response

  1. Do not buy this grabage. This is an unfinished unit.

    Let me explain what is not working in this unit in detail:

    1) USB Port: The USB Port is not ”broken”. It just does not exist inside as an installed hardware component. The USB Cable that comes with it and the USB interface hole on the device is just a dummy, a sham. If you connect the USB
    Cable between the PC and the device, nothing happens. This was already confirmed to me by Alva Tsung, who is selling these units all over the world, including mine.

    Because there is no port to communicate with your PC, there is no way to update your software on this unit, including the Operating System.

    2)Software Hangs: When u try to navigate between the menus or within the menu list and press a ”Back” or other option, the unit simply hangs and does not respond. This is not a Windows problem. This is the bad GPS Application software written on this unit. If You press any of the keys more than once, it freaks out and restarts the GPS unit, thereby losing all your work.

    3)Video Problem – The map Image gets garbled once you are moving from one part to another, not something I have seen on other GPS Units. May be the Processor is too slow or not fit for this bulky unit or something. The Hardware, OS Software and the application software are just not blending well and hence this unit is a complete disaster.

    4)Audio problem – The Audio Prompts are too low in volume and not audible when you are driving. The audio quality is poor and gives a whirrrrr kinda noise rather than clear prompts.

    5) Maps – Not included in the price. You have to pay additional charges to buy any maps you want, be it US maps or Canada maps or EU maps. You have to buy them and burn to an SD Card or compact Flash card – Your Penalty is $50.00

    6)No SIM/SD cards included – This unit comes with no SD or Compact Flash cards. You have to buy them additionally and when you buy the map software, you have to burn them to the cards and use them – Your Penalty is $20.00 for a 1GB SD card.

    7) No direct copy of the Maps to the Unit – The Unit does not support any storage, other than the existing and non-upgradable OS. This means, you have to buy an SD Card Reader/Writer and write your maps to suc additional hardware and use them in the SD card slot or the CF Card slot provided on the unit – Your Penalty is $30.00 to buy the card reader/writer.

    There are several other problems which are too many to list here like Non-working menus, menus disappearing while using, keyboard view disappearing while using, not being able to input any address in straight address format, etc.etc

    Please be aware of these problems, before you invest in this unit.

    Seshu Kanuri - April 14th, 2007

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