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SiRF i5000 Mobile Phone Chipsets


SiRF today has announced a new line of cipsets designed for mobile phones. The new servies is called the i5000 series and the first chipset is the GSCi-5000. These GPS chips are smaller and draw less power making them ideal for mobile phones. As for signal strength, they won’t be quite as good as the SiRFStar III, but SiRF says they will be close.

“As you start adding more functions it’s important to design with space concerns of mobile phones in mind,” said Kanwar Chadha, Vice President of Marketing. “While the Sirfstar III architecture goes across multiple mobile platforms, the i5000 is optimized for mobile phones so that both high-end and mid-range mobile forms can now integrate GPS.”

As more and more mobile phones come with GPS technology, GPS chipset makers will be competing more and more to build smaller lower power, chipsets that draw stronger signals.

“It’s not the same level performance as Sirfstar III, but it’s close,” said Chadha.

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