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SiRF Instant Fix ( SiRFInstantFix)


Sirf announced a new technology today called SiRF InstantFix. SiRFInstantFix minimizes the amount of time it takes your GPS receiver to acquire a fix, sometimes in as little as eight seconds. Exactly how the SiRFInstantFix works is a little technical; basically the chipset predicts a weeks worth of ephemerides (location data from GPS satellites) and caches them for future use.

“Now we can eliminate the long wait consumers complain about when first turning on their navigation systems and significantly improve the user experience, especially in obstructed environments, by synchronizing to SiRFInstantFix servers.” – Kanwar Chadha, founder and vice president of marketing for SiRF Technology

The SiRFInstantFix technology is available for SiRF-Star III based products now according to Sirf’s press release.

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