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smart2go Mobile Navigator Reviewed


laptopmag has reviewed the smart2go Mobile Navigator. They liked the navigation interface, easy and fast routing, POI database that includes reviews, and the ability to plan routes without a bluetooth connection. They didn’t like the lack of a back function and they had some interface issues. I always find it amazing how many reviewers cite the interface (in general) as both a pro and a con. 🙂

We wish Gate5 included a Back command in the interface. For instance, we would be in a map view and want to go back to the preceding screen with its list of Guide destinations. Instead, we had to close the map screen and return to the Guide search screen and run the search again to recreate the destinations list.

The only downside: while you own everything out of the box (smart2go is not a subscription service), gate5 has no near-term plans for a service update. The smart2go excels at on-road routing and has plenty of cool features for off-road planning, but it feels like a first effort in need of a little polishing.

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