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SledGPS – Snowmobile GPS Maps


With winter in full effect in the Northern Hemisphere, people are turning to more cold weather activities. Among those are snowmobilers who are increasingly turning to GPS systems to add a layer of safety and fun. SledGPS, from the makers of the SnowRanger ski maps has come to the rescue and are now offering snowmobile maps for GPS devices.

SledGPS Snowmobile GPS Maps]The maps are in a Garmin map format so they will work on a variety of devices from the handheld Colorado and Oregon devices as well as the Nuvi series. (However if you are planning on getting a Nuvi for outdoor use we would strongly suggest the waterproof Garmin Nuvi 500 series devices.

“Our partner, US TrailMaps, has mapped over 100,000 miles of snowmobile trails, together with nearly 250,000 businesses related to the trails like parking areas for your trailers, gas stations and lodging along your routes.” – SledGPS.com

You won’t find each and every trail in your area, but you can preview the maps in your area from the SledGPS.com website.

One Response

  1. I looked at the map for southern Maine around the Sebago Lake area and noticed that ITS 89 is shown going across the lower bay of Sebago which seems strange as I believe the trail follows the old railroad tracks which go around the lower end of the lake and also because Sebago does not freeze every year which, in those years, would make it impossible to use this major state trail. Unless I am mistaken, these maps need some work.

    Brad - October 25th, 2011

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