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Sony NV-U7T Review


pocket-lint has taken the Sony NV-U70T GPS system for a spin. They liked the speakers, traffic notifications, and large touch-screen. They were not as impressed with the software which they felt wasn’t very easy to use. They gave it a score of an eight out of ten.

The company’s decision to opt for its own software interface rather than simply buying an off the shelf solution also sets it apart from the plethora of units on the market. In doing so however, the company has taken a big risk that its software efforts are perfect and intuitive. Unfortunately while they are good, they aren’t perfect and to get the most out of this you should expect to have some tech savvy about you.

This device comes with a 3.5 inch display, speakers, and live traffic.

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One Response

  1. Very interesting website since I want to buy a navigation system for my new car…

    Brotero Duprat - May 15th, 2006

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