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Sorell NF1


Sorell-Nf1This week at CES, Sorell is pushing their NF1 media player with GPS capabilities. The Sorell NF1 has a 2.2 inch screen (about the size of many mobile phones) and a 1GB of flash memory. The device is mostly a media player for video and audio MP3 files. The screen can display 260,000 colors.

But what I really wanted to know…. Who is Sorell? A google search for Sorell didn’t return anything about previous blog posts about the Sorell NF1, including one from us. Their press releases didn’t list a website address.

After some quick research I found Sorrel has been around for about eight years and is a divestiture from Samsung. That info was in the press release. But it didn’t help me find out who they are. Eventually I figured out Medialine is their distributor in the US. I even found a few of their other products, but none which had GPS navigation functionality like the NF1. So I can’t be sure the Sorell NF1 is actually the product pictured.

I would assume that once the Sorell NF1 has been released that it will appear on the Medialine website, but pricing and availability date are unknown.

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