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Speed Limiting Vehicles Through GPS


Over at SupplyChain Review Tim Giles talks about the possibility of using GPS systems to limit the speed of vehicles.

If the truck has a GPS tracking system and the system knows the locations of speed limits then the technology exists to ensure a truck will not speed. This could be pretty attractive to some truck owners.

This brings up an interesting concept. I nearly failed an oral exam in driver’s education back as a teenager when the question came up “What are the three basic evasive maneuvers?” I came up with two of them pretty quickly… Turning and braking. The third, however eluded me…. Accelerating.

While it is more difficult to come up with examples of when accelerating could be used as an evasive maneuver it is certainly not out of the question. This type of technology could eliminate one evasive maneuver in some situations.

You can read more here.

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