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Spot it Out


At the CES show I always try to meet with a mix of companies that have existed for years along with new companies trying to launch new products. This year was no exception and I spent some time with a company called Spot it Out. This company is trying build on the content found on an average GPS device and think out of the box when it comes to POIs.

Currently they have three products, all available on SD/microSD card to extend the content of a Garmin Nuvi. Zagat 2010 America’s Restaurant Guide is available for $29 and is a product familiar to many people. Rather than a simple restaurant POI listing, the Zagat listings include restaurant ratings, a text overview, and shows the average price of an entree. You can also see details such as if reservations are encouraged.

A second product, Golf Digest 2010 Golf Courses of America is also available for $29. This isn’t a range finder type application, but rather a directory of golf courses along with the course rating, difficulty, availability of nearby lodging, and walkability. Finally, a Road Hazard and Safety Directory is available for $39. This is the product that personally excites me the most. This product contains 350,000 road hazards, red-light cameras, school zones, dangerous intersections, and speed traps across the USA.

That is the content available now, however additional titles are expected through the year. A few of the products mentioned included collaborations with various TV networks. Picture yourself driving through a town and you want to find out about the local history– you might pull up content from the Discovery Channel and see local placemarks highlighted in different shows. Additional partnerships with places like themeparks and other destination resorts look like a future possibility as well.

Right now the three existing products are compatible with Garmin Nuvi models, however additional GPS companies are expected to be supported down the road.

One Response

  1. Beware – the Golf Digest 2010 Golf Courses of America is missing many, many of the top courses open to public play. Example, none of the Kohler courses at Whistling Straits in Sheboygan are included, 3 top 100 courses. I have found other courses omitted, so my confidence in the golf course finder is next to none.

    Bob - September 5th, 2010

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