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StarNet SD GPS Receiver Compatible with Dell Axim x51v


Stellus System, Inc., a leading system integrator of wireless communication products, announced that their StarNetTM GPS SDIO receiver a high-performance, rugged GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver with a SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output) interface is now compatible with the Dell Axim x51v Handheld. Simply plug in the StarNet GPS receiver into your x51v and you can use it for in-car navigation, recreation, surveying or other location-specific information applications.

“The Dell Axim Handhelds are growing in popularity because of the embedded Wireless and Media Technologies as well as the additional memory,” said Craig Conkling, CEO of Stellus Systems. “The x51v has integrated 802.11b and BluetoothTM, and together with Stellus’ StarNet SD GPS receiver, can promotes additional location-based services such as location-specific traffic or weather and other information,” he added.

StarNet is a GPS accessory that puts navigation and find-and-locate capabilities for home or business addresses, ATMs, restaurants and recreational activities (such as golf, boating and hiking), at your fingertips a map-in-your-hand that helps you get where you’re going. The Pocket PC handheld market is expanding its market share, and with the growing use of Handhelds, Stellus’ StarNet SD GPS receiver is poised to enable additional functionality and services. Stellus’ innovative design combines a high-performance GPS antenna and receiver, with a SDIO interface IC (integrated circuit), in a compact housing that fits in your brief case or pocket and weighs less than one ounce. StarNet consumes less than 200 mW in tracking mode and has an accuracy of 3 meters (CEP 50% of the time) and 6 meters (2DRMS 95% of the time). Other Dell Axim Handhelds that StarNet SD GPS Receiver is compatible with are: x51, x50, x50v, x30, x3 and x3i.

One Response

  1. Sirs, I live in France. Where can I get an Starnet SD card for my Dell Axim X51v so it can be used as a GPS for walking.

    Steve Taylor - June 15th, 2008

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