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Garmin Picks STMicroelectronics Teseo Chipset


STMicroelectronics announced this morning that their are ramping up production of their Teseo GPS chipsets which will be used in future Garmin auto and handheld devices. Don’t know STMicroelectronics? Their chipset can currently be found in several devices including the DeLorme PN-20 which has been noted by myself and several others to have outstanding reception. While it will likely be a different chipset than that used in the DeLorme product, I’ve been very pleased with the performance of devices which rely on the STMicroelectronics chip, so this should be a good move for Garmin.

STMicroelectronics Teseo

“We are proud to announce that our state-of-the-art GPS technology has been selected for Garmin’s new range of portable and handheld devices,” said Domenico Rossi, General Manager of ST’s Car Radio and Multimedia Division. “ST is one of the few players in this market that can offer high-performance and cost-effective GPS solutions, based on robust silicon technology, experience in the automotive market, and know-how developed in collaboration with leading navigation manufacturers.”

These chipsets are WAAS as well as EGNOS enabled. As more companies start competing in the GPS chipset market, perhaps fewer people will email me asking where they can buy “Surf” brand GPS devices. No word on exactly which devices it will come on, nor how soon we will see the Teseo Chipset on Garmin devices.

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