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Street Atlas USA 2007


DeLorme is getting to release Street Atlas USA 2007 sometime in mid August. There are some great looking new features in planned for the 2007 edition of Street Atlas USA. Among the features are support for GPX files, GPS log file statistics preview, and better waypoint management, and iPod support.

If you have an iPod Photo you can create static maps in Street Atlas USA 2007 and download them to your iPod. You can can also scroll through your maps on your iPod just like you would scroll through photos.

We’ve talked previously about Windows Mobile 5 support and it looks as though we will see it in this edition of Street Atlas USA, along with Pocket PC and Palm OS support.

Along with the new handheld platform Street Atlas USA 2007 will also be compatible with Intel Macs running Boot Camp, including connecting the Earthmate GPS LT-20 and Blue Logger GPS receivers. They say that Parallels isn’t supported at this time.

Lots of the data has been updated; there are 133,000 new roads, 3.4 million updated roads, as well as updated Canadian street level maps. You will also be able to download almost 100 square miles of aerial images and use them in a new “hybrid” mode to view road drawings on top of the aerial images. Four million POIs have been updated in Street Atlas USA 2007.

Street Atlas USA 2007 is shaping up to be a great value. This year the handheld version of the software for Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Windows MObile 5.0 is included at no extra charge. On top of that the price will be lower than previous at $39.95. Existing registered Street Atlas USA owners can save 20% over the MSRP price.

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