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StreetPilot c340 via Enterprise


Enterprise has announced that the Garmin StreetPilot c340 will soon be available as an option in their rental cars. The StreetPilot c340 will be customized slightly to meet specific needs of Enterprise and will be available for $7.95 per day, starting later this month.

The StreetPilot c340 features text-to-speech driving directions, a 3.5 inch touch screen display, dual speakers, 2D and 3D views, and preloaded maps.

“The StreetPilot is simple to use and, with the voice prompt feature that actually mentions street names, offers further evidence of our commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Rob Hibbard, vice president of Airport Operations for Enterprise. “The device is advanced enough to assist our renters in rerouting after a wrong turn or in locating the nearest tourist spot – at a price our customers can’t beat with any other national rental car company.”

2 Responses

  1. My job as a magazine editor takes me to many manufacturer sites across the country. While MapQuest is useful, it’s far from convenient when traveling alone. For the past two trips I’ve rented from Enterprise and gotten the GPS offered, the Garmin c340, I believe. I’ve been very satisfied with it.

    The learning curve was short, about five minutes in the rental agency lot. When going to relatively new industry park developments, it’s been able to find them with no problems.

    Only two minor — really minor — issues: You have to get out of the concrete parking garage to get a signal in Chicago, and I find the notices to make a right or left turn in a complex area come too late for me. On this last one, you mileage may vary.

    I’ve been so impressed with the unit that I’m going to purchase one — that’s why I’m here at gpsreview [a darned-good site for comparisons and information].

    Another complaint, and this is with Enterprise, rather than Garmin, is that you can’t get the GPS at a satellite office. I have to rent from the airport location — the reason I’m looking to purchase.

    BTW, after two or three wrong turns to get back on track, does the faintly-British-sounding woman’s voice get a bit snippy at my wrong-headedness or is it just my imagination?

    Pete Nofel - July 29th, 2007
  2. I think that is just your imagination…. but I’ve certainly felt the same way at times with many devices!

    Tim - July 29th, 2007

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