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Sun Herald Review TomTom ONE


James Derk has written a short review of the TomTom ONE. Like many other GPS users in the USA, James had previously only used Magellan and Garmin GPS devices but decided to give the ONE a try and ended up buying it as his first GPS.

TomTom is compared to Apple (a comparison I’ve made quite a few times) in reference to how everything is presented in the box and the intuitive interface.

TomTom reminds me a bit of Apple in presentation. The package in which the unit was packaged was artful and crafty. The people clearly took care in how it was presented. It worked right out of the box with no need to even crack open the manual.

James also made a brief comparison to the Magellan RoadMate 3000T and the fact that the ONE doesn’t need any buttons to operate the device other than the on/off switch. (compare the Magellan 3000T and TomTom ONE)

Overall, he calls it a “steal” at the $499 list price and goes on to praise the small size and loud speaker.

The TomTom One is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket (smaller than any unit I have seen) and that is a nice way to prevent theft. And it is loud enough to be heard in any car that I can imagine (the voice can be set to get louder as your speed increases.)

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