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T3 Gushes over TomTom 910


T3 has written favorably about the TomTom GO 910, comparing it to the TomTom GO 700. They really liked the new, larger hard drive yet small form factor.

Although it boasts a larger screen than its predecessor the GO 700, the unit is actually smaller overall. That’s pretty amazing when you consider it’s housing a 20GB hard disk, of which 8GB is taken up by maps of Europe, America and Canada. That leaves 12GB for your pics and MP3s.

The TomTom 910 was also praised for the optional iPod connection kit, price, and new text-to-speech capabilities.

This picks up satellites with ease it took us just under 30 seconds. But the main improvement in use is the addition of text-to-speech, so the navigator reads out full road names instead of just advising you to “turn right”.

The only thing they didn’t like was the speaker when being used for playing MP3 music. They suggest playing the music through your car stereo instead.

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