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Tele Atlas Phonetic Voice Maps


Tele Atlas announced that their phonetic data is now available in some Pioneer in dash navigation systems as well as the TomTom GO 910. Phonetic data takes words and phrases to be spoken by a device and spells the names in manner so that the voice synthesis uses the proper pronunciation.

For example if you are about to turn onto “Jalapeno drive” the device might pronounce the first syllable of the street as “jal” rather than “hal”. Phonetic data fixes this problem my providing the proper spelling while printing the street name while still pronouncing the name correctly.

The new Phonetic data from Tele Atlas is available in 10 languages and includes street names, municipality data, and points of interest.

“Voice enabled maps improve route guidance because they are easy to use and understand,” said Tele Atlas Global Product Marketing Vice President Basak Ozer. “This move is an important component of our strategy to deliver enhanced solutions to partners wanting to develop map-based systems with ever more natural and dynamically generated system-to-user dialogue.”

2 Responses

  1. The text to voice feature is a huge selling point for the 910 – this will only make it better. Glad T.A. was on this problem!

    Sig - May 19th, 2006
  2. […] If you have been experiencing connectivity problems either with USB device recognition or iPod connectivity, this has been improved. You can now access the Traffic menu from the remote control. The ‘Microphone Preferences’ icon has been changed and is now ‘Bluetooth Preferences’. Text-to-speech pronunciation has been improved indicating a possible update to the phonetic data.?. […]

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