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TeleNav Accounces 3D Maps, Wi-Fi Finder


TeleNav has announced that the latest version of their software, TeleNav GPS Navigator 5.0, now includes 3D maps. 3D maps are on my “must have” list of features for auto based GPS navigation. 2D maps can be slightly more difficult to understand when looking at complex intersections, so this is a welcome new feature.

Also included in the new software from TeleNav is a wi-fi hotspot finder. Using the new feature you can select a hotspot as a POI and then navigate to that location. TeleNav also claims to have an address entry screen that allows you to select an address with the fewest amount of keystrokes.

“Our mission with TeleNav GPS Navigator is to provide drivers with mobile navigation tools that are effective, convenient and effortless to use,” said HP Jin, president and CEO at TeleNav. “The features we have launched today simplify, yet enhance, the experience, making it as easy as possible for drivers to experience safe and stress-free travel.”

TeleNav costs $9.99 per month for unlimited navigation.

One Response

  1. 3D maps and many other features listed on Telenav service are NOT availible for all devices as they might not be able to run the latest software. Be careful as the telenav site is misleading

    john - November 4th, 2007

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