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TeleNav GPS for Nextel and Boost Mobile Cell Phones and Blackberry Devices


On the heels of our Garmin Mobile announcement is a new player in the cellular phone as GPS market. TeleNav is a service that looks to compete with Garmin Mobile and is available for Nextel and Boost Mobile customers.

The service looks to be very similar to the Garmin Mobile service however TeleNav’s lowest price plan is $9.99 per month. Their website says

There is no need to spend $2,000 or more for an expensive in-car navigation system that provides limited functionality and is not portable.

I’d argue that even with a smartphone, screen size can be a severe limitation of cell phone GPS systems.

TeleNav is the next-generation GPS navigation service which provides audible and visual driving directions for your mobile phone or BlackBerry. TeleNav provides you with clear and precise audible and visual driving directions along with a host of other features such as a national business finder. Think of the TeleNav BizFinder as your combined national ‘Yellow Pages’ and national ‘411 Directory’ available on your mobile handset. The BizFinder has access to millions of business addresses, phone numbers and points of interest throughout the country

TeleNav didn’t do a good job testing their website with a range of browsers and their demo may not work for several people. In the event you have trouble viewing their demo, you should be able to view it from here.

TeleNav is available on a much wider range of devices than Garmin Mobile as of this writing. You can get the GPS service through Nextel on Motorola i58sr, i88s, i730, i736, i830, i860, i265, i325, i733, i833, and i710. You can also get it on the BlackBerry 7520.

Through Boost Mobile you can get the GPS service on their i830 roxy, i860 tatoo, i860 woody, Boost i830, Boost i730, and Boost i285.

Visit TeleNav.

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