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TeleNav Shotgun Software Update


A software update is coming out today for TeleNav Shotgun owners. The company has always said that they are going after business professionals with the Shotgun product, and the new features reflect that direction. How often do you forget to record your mileage on a business trip? A mileage tracker is now included. Also newly available are reviews for many of the included POIs.

Mileage Tracker

TeleNav Shotgun Mileage CaptureThe mileage tracker allows to the user to log miles either while following a route, or while simply having the GPS turned on and following along. So if you are going on a routine trip and don’t need directions, mileage can still be tracked. As a bonus, thanks to the connected nature of the Shotgun the mileage can be retrieved from a computer by visiting the TeleNav website. (No USB connection needed!)

You can log miles and attribute the trip to certain clients or accounts, and then download the reports as Excel spreadsheets or Adobe PDF files. Perhaps I’ll actually remember to keep track of my mileage in a more timely manner now. 🙂

Business Ratings

TeleNav Shotgun Business RatingsAnother logical addition to the TeleNav shotgun is business ratings. While most GPS devices will simply tell you where a hotel or restaurant is, the Shotgun can tell you if it is any good. In addition to a “star” rating, some POIs also now have reviews you can read from the device.

TeleNav made a bold move releasing the Shotgun, with other competitive services achieving lackluster subscription rates or in the case of Dash nearly disappearing altogether. My feeling is that Dash’s failures were in the physical size of the device, and allowing too many people to think the GPS was for the casual, every day GPS user. TeleNav seems to have addressed both of these points by making the device as slim as possible and maintaining market focus on business professionals.

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