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TeleType WorldNav 3100


The TeleType WorldNav 3100 has been released and is the successor to the WorldNav 3000 XL. The WorldNav 3100 includes many features of more expensive GPS navigation systems but at a price less than other similarly equipped GPS systems.

The WorldNav 3100 includes text to speech capabilities so it can speak street names. Navigation is displayed on a 3.5 inch touch screen. Maps of the USA come pre-installed on the WorldNav 3100 via an SD card.

Like the 3000 XL, the TeleType WorldNav 3100 can play MP3 music files, however the 3100 goes further with multimedia capabilities by including a photo viewer and a video player. Hopefully the speaker in the new WorldNav 3100 is improved over the older 3000 XL which didn’t produce very good sound quality.

The POI database is also larger than many other GPS navigation systems holding 12 million POIs including phone numbers of those POIs. You can also search for businesses by phone number or address with the “Premium” edition. A video demo is available here.

The WorldNav 3100 includes the SiRF Star III chipset so GPS accuracy and startup time should be fantastic. The 3100 comes with a car power adapter, USB cable for syncing, windshield and dashboard mount, and a carrying case.

The 3100 does not come with Bluetooth compared to other full featured GPS navigation systems however the low price more than makes up for the lack of that advanced feature.

Program updates are free for only 90 days. This is different than most manufacturers who offer firmware updates free of charge.

The WorldNav 3100 comes in two editions, a “Deluxe” version which comes with a 1 GB SD card and 3 million POIs for $399 and a “Premium” edition which includes a 2 GB SD card, 12 million POIs, and the ability to find businesses by phone number or address for $459.

Overall the TeleType WorldNav 3100 should be a good GPS navigation system for someone who would like a photo and video player but doesn’t need Bluetooth functionality. There are few other devices which can match the combination of features and price of the WorldNav 3100.

123 Responses

  1. Don’t buy WorldNav. I was so excited to buy it and thought I would never have to look at a map again. Wrong! This piece of junk took me right down through Downtown Atlanta instead of the by pass. Had a cop spotted me he would have hit me up with a fine of a few hundred dollars. What a piece of garbage.

    Lan Savane - December 13th, 2009
    • I feel your pain . I bought this 600.00 POS . It can not even get me across town in the quickest manner or the shortest in car or truck mode . I know the best way to go an this thing routed me all around town instead of straight up the main street to where I put in i wanted to go .
      Test : mapquest . Wichita Ks 47th street South and seneca . Go to Kellogg ave i.e. US – 400 . It will route you down 47th to I 135 and to kellogg . Not the shortest but maybe quicker than driving straight up seneca . World nav routes me up seneca one mile to macaurthur rd and then east to I235 ( mind you it is quicker and shorter to got to the on ramp on Seneca just north of macarthur ) then north on I235 to kellogg . I235 takes you way out of the way around town to the west . \

      It also does not use the country ( dirt ) roads even though I set it to do so . I tried to go straight up 167th street to kellogg and it routed me many miles out of the way on main roads .

      POS it is indeed. Noticed that they do not offer a refund but only a replacement .

      this POS may be good for highway driving but is useless for around town or getting there quick and short . I would sure as hell not want to depend on it if I got paid by the mile .

      marcus - July 25th, 2010
  2. I finally gave up on this piece of junk. I bought a Garmin 255W for $149 and couldn’t be happier with it.
    It is not a truck GPS, but as far as I’m concerned, neither was the $400 turkey that I have been using. Bridges? Not a clue. Parkways? Forget it.

    Mark - December 14th, 2009
  3. Mark,

    Good decision – buying a Garmin.
    You are right – it’s not a “trucker” GPS but as you say the WorldNav is a piece of junk that masquerades as a trucker GPS.
    Dee and Lan – also appreciate your posts explaining what a piece of garbage the WorldNav GPS is.

    Ted Cohen - December 14th, 2009
    • definately appreciate the comment until i can save up a few more dollars I am stuck with this stupid thing, hewck if nothing elase it gives me someone to yell at while i am driving when i get mad at others and that is about all that it is good for. I have a small garmin nuvi but had it installed installed into my new car and really do not want to damage the dash to take it out, so patiently i will wait and rely on map quest, the state sites, and good ol rand mcnally maps to guide me. It is a shame that people will take advantage of those who can use a good concept but not a piece of usless junk. I say to anyone if you see the word tele type run as fast as you can to the garmin display. and if you have one never ever use it in the Pittsburgh PA area as there are lots of low clearance and tight spots that it will definately get you into trouble in, Garmin ias the only one I will ever trust again.
      PS the 60 year old couple who got lost in the snow I wounder if they had a teletype GPS as it kinds sounds like it from the end result :).

      dee - January 12th, 2010
  4. Wow..Wish I’d seen this site before bought!!It is true, I hav big truck n OilField;..lucky was unloaded;..took me dwn endless rabbit trail..with deadend 1 lane road @ nite;Lucky for me; guy came thru gate..helped me get turned around;not easy;..Would never depend on this thing;..look’n to get rid of it;Agree/Waste of $$;Class Action seems answer;BurnyMadoff Company here; and yes/doesn’t calculate bridge thing;can’t see screen n sun/daytime;can’t hear speaker/should’ve done more research/got sucker punched;..nice job bozo’s;hope you get an ass woop’n n court;don’t suppose states attorney has anything to do;cops busy writing tickets;…I agree with other disgruntled people;stay away;guy @ company tried to sucker me to buy upgrade software as fix;no more $$ to these idiots;..Best to Fellow Truckers/..sincerely…pissed off customer….screw you teletype;Hope Karma kicks your asses!!!

    Gary - January 25th, 2010
    • Wow , at least it recognizes dirt roads in your area . It knows not of them in kansas and many are main roads for the country .

      markk - July 25th, 2010
    • hello ev1 i have WorldNav GPS 7′ screen it is not good day light mode cant see drive truck does anybody know why it exit yu off the 4 lane then brings yu bk on pain in the butt i have been took down roads with low under pass thank fully had exit to take r would had problem they need to do some upgrades r something for the money yu pay it should have been better

      robert - August 8th, 2010
  5. does the world nav 3100 show bodies of water such as lakes and rivers and if so does it say the name of them?

    dustin - April 14th, 2010
  6. Friend, don’t waste your time with that brand. Junk.
    Try a Garmin Nuvi 260. I think you will like it.
    It shows bodies of water but I can’t remember whether it names them.

    Ted Cohen - April 15th, 2010
  7. I drive a 40′ motorhoame with a trailer for my 4×4.I’ve had 3100 for over a year now. It wasn’t bad-kind of slow but I never got stuck. Recently I bought the software upgrade. While it’s a lot faster and has some bells & whistles, mapping is now useless. Tried to take me down class6 roads(unimproved) in NH (the same roads I use my 4×4 on), wanted me to go town roads instead of interstate on the Cape

    Dan - August 3rd, 2010
  8. We should all be given our money back. These units are not what they claim, poorly designed, and do not work right at all! It tells you to go onto restricted streets, to get off the freeway only to get back on again on the other side of the ramps, and says get ready for a turn, but directs you straight. I wish some smart person would rewrite the program already and make it work right. Anyone know if it has been done yet?

    Steve - September 3rd, 2010
  9. I have experienced many of the same problems as the other people and then some the 7100 truck unit has taken me on 5 ton roads with a 40 ton load. That would not have went well had I been stopped by Chicago’s finest. I think they should find a fix for the problems and update our units for free. Just incase they don’t I think I’ll buy a Garmin 465T.

    Ron Clark Sr. - December 26th, 2010
  10. this thing routed me down the interstate even though i put in that i was at 85,500 . NICE JOB ! Useless trash not even good for a car . It also locks up every time you go off of the coarse it wants you to go on and to get it to re route I have to shut it down and that does not always work and also it is a little hard to do and re figure things when your driving down a two lane highway with no shoulders .

    Consumer Reports reviewed GPS and they drove all over the place and they said that the best one they found was the Tom tom 140S . At a fraction of the cost .

    markk - December 27th, 2010
  11. Warning drivers stay away from this GPS.making matters worse when call to tell them what your problem is your call go’s to some place in India. you can’t understand a word there saying. Teletype asks that you pay for every update when others provide this for free. This GPS has been one disappointment after another, consumer service has been horrible they just don’t have a clue. Just to give one example I paid $79.00 for the latest update they mailed the SD card to me, after one trip it kept freezing up I called and told them they said they would mail me another card. A coupe of mouths later (after I came back from AZ for the winter) I realized I never got it. I called and at no surprise to me they said they sent it and if I wanted to send it again I have to pay another $79.00 this expensive thing now sits in a drawer.

    jeff - April 4th, 2011
  12. This is one of the worse product i have purchase in my life.to reach destination you have to prepare for long ride.it is piece of junk.

    Yogesh - May 21st, 2011
  13. i bought the 740060 gps in 2008. it does nothing to route trucks as far as i can tell. it has taken me into dead-end streets, parking lots. i havnt used it for 2 yrs. i went back to garmin. if a completely revised software is available please advise. very unsatisfied. $500.00 lost

    frank - November 30th, 2011

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