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We receive lots of feedback from our visitors, most telling us how glad they are to have a resource which allows them to navigate the new, complex world of GPS with ease. This site has also been recognized as one of the Top 100 Blogs by C|net, mentioned in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, numerous other newspapers, and we were one of Chitika’s Top 30 Experts.

Want to say thanks? If you have a website of your own feel free to link to us. Or just contact us. We thank you for being a reader.

“A big THANK YOU to the GPSReview forum. You guys were a great resource & reality check when I thought I was the only one having problems. The power of a user community like GPS review is terrific.” Edsel

“Wish there was a website like this for cellphone and many other products! Truly an excellent job and a high quality on-line community of users.” Michael

“I was also so very impressed with this site – it is the best GPS review site that I have found and I have learned a lot from it already. From your ‘ethics’ to the courteous way you treat your members you do a great job. Congratulations!” Bob

“I just wanted to send a HUGE note of thanks for your work on the review and answering questions left in the comments on your entire site […]. After about one hour of reading your reviews both on this device and others I felt fully in control and confident in what I was looking for and what devices would best suit my needs. I am terrible at making decisions but, I am proud to say that with your help I have made a very successful purchase, and will recommend your site to anyone considering purchasing a GPS system in the near future.” Alan

“Nothing special to say other than “great website”! Really enjoy the reviews and the extremely good answers to various questions about each unit. You should be paid by the manufacturers for such good tech support!” Thomas

“Your site made my selection of a GPS much easier…Invaluable info thanks! Much better than [another site] (where I started looking and was soon frustrated) on many levels!” Geoff S.

“The quality of your site is fantastic. You should be very proud of the work you are doing. This was very helpful to me and was just what I was looking for. The information presentation was fantastic.” S. Staples

“Tim, your depth of knowledge and your speed of response continues to amaze. Thanks a lot from a very happy forum user.”

“Thanks to everyone here (especially Tim) for all the help. I believe this is the most informative GPS forum on the Web!” sleepin1227

“I applaud your website. I had such a difficult time in deciding on what unit to purchase. You were informative and very helpful. THANK YOU GPSREVIEW!” Steve J

“I just found this site today using google. I have a TomTom One 3rd edition that I received yesterday and had a question. I found that answer to my question very quickly as someone else had already started a thread with the same problem. This site is the best helpful site that I have come across for any electronics. I’m amazed how quickly and how thoroughly the questions are answered. Just unbelievable. Thank you so much.” Lynn

“you are my hero. I have researched half a dozen areas about which GPS to buy. You have the only area that gives accurate and substantial information to make an accurate buying decision.” Rodney

“I just wanted to say that this is a great site. I find it really indispensable – this is THE place for GPS information on the web. Thank you, thank you.” Todd

“just want to say a huge “THANK YOU” for this website. It is informative, useful, well organized, superb monitoring personnel (Tim – BRAVO!), and incredibly useful. […] you’re very knowledgeable, professional, thorough, fair, and diplomatic. Great job!” Andrew

“Thank you very very much for your help, your dedication to help others is realy appreciated by all and me in particular.” A R

“My thanks to the folks who put this site together. It was VERY helpful in researching and comparing devices as well as reading people’s experiences with the units they’ve bought.” Steve

“I just wanted to send a short message to thank you for your information. Your site is great for GPS information. The hyperlinks have been useful as well; I am much more knowledgeable about GPS systems. I will shop with more comfort!” – Dr. Ramlaggan

“Thanks in part to the great info here, I feel I was able to make a well-informed decision on the unit to go with. Thanks, GPS Review. You’ve got a great resource here for people like me!” – Al

“I purchsed the [GPS] over other models based on info gathered on this site and I’m very pleased with the info I received and the [GPS] I purchased.” – Mark

“Thanks to all the people who gave so much information on this web page, it really helped me to decide.” – Harsh

“I am not one to dive so deep into research, (just end up returning things alot), until sites like these allowed me to make informed decisions and share opinions with actual users. Thanks.” -Idlemind

“Here’s another great reason why I check your website regularly…..great info like this! Keep up the great work. Consumers like me greatly appreciate what you do!” Stever

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