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That new XL II…


GPS related blogs have been a buzz recently about a new TomTom XL II spotted in the FCC database. The speculation is that the new XL II will have Bluetooth. But I’m not biting– yet anyway. Releasing an XL II just doesn’t make sense. The TomTom XL 330s seems to be a replacement for the XL series, not something “in addition to”. So why would they release a new XL? The argument that the ONE XL II will simply add Bluetooth just doesn’t add up either… I think people forget that the ONE XL already has Bluetooth to connect to the TomTom PLUS services. Also what seems strange is that the user manual provided for the new model is identical to the manual for the ONE XL, even referencing “ONE XL” through the manual. The only difference is that the cover page of the manual adds a “II” to the end of the product name, and it isn’t even in the same font/size as the rest of the product name.

The question then becomes, if I’m arguing I don’t think such a new model will be released, then why the FCC application? My best guess is that TomTom had a bunch of XL parts hanging around and decided to make another batch of the otherwise superseded device. And perhaps there was one component that they didn’t still have available which required a different source than the original. And perhaps that part being different required a new FCC application.

That is just a guess, but upon inspecting the innards of my XL with the innards of the XL pictured in the FCC application, there appear to be some very tiny changes in one part of the circuitry. Perhaps that does indicate some new functionality and a new model, but I suspect it is just a typical small hardware revision for the same XL model that just happened to be enough to require a new FCC application. You can also see the codename “Limerick” tagged in the FCC photos alongside the text “Rev 06”. My XL is tagged “Rev 00” in a similar location.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong… and I’ll enjoy that. But I’m not convinced a new XL II is in the cards as a “new” model.

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