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TomTom GO 720


What is important to note about the TomTom 720 is that it is more than just a simple specifications bump to an existing model– This device brings a lot of brand new features to the TomTom line that we can expect to see in future TomTom devices. So while this device is thinner, faster, and has a nicer screen than many pervious models, it has a host of new features that make the 720 an important device. I’ve been able to log about 1,000 miles with the 720, and here is what we have found.


TomTom 720In many ways, the TomTom 720 looks like the ONE XL, but it is slightly thinner than the ONE XL. It appears to use the same screen as the ONE XL so it is extremely bright and very easy to read. When viewed from very wide and very high angles the screen doesn’t wash out as much as other screens and the colors stay fairly true throughout a range of viewing angles. The screen is 4.3 inches and runs at 480×272 pixels. In bright sunlight, the 720 performs very well, equal to other devices commonly though to have some of the brightest and most readable screens such as the 600 Nuvi series.

On the top is the power button, and on the back is the speaker and a newly designed way for the mount to connect. Gone is the big “plate” on the suction cup mount, instead there is a tiny square about the size of a quarter which slides into the device. This reduces the size of the mount and makes it slightly easier to pack away. Otherwise the mount is similar to the mount on the ONE/XL and features the same suction cup and ball and socket joint. The mount has just about the right amount of tension so that it doesn’t move around or vibrate on dirt roads yet doesn’t take much force to adjust the angle.

On the bottom is the SD card slot, USB/power port, a reset button you hopefully won’t need, a port to connect a traffic receiver, as well as a headphone jack. I’ve mentioned it many times before, but I’ll say it again that i don’t prefer any cords attached to the bottom of GPS devices since it can limit how low on the dash it can be mounted. However TomTom improved this in one area. The end of the USB port now has a 90° angle at the very tip, so you now can mount the 720 just as low on the dash as you would like. It still doesn’t give you easy access to the USB cable while the device is on the mount, but the new cable design is a very welcome improvement.

Under the hood you will find a SiRFstarIII chipset, which makes for very fast signal acquisition, and that signal should stay in environments like urban canyones that are tough for older chipsets. In fact while inside a large building without windows I was able to occasionally obtain a fix. During road testing in a variety of environments the GPS never lost its signal and proved extremely accurate. Battery life is reported to be about five hours, and we were able to achieve that level in our tests. This is also a reason you might upgrade to a 720 over the ONE XL which has a meager 2 hour battery life.

The maps of the USA and Canada come pre-installed on 2 GB of internal flash memory. So the SD slot remains free for you to add maps of other countries, or to install MP3 files for the music player. A few people including myself had had trouble with certain brand/size SD cards. It seems that newer cards which are 1 GB in size to 4 GB in size seem to work consistently well. However older smaller cards are sometimes not being read by the 720. You can follow our discussions on that in our thread about SD cards on the TomTom 720.

Also under the hood you will find Bluetooth for data connectivity as well as hands free calling. As with all Bluetooth devices, check out TomTom’s compatibility charts to make sure your device is supported. My primary phone didn’t work too well, although it wasn’t listed as a supported device either so I didn’t have high expectations. It would pair, dial, and receive calls… and even transfer the phone book up to the 720. However while I could hear the person I was talking to very well, the person on the other end of the call reported it was difficult to hear me. Other phones I tried worked much better. You can read about experiences other people have had in this thread about Bluetooth on the TomTom 720.

There is also an FM transmitter to pipe the music into the (likely) much better audio system in your vehicle. Note that currently hands free calling is not transfered over the FM transmitter. Many people prefer it that way, however it would have been nice to get a more clear output than the internal speaker provided. As has been the case with every GPS with an FM transmitter, people will have different results. Your results will depend on where you locate the 720 in your car, where your FM antenna is in your car, what type of FM antenna your car has, and the availability of open frequencies in your area. We’ve got discussions in the forums about the FM transmitter in the 720 as well. For me, the FM transmitter has worked perfectly well, providing clear transfer of audio without static and at acceptable volume levels. In the thread linked to above in this paragraph you will see a few tips people have discovered like making sure the volume level is set to 100%. There are also reports of improved performance when the battery is fully charged.

In the box you get the 720, suction cup mount, adhesive mounting disk, charger, and dock. There is also a coupon offering a “Latest Map Guarantee”. Within 30 days of owning your 720 you can go to a special section of the TomTom website and enter in a special code. If your device was sitting on a store shelf while a map update was taking place you can upgrade to the latest map within that 30 day period.


The TomTom GO 720 is the first TomTom device to feature their new version 7 application. We expect a free update for other devices to be available as TomTom has done in the past. There are a lot of great new features in the version 7 application. For example when navigating to an address, you are now prompted for the state, first and independently of the city. For many people this will help streamline the process of navigating to an address, especially for those located in places like “Greenville” which exists in many states.

The world is also starting to look more 3D on the TomTom 720. Rivers and lakes are drawn “sunken” while in select cities building footprints are “raised” up off the ground view. This is yet another step forward of making the picture in the screen look more like the picture out the window. Elements like sports stadiums and playing fields are drawn in a different color for better representation.

Finally, a current street name field has been added to the primary interface, something lots of people have asked for, but frankly I’ve never found a use for. You can also move most of the fields from the bottom of the display to the right side of the display to take better advantage of the widescreen.

Brand logos for certain POIs are now displayed on the map which they call “brand icons”. So instead of driving by a bank and seeing a generic bank icon, you might see the logo for Bank of America.

Due to a faster processor and more RAM, the 720 produced much faster routes and a faster interface than offered in the ONE and ONE XL devices. Reroutes were also extremely fast if you happen to miss a turn.

Multiple Segment Routing, multi destination routing, whatever you want to call it 🙂 , is available through the TomTom Itinerary Planning feature. We really like the ability to wrap up a bunch of destinations into one big route, and then see how far and how long the entire trip will take. I do wish they would enhance the feature so that if you have an itinerary filled with waypoints (as opposed to destinations) that the itinerary will notify you upon reaching one of the waypoints. Of course you could convert the waypoints to destinations, however then you don’t get the total itinerary summary. Still, the Itinerary feature goes well beyond what most of the competition currently offers.


Unlike the ONE series, you can setup auto day night mode, or choose to override the auto day night mode on the 720. There are lots of options for the audio. There are separate controls for navigation audio and music, for each type you can select if you want that type of audio to go through the internal speaker, through Bluetooth hi-fi, via line-out, or via an FM transmitter to your car stereo. There are also settings which allow you to override automatic zooming while navigating a route. Battery saving preferences allow you to do things like turn the display on or off between instructions.


The traditional method of getting traffic over Bluetooth is available. But as we expected, RDS-TMC traffic is coming to the 720. The receiver should be available at about the same time as the 720 hits store shelves. The price is expected to be around $130 and include a one year subscription.


TomTom is also making a huge push to highlight new safety features in version 7. There is a new ‘Help me!’ button which asks you if you want to phone for help, drive to help, walk to help, or get specific information about your current location. If for example you select to drive to help it will ask if you want the nearest car repair facility, the nearest hospital, police station, pharmacy, or the nearest fire station.

Additional options include hiding options while driving, suggesting breaks on long drives, warning if you are driving over the speed limit, or warnings when you are near a school or church.


The 720 also is making strides towards user customization. One way is through custom vehicle icons. You can now pick a different type of car to use in your display, or you can even make your own vehicle icon.

An even bigger customization is that you can now create your own voice prompts. Using the built in microphone the 720 will guide you through recording about 60 words/prompts to create a full voice that can be used in navigation. I can see spouses recording funny voices and parents recording their kids’ voices. The process takes about 15 minutes to complete. Unfortunately, this can’t be used in conjunction with text-to-speech, you can use a customized voice or a text-to-speech voice, but not a combination of them. You can, however use a combination of a customized voice and a standard voice to fill in for any prompts you haven’t customized.

Another interesting feature is that the new interface will allow viewing of certain document file formats such as Word documents. It also appears you will be available to send those files back and forth over Bluetooth, however I haven’t tried it yet.

And of course the biggest customization possible is that offered through Map Share, we won’t get into the details of that here but will expand on our other article very soon. But yes, if you find something you don’t like about the map you can edit it on the device or report the issue. In my neighborhood there is a street TomTom devices typically try to route me on that doesn’t exist. I was able to quickly open the editor, select the road segment, report that the segment wasn’t actually there, and then calculated the route again. The device then routed around the non-existent street. Other MapShare users were able to confirm my road change in their devices. Really cool!


Iit is hard to imagine this device not being a huge hit. It has generated more buzz in the industry than any other recently announced device. We’ll reiterate that this device isn’t just a bump in specs, it really represents the first in a new generation of TomTom devices. We’re glad to see easier ways to obtain live traffic information, text-to-speech, a thinner size, and longer battery life than other models. Typically those specs would be cause enough for a new model. But the TomTom 720 will also set a higher benchmark in terms of personalizing the device by allowing map updates, downloading map updates suggested by other users, and building your own voice prompts. For an MSRP of $499 this GPS should be a big hit.

606 Responses

  1. I’m looking at getting a Go720. I’ve had a tomtom one for just over a year (would still use it but someone broke into car and took from glove box) I was looking at Navigon but someone said the just pulled out of the NA market.
    I just got a question with the tomtom. Does the mapfix thing really work. I tried so many times to add a road on the map on my old one and it never did. It’s an important road and has been there for at least 30 years. Added to the tele atlas website and still isn’t there either.(oddly enough shows up on navteq)
    Is there a big difference from the one to the go720 besides TTS? is there a better gps with equivalent or more features under my 175 budget? (definitely need western Canada map)

    Sarah - October 1st, 2009
  2. was just wondering how if at all I can change the default time zone. I moved from maryland to california and my go 720 still has the maryland time. I thought i looked in every option but maybe not. I cant imagine something so simple can not be changed

    kenny - October 18th, 2009
  3. Click on the change preferences Ikon, then scroll through to page eight, then click on Set Clock Ikon.

    Maurice, October 24th, 2009.

    Maurice - October 24th, 2009
  4. Hi. Writing to you from New Zealand. Couldnt be without my Tomtom Go720 it performs well. Im now searching the market for a mounting cradle for use in my vehicle which will also charge the unit.. is there one available which is not unlike the one in which is provided with the unit which plugs into the usb for updates etc. Just seems that all the in car mounts available require the charging lead to be plugged into the base of the unit. Grateful for any help on this. Thankyou Scott

    Scott - November 5th, 2009
  5. I am having problems connecting my TOMTOMGO 720 to play through the radio when connecting to my ipod. I choose all the options and sync the frequency yet it continues to play via the internal speaker. It used to work before.

    Alana - November 23rd, 2009
    • Are you using the TomTom iPod connect cable, or a simple patch cable?

      Tim - November 25th, 2009
      • I accidentally changed the language to German and I want to put it back to the factory setting and in English. I bought it at a pawn shop and did not get a manual. It also has photos on there and I want them off of it. Please someone help me.

        Levi - December 23rd, 2010
  6. Hi Mr Tim :-)No, really I do have a 720(UK).

    I have just stumbled across this forum which I find very informative and in places entertaining. It is obvious that you put in a lot of work and have the patience of a saint.

    I have several GPS devices and agree with you that all of them have errors either in the programming or the data. Even so I would not be without one. If I had to choose only one device I would pick a Tomtom as it most closely fits my needs. I think the clue to getting the best from a device is a little understanding of the limitations and reading through forums like this one.

    Many thanks for all your efforts and especially for the 720 to 730 upgrade information which I am about to try.


    Ron Gregory - November 30th, 2009
  7. Immediately to follow are the my overall review followed by more dtails:
    Overall, this product features are pointing in the right direction…but as the old saying goes it all comes with a hefty high tag. Yes you get an updatable (not map share:it does not work) GPS that will cost you $11.95 to update per quarter. To get traffic information you will have to spend on the antenna ($130) and annually thereafter $60 subscription fee. With this product you get Bluetooth capabilities, but according to some postings it works with certain phones and not with others.
    Considering all the pros and the cons I would have to reconsider if I were to make this purchasing decision again, would I buy it? Would I buy a $300 updatable(not sure how recent TT updates are because I haven’t purchase one) GPS or instead purchase every 3 to 4 years one that cost $100 that’s already updated… but then again how often do you really need an up to date GPS to get you somewhere close to a new unmapped location… and now-a-days you have these broadband phones that will almost do anything for you. You decide.

    I bought this GPS because you could add music to an SD card and play it wirelessly through your car speaker. I was very disappointed with the static I got, because listening to music this way is unbearable, it does not work as it should. Another feature I liked about TT is the RDS radio transmitter traffic information service one can get by purchasing the antenna cable, which sells separately for $130.00 and which I got. I thought by just making this one time purchase I could enjoy the benefit of getting traffic information for free, but this was not to be, because after one year an annually thereafter it cost an additional fee to continue to use this feature. For the life of me I cannot understand why this service isn’t free, because the silent radio signal that is sent to the GPS is generated by the government emergency service centers by passive FM radio signal frequency. So why isn’t TT content with making some money by selling the antenna separately as they do, but also wants to make more money annually to continue to get this benefit? Personally, I think spending $60 annually to get this service is too much considering I only use my GPS very sporadically to get around, so at best I think I would hook up this antenna maybe once or twice during this period which is not worth it for me.
    Another feature that I liked before I purchased was the mapshare feature where supposedly individual TT owners could add a new location or street to there map and then share with the rest of us who need this new street on there device, sincerely folks this is blatantly not true. I have yet to receive an update for a knowingly previous street I have added myself, so you can rest assured that this feature is merely a smoke screen for the benefit of there PR machine. Even worse yet, I bought my TT a year ago and there are areas in my neighborhood that’s been here for 6 + years and not on my GPS.

    Concerning the GPS itself on a recent trip to Florida the GPS was slow giving instructions. Sometimes it would tell me to turn right when I should have turned left or when I needed to make a u turn it would make me go in circles confused, sometimes it would tell me to make the next “R” or “L” turn and would say the street name only to be wrong. This has happened many, many times and personally I think whoever wrote the interactive software for the program and the satellite in space missed writing a few important commands. I have to say lately it’s been working much better in this regard…but before you decide to buy asked others if they have had this problem recently.

    Another point of contention is the numerous menu options and sub-menu options which makes operating the device very confusing. I do not have any advice how to remedy this, but I’m sure there is one. Even after a year of familiarity with it, at time it is still difficult to navigate the menus and submenus.
    As far as the battery is concerned I have yet to get 2 continuous hours from the battery if I get one I would considered that a lot.

    Another thing I am disappointed with is the lack point of interest offered. For example, for gas station you’ll have no problem finding EXXON or Chevron compared to Citgo, Wilco or Hess and this pattern follows in many other areas of interest too.

    I definitely love the security password protection offered and the Bluetooth feature, even though I have no cell phone right now, this feature will definitely come in handy when I need it… but I’ve read different reviews which states that certain phones with this feature wouldn’t work with TT… another questions to ask if this is important to you right now.

    Joseph - December 8th, 2009
    • Hi Joseph, a few points-

      The traffic antenna now costs $60 and includes a one year subscription, it is no longer $130 plus subscription.

      While FM radio is “free”, traffic data is not. The data is aggregated and distributed by private companies, not the government. If nobody was paying for the data, there would be no data. In this case of that particular receiver, the data is being aggregated and sent out by the Clear Channel Total Traffic Network.

      If you want to purchase a single map update the cost is $90, not $100. Or you can purchase just the USA map for $80.

      The FM transmitter for playing music wirelessly does stink. Unfortunately the FCC regulates how powerful the transmitter can be, and they are typically weak. If you live in a rural area with lots of open frequencies it works better. Also it can work better or worse depending on the location of the antenna in your car in relation to the GPS. But in general– I agree, the feature stinks.

      MapShare isn’t a smoke screen, see MapShare In Action— though it doesn’t work as many people assume it might. You can correct and share certain street features such as turn restrictions. As far as new roads goes, you can report the issue, but you cannot actually build the new road. The mapping companies collect up to around 200 parameters about each road segment so they have to go drive the road before adding it. So by the time the mapping company drives the road, adds it to their database, sells the updated map to the GPS company, and you purchase and install a map the process can take many months at best, a year or a couple of years in many cases.

      The “satellite(s) in space” only broadcast the current time, from which the GPS figures out its latitude and longitude. After that the GPS processes everything internally. No map data, driving directions, etc comes from the satellites.

      As far as battery life, they claim “up to 5 hours”. When mine was new I’d consistently get 3.5 – 4.5 hours or so. Now that it is older it is getting about 2 – 2.5 hours. But if the screen brightness is set high, you are using bluetooth, and you are using the FM transmitter, and you are using the traffic receiver– then I wouldn’t expect any more than 2 hours at best.

      You can check for a list of compatible Bluetooth phones here:

      Tim - December 9th, 2009
      • Re: Paying for RDS service. If RDS isn’t free, then how is it that I get it on my am/fm radio in my pickup for free?
        Re: MapShare. I’ve had my TT720 since 10/2007 and TomTom still hasn’t seen fit to correct the backwards numbering that they’ve put on the road that I live on, despite my having submitted numerous correction requests ever since purchasing the unit. there are also roads in my area that have been in existence for years that TomTom’s map provider still doesn’t know exist. I made the mistake of wasting my money on their “map update service” last year only to have none of these issues corrected. a few months ago Sams Club had one of TT’s new 5″ models on display, so just for the heck of it I entered my home address and, lo and behold, there was the same backward numbering and missing local roads. TT’s support gave me the same excuses as to why the maps weren’t corrected also. Additionally, when you spend your hard earned money on their “map update service”, they don’t even guarantee the accuracy of the maps, so what good are they?
        Bottom line is that TomTom is good at taking your money and making excuses, but not worth a hoot at standing behind their products and services. Before I spend another red cent on updates, I’ll just trash this unit and buy a different brand. Heck, after a little over 2 1/2 years, the battery only lasts about 7 minutes now, anyway.

        Al - July 11th, 2010
  8. Hi- I recevied a Tom Tom 720 last Xmas. It stopped receiving GPS signals on 1-18-10. I spent 2 hours troubleshooting with Tom Tom and was finally told to throw it away as there was nothing they could do. They also advised that the warranty was one year and they would not make an exception. What is the normal life of a GPS? Any suggestions on an alternative brand since I will never purchase a Tom Tom product again. Thanks!

    Milena - February 2nd, 2010
    • If you are on Twitter, I’d suggest a few Tweets about your unhappy experience. Companies are watching Twitter closely and jump, I mean jump, to put out any negative publicity.

      Blake Discher - February 2nd, 2010
    • my tomtom 720 can’t get a signal either and it’s about as old as yours. very disappointing. I wouldn’t buy a tomtom again.

      Brynn - June 29th, 2010
  9. Can anybody tell me how to add any address in my favourite list. thanks

    Norman - February 18th, 2010
  10. Hello Gurus! Great website!

    I’m thinking of getting the TT720 and I was wondering if it’s still possible to upgrade it to a 730 as described in earlier (old) post? iow, the post I’ve read above are dated 2008, so did TT fix their sw so that it’s no longer possible to make the upgrade from 720 to a 730 or is it still possible?

    Also I have a few questions abt the 720
    1. Can someone plz confirm if the 720 has the option to view your route in text (turn by turn) as does the 130s?

    2. From earlier posts, I can see that the 720 does have mlti-destination and via feature. Please confirm if it also optimizes a trip say of 5 or 6 stops. I’m a Realtor and it is helpful to optimize trips when showing properties.

    Thanks in advance!

    Paul - March 31st, 2010
    • Yes, the upgrade is still possible. Yes, you can view a text display of the route. No, it does not have route optimization.

      Tim - March 31st, 2010
  11. thanks for your swift response! if you were in my shoes would u get a refurb xl340 for around $90 or a new 720 for $135. thx

    Paul - March 31st, 2010
    • I’d go for the XL 340 so long as it is the XL 340s.

      Tim - March 31st, 2010
      • Done! I got the XL340S…Thanks Tim!

        Paul - March 31st, 2010
  12. I’ve had my 720 for 6-7 months now, works well.

    However I have a problem with “Susan” you know the voice in the box. She stutters a lot to the point that I can’t really understand her. Doesn’t happen all the time. I have to depend on the display for road names and directions. Any suggestions?

    Tom Jenkins - April 28th, 2010
    • Tom, make sure you are running the latest version of the application for your device. You can update it through the TomTom HOME application. Stuttering was a known issue quite awhile back but was fixed in an application update.

      Tim - April 28th, 2010
      • Tim, I’m impressed! You must have been sitting there waiting for me!

        After posting, I checked the older comments, guess I should have started there.

        Thanks, I’ll try it.

        Tom - April 28th, 2010
  13. Can I set the datum to NAD27 and UTM for use with the TOPO map?

    Paul Alladin - April 28th, 2010
  14. I have a Tom Tom 720 and have been very happy with it. Up until yesterday. It seems that the touch screen now only recognizes the buttons below where you are touching. Which basically renders the top row useless because it always highlights the one below. Since the top row contains Navigate to, this is a problem.

    Has it died on me or is there a fix to this problem?

    Mary - May 1st, 2010
    • If you don’t get an answer here you might want to ask in our forums– I seem to recall a few people talking about it with a possible solution.

      Tim - May 1st, 2010
      • Same problem I have plus other items numerous to mention. Spent hours on the phone with CS trying to get it back on line. We tried everything and it was decided by Tom Tom that the device was dead. They also said they had no repair facility in the US. I had just bought the map updates for $70 and now can’t use it. Tom Tom says their poicy on sales are non refundable.

        I will never buy a Tom Tom product again. A pox on them!

        James - September 28th, 2010
  15. I’ve had a 720 for a few years (probably Dec 2007) so it is well out of warranty. At $400 it was definitely high nd when I got it. Slowly the battery life has been fading and I also noticed the cable and dock fit into the unit got a bit loose so I can;t charge it without jiggling the cable. The BIG disappointment is there is no way to repair it or repace the battery or charger connection. I now have to drop another cople of hundered on a new one, and so far I can’t transfer the international maps I bought to a new unit. Not conducive to buying another TomTom me thinketh…

    neil nr8209 - May 22nd, 2010
    • You may want to contact TomTom and see if they will let you transfer the map to a new device. They will likely have to issue a new license code for it. But what you describe (no repairs out of warranty, not being able to transfer maps) is just about the same at all of the major GPS companies.

      Tim - May 22nd, 2010
  16. I have a TomTom Go 720. The first time I tried to use it, it worked great for about 30 miles, then the text suddenly came up Danish yet the voice spoke English. Now I cant get the text to display English. Anyone know whats wrong here?

    Bruce Spencer - May 23rd, 2010
  17. how do I program in to navigate by long. / lat. on a tom tom 730?

    James - May 25th, 2010
    • I figured out what I was doing wrong. When I put in the numbers I forgot to add the (deg.)symbol. Therefore it was not being acknowledged as a valid entry.

      James - May 27th, 2010
  18. I have been backwards and forwards with Tom Tom on this. They cannot (will not?) honour the expensive extra map I bought for my now defunct unit. They generously offered to sell me another unit AND map – what do you guys think? Correct – they can eat my shorts. Never again will I hand over money to them. TomTom and all they stand for sucks. If the other GPS companies are the same then they suck too. In this environmentally aware world it is no longer a throw away society like they think. I’ll use my phone for GPS instead until one of them changes their attitude.

    neil - June 2nd, 2010
  19. I have TT720. Before I had Nextar. I like my new device, however there are some features I’m missing from Nextar and would love to have on TT:

    1. What I’m missing the most is that Nextar could tell me if a destination is on the left on right side of the road. Don’t understand why this basic feature is not implemented on TT.

    2. I could setup default province and them enter an address starting with street name, not city. It was very convenient, especially if you live Toronto.

    3. Nextar produces a bing sound when it’s time to make a turn. It makes it noticeable and if you missed it you know right away. Voice is lost, because all instructions are done by voice.

    4. Nextar could tell me if I’m diving above speed limit by beeping. Of course it’s not accurate all the times, but nevertheless very convenient.

    This is my feedback to improve the product.

    Yevgeniy - June 11th, 2010
    • The TomTom can show you which side of the road the destination is on most of the time, see TomTom Destination Left / Right FMI. Depending on the map and application version speed limits and warnings are also available, but you need a more recent map and application than what likely shipped on the GPS.

      Tim - June 11th, 2010
      • Thank you Tim for quick response, but when I was talking about left and right I meant to pronounce it. If it’s pronounced there is no need to look at GPS to find out. Safety.


        Yevgeniy - June 11th, 2010
  20. I am looking to find where I can purchase the plastic disc for my tom tom mounting device

    John Poropat - June 26th, 2010
    • You can purchase mounting discs from any of the numerous online gps dealers. you could probably find them at Best buy, as well, but you’ll pay a lot more for them.

      Al - July 11th, 2010
  21. hi
    bought a tom tom 720 on holidays in 2007 and about a month ago it froze cant get it to reset. i sent it away to the company to get fixed and am still waiting for a reply and a costing, i suoppose i am just wondering if it is a good device or is it a bit outdated and if so is it worth spending money on. if the answer to the question is no what then should i upgrade to?

    richie 20th july 2010

    richard bell - July 20th, 2010
  22. Am looking for model that I can DL preplanned routes. Presently have a Quest2.

    August - September 10th, 2010
  23. I have had mine for two years and it now needs to be powered by the adapter or it turns of. I just called tomtom to ask about this and was told it does not charge while it is in use so I will need to remove it from my car and us a USB cable to charge it……….WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT so after two years the battery is not able to hold a charge for more than two minutes without turning the power of and recharging the battery. I WILL NEVER BY OR RECOMMEND A TOMTOM TO ANYONE EVER!
    I was also told we don’t replace battery’s it would cost more than you paid for your device.

    Gregg - September 22nd, 2010
    • It sounds like you’ve had a battery failure. I don’t agree with what they said about charging it via USB… I think you’ve just had a battery failure. The cost to replace the battery might be more than the device is worth at this time.

      Tim - September 22nd, 2010
      • Very easy to replace battery, there is a very detailed video on u-tube. Battery cost me $ 21.00 (various Cdn & US internet suppliers) and took all of 15 minutes

        Tony - December 23rd, 2010
    • paste the following in your browser address box. It tells the whole story about how I replaced the battery in my 720 with excellent results. The battery cost me a total of $16 and takes 30 – 45 minutes (working carefully) to do the job.

      Jim B.


      Jim - September 22nd, 2010
  24. Hello, I have a Tom Tom 720. Have been pretty happy with it. Does anyone know if it has the ability to show you “distance travelled”? Everything seems to focus on where you are going, and not how far you have been. Thanks so much.

    Jeff H. - September 26th, 2010
  25. The TomTom GO 720 is the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned.
    Worked fantastically well for nearly a year, then started having all sorts of problems. Nearly every time I updated it, I lost some sort of functionality, making it essentially useless.

    Kent - November 25th, 2010
  26. THANK YOU. You have helped me get out of the dog house, when you gave me direction to change my display back to english.
    Again thank you.
    Richard C.

    Richard C - November 28th, 2010
  27. I used mine for about a year. I have been unable to download the updated Australian map which cost me $80.I was tols that my hard disk is faulty. Cost to repair $130.

    I have asked for my $80 to be returned. Price of a new Go 720 is $140. Why pay $210 to repair and have a new map?

    Tomtom should withdraw it from the market.

    George - January 18th, 2011
    • Before trashing the unit you might want to try doing a soft reset. might help, might not, but it can’t hurt to try. First, using a pin or straightened paper clip, push and hold the reset button on the bottom of the unit for 15 seconds, and then push and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Hope this helps.

      Al - January 19th, 2011
  28. My grandson hooks up my Tom Tom 720 to the computer to see if there were a newer map update. After it was copleted it now comes on with the street of GU that I think is the US territory and Island of Guam. How do I get it back to the good old USA map. Please help me as I don;t live or drive in Guam. Thanks now for any help anyone can give me to get it back to a AMERICA MAP.

    Ernest - April 6th, 2011
    • Ernest, just re-enter your home location and allow your GPS to access a Satalite signal. that should return you to your USA map. Maurice.

      Maurice - April 7th, 2011
  29. I have had my 720 for at least nine years and have never had a moments trouble with it.If you keep it up to date with tom and get your maps updated also quick fix it should last you a life time so I do not know where all your problems come from.
    I bought my daughter an XL and this one was returned to tomtom and they exchanged for a 720 and she is thrilled to bits with it and travels all over the country with no problems at all

    BERNARD - June 20th, 2011
  30. This GPS had nice features on paper… and at first, I was keen on Tom Tom’s layout, that displayed more info on the main screen than Garmin’s or Magellan’s …

    But the features didn’t really measure up to the hype once put to the test in everyday use ; IQ routes don’t really have any visible effect on the courses it plots… sending you right into the heart of daily traffic gridlock time and again… (I’m in Montreal so there has to be at least a few people that own Tom Tom’s and could have added to the IQ route technology … Enough to know the Metropolitan boulevard is to be avoided at all costs… No??)

    Plus the other gizmo’s, such as FM transmitter… They work, but only give you the equivalent of a.m. / static laced sound…

    Another shortcoming was the difficulty to scroll ahead on the map…. Garmin allows you to touch and move ahead in 2d map view… Tom Tom requires you to go through many steps to do the same…

    Then the length of time required to find satellites… Horrible : 4 minutes was regular…

    I even downplayed the time I was going to a hospital with a friend who’s son was not feeling well at all… I thought I knew where to turn, but decided to trust my Tom Tom and follow it’s directions… Only to end up on the wrong side of a dead end street in St-Jerome (a street that judging from appearances, must have had the same configuration for at least the last 10 years … thus not due to a recent change) The maps simply did not seem up to date, and this regardless of the fact that they were supposed to be up to date. OK it turned out not to be that urgent, but I can imagine how such a blunder could have major consequences…

    But the killer, was the lack of service and just plain indifference of Tom Tom’s customer support… One detail that had initially seemed just ”slightly annoying” was the suction cup mounting… It was always falling off… Even though the windows were cleaned regularly it just would not stick…. (I had never had this problem when borrowing my dad’s Garmin.) But about 10 months after buying my Go720 I go through the ritual of picking it off the car’s floor, and was astonished to see the screen had cracked (star shaped fracture) It must have hit either the hand brake lever, or the speed shifter… I never even thought that a fall from such a small height, as off the dash to the floor could cause it to break… Anyway the unit’s toast / useless…

    I call Tom Tom after reading numerous reviews commenting on the poor quality of the mounting bracket / units falling to the floor etc… As well as Tom Tom’s subsequent change to try and improve they’re design flaw.

    I was hoping they would either fix it / exchange it for a refurbished unit… I don’t know… Something : They’re only proposition… Would you like to shell out another +/- 400$ to buy a new one ? (normal price at that time….) After only 10 months use, with one free map upgrade left, I end up with a useless GPS, and they were not willing to do squat…

    NEVER NEVER NEVER will I be suckered into dealing with a company that has NO respect for it’s clients… I bought the product, they make a poor design and because of it I’m out in the cold, and they honestly expect me to just go out and buy another one from them ?!?

    I just bought a new Garmin unit… In a few years I predict Tom Tom will be out of business, and guess what… They deserve no less…

    Score : Unit as such 4 / 10
    Satisfaction 0 / 10
    Telling Tom Tom to stick it… Priceless !!

    Michel - June 22nd, 2011
    • I have to agree with you on virtually all the problems you’ve experienced, except for the screen breaking. considering the number of time mine has fallen, I guess I’ve just been lucky. As to the supposed “map updates”, well, let’s just say they’ve been underwhelming at best. I made the mistake of throwing good money after bad in purchasing their “map updates” just one time and will not do it again. The supposedly updated map was still missing roads in my area that have been in existence for years, and numerous roads that were numbered backwards (including the one I live on) that were never corrected. I’ve sent literally dozens of corrections for my home address through TT Home, only to have them totally ignored. When I contacted c.s., their response (numerous times) was that it’s their map providers fault, not theirs, so tough beans. The way I see it is that if they’re (TomTom) going to SELL the maps, then THEY’RE responsible for their accuracy. One more issue that I had with my 720 early on was the almost non-existent battery life. I purchased my unit brand new, and within the first month the battery would last all of 10 minutes, and within 6 months was down to 5. When I called TomTom on this, guess what? They don’t stand behind their batteries either, but, for a small fortune, I could send it back to them to get the battery replaced. Finally, a few months ago, I just bought a new battery on line and replaced it myself for FAR less. as for the maps, when TomTom disavowed any liability for their inaccurate maps, I told them that before I sent them one more red cent, I’d just trash the 720 and buy a new Garmin.

      Al - June 23rd, 2011
  31. I am like Bernard, I have had my GO 720 for years and have had none of the problems that Michel and Al have experienced. It seems that some of you people need to learn how to use your units instead of blaming Tom Tom for your problems. I have used Garmin units in Europe when visiting my son and the Garmin is not in the same league as the Tom Tom. Michel I mount my unit on the dash and it has not fallen off not even once, it is surely your responsibility to ensure the mount is secure before driving. A users incompetence is not the responsibility of Tom Tom.

    Maurice - June 23rd, 2011
    • Must be wonderful to be you and not incompetent boobs as you seem to think the rest of us are. Just because our units have been less than satisfactory does not mean that we don’t know how to use them. I’ve not been to Europe to see how wonderful TomToms perform, but since I live and use mine here in the U.S.and the map updates and off base routing are a problem here, your opinion is just that, your opinion. Fact is, the TomTom mounts have been a problem for a long time, and just because YOU haven’t had the problem does not mean that it doesn’t exist.And if you ever do have a problem whereby you need to contact c.s., well, good luck with that. But then again, you’re so much smarter than the rest of us that I’m sure you’ll be able to fix it yourself, Mr.Pompous. p.s. and their map updates do stink.

      Al - June 23rd, 2011
      • Opinions about the device, positive and negative, are welcome. However name-calling is not. Let’s keep the discussion civil, productive, and helpful to others.

        Tim - June 23rd, 2011
  32. Al, I use my Tom Tom here in North America all the time as this is where I live and I drive all over Canada and the U.S. If you don’t like the route it plans all you have to do is is to touch ” find an alternative “. Also it depends on how you have set up your unit for trips, you can choose “fastest rout” “shortest rout” or ” most scenic rout”. The end result is only as good as the input.

    Maurice - June 23rd, 2011
    • I’m fully aware of the routing options, but I have yet to find a “most scenic route” on my 720. TomToms idea of fastest route is always primarily the interstate, regardless of how far out of route it sends you, unless you happen to already know where you are and can have it route you through a town that’s actually along the fastest route, but then what’s the point of the gps? And god help you if you choose the “shortest route ” option. It’ll try to run you down every cow path on earth if it’s shorter. It’s been my experience that using the “find alternative” option only results in it finding an even more out-of-the-way route. since Bernard has had such a wonderful experience with TomToms in Europe, that leads me to believe that Tele Atlas worries far more about European maps than U.S. maps. When it can’t find a road that’s been around for years, but manages to show private driveways along the route, something is drastically wrong with their priorities. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. If TomTom sells the maps but won’t guarantee their accuracy, then there’s no point to wasting money on them, as they obviously already know how unreliable they are. I also talked about the less than stellar c.s. issue. Have you ever seen anyone praising TomToms c.s.? If you haven’t experienced that nightmare, you really should, just for kicks. If you hit them with a real problem, they’ll have you pulling your hair out before they ever solve it.

      Al - June 23rd, 2011
      • Al,if you choose ” avoid unpaved roads ” in your prefrence menu it will not send you down “cow Paths”. It will obviousley rrout you on Interstates when you choose fastest rout as it takes into consideration speed limits and traffic volumes. It was not Bernard who had a wonderful experience with Tom Tom in Europe, I made the comment that I had used Garmin in Europe and it was not in the same league as Tom Tom. I use Tom Tom map updates and I find them to be accurate. I have also used Tom Tom customer service without any problems, in fact I had a battery problem with my first unit after 10 months and they replaced it without any fuss, I had the new unit within one week of returning the faulty one.

        Maurice - June 24th, 2011
  33. Well I’ll try to respect Tim’s wishes. But I must agree with Al’s point of view.

    I’m glad Maurice that you did not have mounting problems… None the less, perhaps you acquired a newer version that had worked some of the bugs out / Or maybe the inclination of your vehicle’s wind-shield is better adapted to Tom Tom’s lousy suction cups / or the weather in your area is less variable, and therefore does not loosen as easily.

    But the fact is : You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to stick a suction cup on a wind-shield (So I think I managed that ok… thank you kindly) And many people have had the same problem I noted; And Tom Tom’s service is almost as inconsiderate as… (well I’ll cut my comment here in order to respect Tim’s request…)

    Michel - June 23rd, 2011
  34. Michel, I live in in Ontario so our weather is just as variable as yours in Montreal but that being said it has no bearing on the issue with reference to my use. If you reread my post I do say that I mount my unit on the dash and not on my windsheild. From an engineering point of view the dash is the most logical place to mount a suction cup device as the weight of the unit presses down on the suction cup instead of hanging from it and trying to pull away and also is not subjected to such varying temperature changes.Also it does not impede ones viion as aunit mounted on the widsheild which is illegal in some states in the U.S.

    Maurice - June 23rd, 2011
  35. Well, Maurice, I don’t know where you’re finding all these different routing options (re:avoid unpaved roads, most scenic route), but those options are non-existent on my 720. I would have thought that if TomTom had included these as updates through TomTom Home that I’d have them on my unit as I’m constantly getting updates through there. Then again, given the way they take care of their maps, maybe not.

    Al - June 24th, 2011
  36. I thought I’d offer a few points.

    • In the past TomTom purchased most of their maps from Tele Atlas which was a separate company. Since the time that TomTom discontinued the 720, TomTom has purchased Tele Atlas (the company, not just licensing their maps) so the two are very tightly integrated.

    • The best way to correct a GPS map error is to report it directly to Tele Atlas at http://mapinsight.teleatlas.com/ Virtually every report I’ve submitted has been fixed, though sometimes it takes several months. (And then you’ve still got to wait longer for the next map release you can install.

    • Most application versions do have an option/preference to avoid paved roads, however I’ve never seen a “scenic” option for the 720.

    • The TomTom mounts I have used have worked perfectly most of the time. I think once or twice in extreme heat I’ve seen it fall off while the car was parked.

    • Every GPS on the market will have map errors and will route in very strange ways from time to time. For example see this thread about the Garmin Nuvi’s routing issues. Over 600 replies to the thread and 45,000 views.

    • Generally speaking, after using hundreds of GPS devices over the years I’ve found TomTom devices, especially the newest ones with IQ Routes, to pick routes a little bit better than the competition. There are always areas/regions where there are exceptions. Map quality overall is about on par, perhaps a tiny bit behind the competition.

    • TomTom’s customer service used to be very poor– and Garmin’s quite good. However in the past couple of years wait times to talk to Garmin have increased quite a bit and TomTom’s quality of service has improved. You can expect at times to get very good, or sometimes poor service from both.

    • Keep in mind that this GPS is four years old. Navigation software, maps, and hardware have made huge improvements (from all GPS companies) over these boom years. Even with map updates you are not getting the exact same routing experience as you would with newer models.

    Tim - June 24th, 2011
    • So basically I was right about not wasting any more money on TomTom map updates. it would be a better idea,I MHO, to just add a few more $ and upgrade to a unit with lifetime free map updates. Of course, the question that begs to be asked regarding the free map updates is why doesn’t TomTom simply give all owners free updates, especially as they now own TeleAtlas? Guess I really already know the answer to that. Corporate greed.

      Al - June 24th, 2011
      • I wouldn’t say that it is corporate greed. It costs quite a bit of money to map the roads. When they find new roads or people report new roads they need to send mapping vehicles out to the location which collect around 200 different parameters about each road segment. With the high cost of fuel and the labor intensive nature of mapping, the costs are huge and they need to be passed along. The “free” map updates that come with the newer GPS devices just have the “costs” built in.

        Tim - June 24th, 2011
  37. <<>>

    Who’s being greedy when you want lifetime updates for free?

    Roger - June 24th, 2011
  38. Al,Sorry please accept my apologies I was wrong when I said there was a scenic rout option, I was confusing my Tom Tom with another programme I have on my computer. As far as avoiding unpaved roads click “change preferences”scroll to ” planning preferences” and then go through the various options till you reach ” how do you want to handle unpaved roads” and you will be offered three options ” Ask me when there are unpaved roads on my rout” ” Always avoid unpaved roads” and last ” Never avoid unpaved roads

    Maurice - June 24th, 2011
  39. In response to Tim regarding the costs of the “free” map updates being built into the cost of buying the unit, I agree up to a point. That point is that they can only add just so much to the purchase price of the unit or they’d never sell any. And the price of the units has dropped considerably (depending, of course, on model) from what I paid 4 years ago. When you consider what you’re paying TomTom for map updates, it doesn’t take more that a couple years worth of updates before you’ve exceeded the cost of a new unit. Which leads me to Rogers comment about me being the greedy one. I paid a lot more for my 720 4 years ago, which ultimately means that TomTom was making more profit per unit 4 years ago than they are making on the units they’re selling today with the lifetime free map updates at lower prices. Consequently, I don’t think I’m being greedy at all, especially since I already paid for a year of updates 2 years ago when they cots a lot more than they do today. And one last note to Maurice. My 720 doesn’t have any sort of “planning preferences” other than “avoid toll roads” in the “change preferences” files. I’m beginning to think that TomTom gypped me on the software in my 720.

    Al - June 24th, 2011
    • Al, on the left hand side of the ‘Toll road preferences” icon is a ‘Planning preferences” icon.

      Maurice - June 26th, 2011
      • Well, I finally found it, Maurice. Thanks. I now have it set to notify me of any dirt roads. They sure have that buried in there, don’t they? I was really beginning to believe that you had some features that I didn’t.

        Al - June 26th, 2011
  40. Dont buy a Tom Tom. They don’t have a means of repairing any device. If its over the first year warranty, it becomes disposabe. I spoke with a supervisor at customer support about the situation and he would not even give me an address or his last name for me to write to someone about it. I spent $399 and now have to throw it away. The top of the screen cannot be accessed. They don’t have a service/repair department (I didn’t expect it to be fixed for free, I would pay for any repairs). Terrible customer service.

    Kenneth - October 7th, 2011
  41. @Kenneth… are you joking? The 720 is O-L-D technology and slow. The cost to repair your unit would be likely very close to what you could get a newer, more up to date unit. What they didn’t tell you that they should have is the phrase, “Uneconomical to repair.” That’s used in the camera industry frequently. What it means is that the cost to repair would likely exceed the cost of a new camera. Your expecting them to maintain parts for a several-year-old model is unreasonable in the fast moving world of electronics. YMMV.

    Blake - October 11th, 2011
    • Blake… I agree the 720 is not new… this being said, it’s not the cheapest model, and you can buy a bloody television that’s going to be obsolete as soon as you open the box, it will still be serviceable 2 – 3 years down the road… The fact is every 6 months they discontinue one model to put out a newer number, then claim it’S too old… The chip sets in most are similar if not the same, and as most of there problems are screen related, that technology has not undergone major breakthroughs… Bottom line, where most competitors (Garmin / Magellan…) are in the same business, have the same pace to keep up with newer models… THEY manage to keep spare parts and have some sort of customer satisfaction policy that Tom Tom has never managed to figure out, because Tom Tom does not care… There strategy seems to be : Sell the suckers one unit then move on… And all companies that adopt such a policy eventually go out of business… Here’s hoping they will very soon!!

      Michel - October 11th, 2011
      • Regarding the slow comment that Blake made regarding the 720. If you are doing regular updates thru TomTom Home, you’d be getting QuickGPS Fix, which, if I understood correctly, is supposed to fine tune the unit to allow for faster and more accurate acquisition of the satellite signals. If there’s one thing I’ve not had a problem with, it’s the speed of signal acquisition and location accuracy. Now the map database accuracy is another story entirely. Regarding parts availability. Best place to look is ebay. Occasionally someone will be selling scavenged parts on there. If you do buy a part on there, just make sure that you pay through PayPal, so that if the part is defective, you’ll have recourse through them to get a refund.

        Al - October 12th, 2011
  42. I am trying to delete all info in the Jukebox, as my elderly parents don’t want Horton Hears a Who read to them while they drive!!
    I cannot find anywhere instructions on how to disable the jukebox or at least delete the songs/stories on it.
    Trying to sort them out before they head off in the morning.


    Jo - October 17th, 2011
  43. I will not buy another tom tom ….. Call the US Corp office in Mass 978-287-9595 and you only get a answering machine..What’s gives???? I called the customer service dept and was lucky to have someone who speaks English… It only took 4 times…I need to have the unit repaired and they [customer service] said they do not repair any device out of warranty.. ‘Toss the old unit and buy a new one” What is with this?

    Thanks for nothing Tom Tom…

    matt - October 24th, 2011

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