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TomTom GO 720


Part serious navigation system, part fun entertainment, the TomTom 720 is a GPS you can personalize to match your style. Don’t like the default voices? Record your own or record your kids our spouse’s. Don’t like the map colors? Switch between many of the color schemes available. Want to change the “blue wedge” that represents you on the map? Change to a different vehicle icon or build your own.

But don’t take all of the fun to mean this isn’t a serious navigation system. The 720 can plan a trip with several destinations all wrapped up in one route, it can be connected to an optional traffic receiver that gets live traffic updates, and if you come across an error in the mapping database you can make map corrections and share those changes with other TomTom users.

606 Responses

  1. Tim, thanks for your answer. I reloaded tomtom home but it didn’t work. I think it is a county specific problem. I understand Tomtom has different product features in different countries. Anyways it is very upsetting that I cannot use this function.

    Caner - November 9th, 2008
  2. While there are some features that differ from country to country, I’d expect that feature should work everywhere. I’d contact TomTom support.

    Tim - November 9th, 2008
  3. If I were to buy the tomtom 720 is there anyway I can add to the POI’s already loaded onto the unit?

    Nathan - November 20th, 2008
  4. Yes, you can use the TomTom HOME program to load more as well as several third party sites. Or build your own.

    Tim - November 20th, 2008
  5. Thanks tim, big help as always.

    Nathan - November 21st, 2008
  6. Tim,

    Like most I’ve been doing a lot of reading. A friend let me use his Magellan Maestro 4000 and I really liked it. One of the functions I really liked was that the Magellan “beeped” before turns, ect. Do any other units have this feature?

    All things being equal of the TT Go 720, Nuvi 750, or Magellan 4250 which would you choose?

    Jerry - November 23rd, 2008
  7. Jerry – Most devices will speak before turns. I find that much more informative and actionable rather than just a beep.

    Tim - November 23rd, 2008
  8. Hi Tim,
    I seem to have a problem with my 720. I’m using computer voice and I’ve tried few of them. TTS is always speaks street names unclearly, missing letters, words, breaking up badly. It’s not a speaker problem because it speaks fine for a phone. Is there a patch for TTS?

    Gene - November 23rd, 2008
  9. Gene, which application version are you running? The latest (8.3 I think) is causing lots of voice issues like that. If you upgraded you could roll back to a backup.

    Tim - November 24th, 2008
  10. Tim,
    Got a question similar to Jerry’s. Given a choice between Tom Tom 720 and Garmin 750, which one would you choose and why?

    Hadi - November 24th, 2008
  11. It isn’t that I want to be Switzerland, but the Garmin vs TomTom debate is much like a Pepsi vs Coke debate. It will largely come down to personal preference. Garmin is generally favored by someone who wants something solid, simple, and “just works” out of the box. TomTom is generally favored by people who want more control over the routing options, display options, and more customization. See this anecdote from someone who wentthe Garmin direction and then this article from someone who went the TomTom direction. Both people used both brands.

    Tim - November 24th, 2008
  12. I’m considering buying a refurbished TT 720, but am getting conflicting information on whether it actually has voice recognition or not? Can anyone shed some light?

    colin - November 24th, 2008
  13. Hi Tim,
    Thanks a lot for your response. How do I know what version I use? I think it’s the latest because I keep updating it hoping that a new update would fix the problem. :) How do I back up to the previous version?

    Gene - November 24th, 2008
  14. Colin – Officially it doesn’t, but many ship with it enabled and most people have been able to enable it on devices that didn’t come with it.

    Gene – See this thread: Revert back to 8.01? You might want to join in the conversation there.

    Tim - November 24th, 2008
  15. This is the message I found on another website. I did the same. Will try tomorrow. Tim thanks a lot for your help.

    “Fixed the stuttering problem!


    I called TomTom tech support. They told me to re-install the version 8.3 application by connecting my 720 to my computer and, using TOMTOM Home, click “Add Maps,Traffic, Voices” then go to the last page and click “Items on my computer”.

    Next, click the plus by applications and find the “TomTom application for GO 520/GO720/GO920″ version 8.3. Click more info to find the correct version number. The file size should be 46.4MB. Then set a destination and go drive around and see if it is fixed.

    IT WAS!

    The sluggishness after clicking a menu button is gone to.

    Gene - November 24th, 2008
  16. Colin, I just got a refurbished 720 and mine does have the working voice recognition.

    Joseph - November 25th, 2008
  17. Just uploaded a new street using Map Share but it does not show up on my new 720??? I’m new to the 720 but it all seemed to go ok.

    Joseph - November 25th, 2008
  18. Gene, I know quite a few other people that have tried that without any change in the stuttering. Glad it worked for you.

    Joseph, there are some changes you can make and share on your device and other types of changes you can only report. Missing streets can only be reported as you would not be able to gather enough data about the street to meet their requirements to add it directly to someone’s device.

    Tim - November 25th, 2008
  19. Thanks for the response about Map Share. I thought you could upload a gps position such as a new street. Guess that is for upgrading the next TT map.

    Joseph - November 25th, 2008
  20. Just bought the Tom Tom 720, my first GPS, so I apologize if my question is stupid… Driving to work to test it, I drove a different way then it sent me. The map updated immediately, but the TTS no longer gave me voice commands. Do I need to do something when I take a different route, or is is possible that there is a problem with the unit? Thanks!

    Nancy - November 26th, 2008
  21. Nancy, I haven’t heard of that issue before. I’d contact TomTom support.

    Tim - November 26th, 2008
  22. I’m considering buying a Tom Tom Go 720. Are rest stops/areas shown on calculated routes (similar to AAA trip tiks)?

    James - November 27th, 2008
  23. James, Yes, Rest Areas can be displayed on the map.

    Tim - November 29th, 2008
  24. I was told the tom tom go 720 shows the speed limit for the road you are on plus how fast you are going. I can’t get the speed limit to show on my tom tom. Can it be done or was I misinformed?

    Bill - November 30th, 2008
  25. Bill, it depends on your map version (and application version). Some of the most recent maps include that information, but many of the slightly older maps do not.

    Tim - November 30th, 2008
  26. Is there a way for me to update my map so I can have the speed limit shown

    Bill - November 30th, 2008
  27. You can purchase an update from TomTom HOME (tomtom.com/home). Make sure you have the latest application version for your device first, or you might not get offered the most recent map. If you have questions, check in our TomTom GO Forums.

    Tim - November 30th, 2008
  28. I’m having the same problem as some others with the voice commands being “choppy” or “Stuttering”. This all started with the latest applicatio update. It seems to happen most when the device tries to pronounce a street name. Does anyone know of any solutions that may have been posted? I’ve tried re-installing v.8.3 of the application as well as resetting the device, purchasing a new map and installing the clearflash program provided by TomTom support. I’m at my wits end.

    Rob - December 1st, 2008
  29. Rob see comments #408 and #409. Rolling back to the previous application version will fix the issue.

    Tim - December 1st, 2008
  30. I read many of the posts here including Larry’s. Remember, Larry put the 720 down and later purchased one and posted how pleased he is.

    My problem is somewhat different. Yes, I believe that I should purchased a GPS! Yes, I believe I should purchase one of the better TomTom units.

    Should be a simple decision, right? Wrong! I am hung up on which to purchase, a 720 or the 730. Locally I can purchase a 720 for about $160 where as the 730 is in the $300 neighborhood. OK,OK— I understand this is a 720 thread but the two units are so similar we should be able to discuss the diferences between the two products.

    Is the 730 worth the extra money??? I understand the the 730’s software is incompatable with the 720….. that is OK BUT! Has TomTom changed their software so much that what they use in the 730 represents a new industry standard?

    Comments, PLEASE! I am going to purchase something before the year is over. The coming holiday sales should allow me to save money with either purchase. Note, this will be my first GPS.


    Joe - December 2nd, 2008
  31. Joe, it is not true that the 730’s software is incompatible with the 720. You can upgrade to the newer application and map and essentially turn a 720 into a 730.

    Tim - December 2nd, 2008
  32. Tim – you mentioned that, “You can upgrade to the newer application and map and essentially turn a 720 into a 730″ in your previous post. I’m kind of a newbie, but I have a 720 (about 1.5 yrs old now). How would I upgrade it, and how much does that cost?

    Paul - December 3rd, 2008
  33. You can use HOME to get a free application upgrade through the latest versions. Then you would need to pay for a map update as well since you would be outside of the Latest Map Guarantee program. That would probably cost about $120 but you can confirm inside of the HOME application. (tomtom.com/home)

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  34. Tim, that is good news. But if I do the math, it looks like the best path to a 730 is to purchase a 720 currently advertised almost nationally in the $160 range and then spend an additional $120 for a software upgrade.

    I am not sure what direction to follow as I type. I am giving strong thoughts to purchasing the 720 only because I do not see that many additional benefits, atta-boys with the more expensive 730.

    Joe - December 3rd, 2008
  35. Joe – A couple of thoughts. 1) The $160 price is likely a refurb. The “first” devices are likely a little bit more. 2) If you purchased a new 720 now, you would qualify for the Latest Map Guarantee making the $120 map update price go away (for this update) and then the application update is free. 3) In many cases the Latest Map Guarantee doesn’t apply to refurbs.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  36. Tim—

    I cannot speak to the status of the units being sold but I would hope there were not that many “refurbished” units available taht would call in question TomTom’s quality. OK, I put that aside because I am still focused on the 720 family and I will make sure what I purchase is fresh, new and not refurbished.

    Do you know when the free software update expires?



    Joe - December 3rd, 2008
  37. Joe, the Latest Map Guarantee (map update, not application update) is good for 30 days from date of purchase. Every GPS model out there has refurbished devices available. Remember refurbished doesn’t mean “repaired” nor “used”, but rather “open box” or a device that was returned but still working perfectly. Therefore it doesn’t speak to the quality of manufacturing.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  38. Tim–

    Thank you for your PROMPT answers! OK, this is what I have found out since my last post. MOST 720 UNITS IN THE $160 RANGE ARE REFURBISHED!!!. Yes, you’re right, most refurbished units are not necessarily repaired units, they could be units returned by purchasers for any reason. I take back my earlier comment.

    But let me try to get a better understanding of what an upgrade means. See if I have this right. If I purchase a 720 that is NEW and not a refurb’d unit, I have 30 days to use the Home feature for an APPLICATION upgrade along with a free map upgrade to a 730.

    That still sounds like a bargin that I will explore soon.



    Joe - December 3rd, 2008
  39. You’ve almost got it. Application updates are always free. Map updates are free (if a new map is available) within the first 30 days of purchase as part of the Latest Map Guarantee. Refurbished devices can receive the free application updates, but are not always entitled to the Latest Map Guarantee.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  40. I would like to add a couple of comments and questions. First, I bought a refurb 720 from Radio Shack a couple months back. Within the 30 days, sure enough a new map came available. TomTom stood by their map guarantee even though it was a refurb. I just had to provide a proff of purchase to them. I had checked this out with their CS prior to purchase and they confirmed the guarantee and also that it has full warranty. I suggest doing this yourself if you are considering a refurb and get it documented.
    Secondly, regarding the software issue to “essentially make a 720 into a 730″ I don’t quite understand the differences and how to access them. One thing I did notice since the latest map and 720 OS update is that “IQ Routes Disabled” appears at the bottom of my route Summary. I don’t recall ever having seen this prior to update, and I believe this is the key difference in a 730, right?
    Lastly, related to the OS update, I am having the same stutter now as reported by others since updating. How can I get my device “equivalent to the 730″ but also fix the stuttering problem? Almost seems like I can’t have both :-(

    Rob - December 7th, 2008
  41. Rob–

    I called TomTom regarding the 720, specifically questioned them about the risks purchasing a refurbished unit. Their answer was that it was the buyer’s choice which to purchase but TomTom did not differentiate between a so called “new” and the refurbished units.

    Interestingly, their rep advised me to purchase the 730 if I wanted a 730 because there was no way to upgrade the 720 to the higher model. He talked about the differences which include voice recognition in the 730, not the 720.

    OK– later I viewed a 720 demonstration on UTube or so other site where a video describes voice recognition along with how to operate that feature. Called TomTom back and told them about both my conversation with their rep along with the 720 video. Their response was the voice recognition that was in the 720 was deleted in a software upgrade because it had flaws.

    My feeling is the only flaw was that TomTom did not have enough selling points on the 730 to warrant the extra $150 charged for the unit.

    I am holding off until just after Xmas before I make a purchase. OH, I don’t know anything about stuttering but I will check that out prior to purchasing anything.

    Joe - December 7th, 2008
  42. Joe, based on user experiences, both of those things TomTom told you were incorrect. Plenty of people in our forums have purchased a 720 and upgraded it for free to the software and features of the 730, including voice recognition. It takes a little work upgrading, but it worked for them.

    Second, TomTom states on their website that their refurbished devices don’t have the same warranty nor the same map guarantee. They say that on this page:

    Tim - December 7th, 2008
  43. Tim–

    I am not trying to get a controversy started. As of now, I do plan to purchase something, most likely a 730 around Xmas.

    Maybe TomTom has a communications problem causing product descriptions to be interpreted incorrectly. But be that as it may, two people told me there was no way to upgrade a 720 to a 730; both also told me the 720 did not accept voice commands. That one really took me back because I had just finished watching a video explaining the setup.

    If you have a chance tomorrow, give them a call 866.486.6866 and consider sharing their discriptions/product features/limitations with us. There should be no reason for multiple sites giving different product descriptions.

    I want to be clear to whomever reads this post that my intention is to not demean TomTom’s fine products. One of them is on my list to purchase.

    Joe - December 7th, 2008
  44. Joe, no controversy at all. I’m sure TomTom support will tell you that the 720 doesn’t have voice recognition because it wasn’t originally speced with it. Numerous people who have purchased it will tell you however that it sometimes does come with voice recognition enabled, and if it isn’t– it is pretty easy to enable it. Tons of people including myself have done it.

    As to converting it to the other software features the 730 comes with, I’ve done it myself with a 720. Again, I don’t really care what support says. :) I’m sure that isn’t in their script. But as numerous people in our forums can tell you, it can be done.

    Different people might give different specs between what the device might come with out of the box versus what you can update the software to… just as simple as that.

    Tech support departments from any GPS company rarely known what their products are fully capable of aside from the script they are given, TomTom support included.

    Tim - December 7th, 2008
  45. I just got a refurb. 720 and the voice command is working great. No other problems. Can you tell me how I can try and upgrade to the 730 functions?

    Joseph - December 8th, 2008
  46. When I connect my 720 to the computer it always wants to re-install TT Home??? Is this normal?

    Joseph - December 8th, 2008
  47. Maybe someone would be so kind as to post a step-by-step procedure for converting a 723 to a 730. I’ve also heard that there is a firmware upgrade (version 8.2xx) that makes the 720 run perfectly. How is that installed? If this isn’t the place for this, then maybe some links to the methods could be posted.
    Thanks, Jim

    Jim - December 8th, 2008
  48. Joseph & Jim, you can find people discussing how to do that in our TomTom Forums. The simple explanation is that you perform all of the application updates with TomTom HOME, and then use the Latest Map Guarantee to get the latest map. Then your device will be virtually identical to a 730.

    Tim - December 8th, 2008
  49. I’m curious about what you get in the software update on the 720. Does it include the IQ routes and the Advanced lane warning? I really like those options, but I’m not sure they are worth the extra price of the 730, especially if I can get the 720 and upgrade to them.

    John - December 8th, 2008
  50. I’m buying a GPS for my wife as a xmas present. Have narrowed it down between the TomTom 720 and Garmin 265. From what I can tell the TomTom has slightly slicker software and a few more features. My only concern is that I’ve heard a number of people complain about the battery life with this specific model. I also noticed that the Garmin 265 is listed as a “top pick” by the editors of this website while the TomTom is not. Can anyone speak to the battery issue and possibly give me some guidance on which unit to purchase?

    David - December 8th, 2008
  51. David, I’m the Editor of this site and I don’t list “top picks” so I’m not sure what you are looking at.

    Tim - December 8th, 2008
  52. Tim–

    I am going to look around for a 720 rather than search out best pricing for a 730. Before I do that, I need to confirm that the unit can be returned and under what conditions. For example, a big selling feature the 730 has is voice recognition. I would be very happy with the 720 if I can get that feature operational.

    Do you know their return policy? Of course, there will be no return if I do purchase the 720 and get the voice recognition working.

    Joe - December 8th, 2008
  53. Joe, I can’t really speak to the return policy for any individual store or company. You should ask them directly for the most accurate answer.

    Tim - December 8th, 2008
  54. Tim, looking at a 720 to buy. I’m in Turkey for a while and was wondering if you would know of any issues if I bought in the US and then bought the Turkey map upgrade. Thanks.

    Jack - December 10th, 2008
  55. I don’t know of any issues, Jack. But I don’t know if I’ve heard any confirmations from people either.

    Tim - December 10th, 2008
  56. I just bought a Garmin Nuvi 255W, and have liked it, but am disappointed in the TTS performance. Even at 70% volume it sounds distorted. I am interested in trying the Tom Tom 720 and wondered if the screen displays the speed limit for the area you are driving in on the screen while you are driving like the 255w does? Thanks

    chris - December 24th, 2008
  57. I have had one for a couple months now and everything on it is updated. Yesterday on a trip over in the DC area it started giving the speed limit and my speed??? Had not done it before.

    Joseph - December 25th, 2008
  58. Chris, the 720, with a more recent map will display speed limits in areas where it is known. There is not 100% coverage.

    Tim - December 27th, 2008
    • Thanks very much Tim……I think I am going to pick up a 720 and compare the two in my area….

      Chris - December 29th, 2008
  59. Lost like a child in the wilderness. Purchased a TomTom GO720 for my daughter and ended up with a Nuvi 765T, which [deleted] gave me to replace a Nuvi 780, which was out of stock. I read with intense interest your review of the 765T and am concerned about the identification of upcoming streets and the identification of favorties.

    I have $300 to spend, but not sure whether to keep the 765T or not.

    What say?

    Michael - December 29th, 2008
    • We have not reviewed the 765t. What do you mean by “identification of upcoming streets”?

      Tim - December 29th, 2008
  60. The Nokia 6103 is an older phone that shows as being compatible with the TomTom 720, I cannot find my Sprint/Samsung SPH-A640 listed as being compatible even though the Samsung is the newer of the two phones. Any answers out there???

    William - December 30th, 2008
    • The newer phones are less likely to have been tested yet which is why many times newer phones don’t appear on their lists.

      Tim - December 30th, 2008
  61. I was wondering if the 720 pairs with the iPhone? I didn’t see it listed, but by this last port, it may be because it is a new phone? Anyone here tried it with the iPhone?

    Brian - January 5th, 2009
  62. I realized that these maps are very outdates, from 2006 as a matter of fact. I purchased mine at the end of December 2008, and a friend bought the 730 at the same time. Her map was more current. I called TomTom and they are willing to provide an even newer map if they get a copy of your receipt. Call them at 1-866-486-6866

    Chris - January 6th, 2009
    • TomTom releases new map updates every three months. Depending on where it was purchased from and the shelf time, the same model can come with different versions of the map. Thus if your device doesn’t have the latest maps at the time of purchase, or if a new map is released within 30 days of purchase, you are entitled to receive the map update.

      Tim - January 6th, 2009
  63. Read a review where a user had a battery that lasted about a year and found from tech support that it was soldered in a not replaceable. Has anyone else found this to be true or not?

    John - January 7th, 2009
    • The battery is not user replaceable, correct.

      Tim - January 8th, 2009
  64. I have been reading the reviews and trying to decide on the Nuvi 760 or the TT720. I think I’m going to go with the Nuvi 760 mainly because it has the ability to search POI places to eat by cousine. Has anyone else found that the lack of subcategories for the POI’s in the TomTom’s to be a limiting factor? Is there anyway to update the POI’s in the TomTom with subcategories?

    Leo - January 9th, 2009
    • You can’t update it with subcategories, but you can add custom POI categories for specific chains through TomTom HOME.

      Tim - January 10th, 2009
  65. Everytime I try to connect to TT online I have to reinstall the program??? After that it works fine.

    Joseph - January 10th, 2009
    • You may wish to contact TomTom support.

      Tim - January 10th, 2009
  66. Was voice recognition on the TomTom GO 720 disabled after the latest firmware? I have:

    Firmware Version(?): 8.300
    North America 2GB (v.710.1584)

    In ASR folder: support_asr.dat (with only “1”)

    Right now when I go to “Navigate to…/Address/
    both Spoken address and Spoken address (dailog) icons are grayed out. I’ve looked everywhere for answers and have yet to find a solution or a definite answers that VR no longer works.

    Thanks for any info in advance.

    Luis - January 10th, 2009
  67. You need to get the latest map version 8.3. After I did that, mine starting doing several things it didn’t do before including the voice navigation.

    Joseph - January 11th, 2009
  68. I have a TomTom GO 720 and used it when I went on a trim, spent the night in a motel and when I started home the TomTom would not detect a satellite signal. Any one know what the problem might be?
    Thanks in advance, Ralph

    Ralph - January 11th, 2009
  69. I have had my Tom Tom 720 for just over a month. It starts playing music, and I can’t turn it off. There is a play or pause button, but nothing I can find to deselect the music. It’s whatever music was already on the GPS, as I have not added any. Any suggsstions?
    Thanks, Nancy.

    Nancy - January 11th, 2009
  70. Yes, I have it paired with both mine and my husbands Iphones
    I have had problems with the sound from the speaker cutting in and out but the persons at the other end say they can hear me just fine

    Kathy - January 18th, 2009
  71. I set up a new TT720 with a computer voice for text to speech. Periodically the the speech breaks up, ‘stuttering’. Otherwise, seems to work well. Any thoughts,comments?

    Page - January 18th, 2009
    • The stuttering is the result of something that happened in a recent application update. Your best bet is to just wait for TomTom to correct it, although some solutions (and many pages of discussion) can be found in the New Firmware 8.3 available from home for X20 thread of our forums.

      Tim - January 18th, 2009
  72. Great web site you have here – very helpful! I got my 720 about a week ago at [deleted]. When I installed the software TomTom Home & checked under ‘Latest map guarantee’, it kept saying I had the latest map even though that wasnt the case – ended up getting the new map by calling customer service & having to download it over 3 hours! Cant believe for such a great GPS the software could suck so much! Anyway, thanks for the review & your followup comments.

    Sriram - January 19th, 2009
  73. Very disappointed in TomTom Support. I have the GO 720 and have been having problems with the speech ever since they upgraded their application to v 8.3 months ago. The speech is now broken and choppy. Very hard to follow directions. I specifically bought this unit because it pronounced street names. Now it is useless for that. Tomtom assures that it is aware of the problem, but yet nothing has been done. No patch, no fix, no sympathy. What a shame.

    Rob - February 1st, 2009
  74. I am writing to advise all who need to know that I have never been so disappointed with any single purchase as I am with my purchase of Tom Tom GO 720. The issues I have had are too numerous to list, but it started the moment I turned it on, and then continued when I attempted to continue on to connect to my computer, and continues to this day, several months after purchase. What is worthy of sharing (an this applies to ALL Tom Tom devices), is the quality of customer support.

    I have been in touch with Tom Tom Support on every occasion I have had to fix a problem. They are impersonal, unable to fix problems, and appear to not have any system knowledge. They do not read emails to clarify issues. They provide advise for the wrong operating system (despite the OS being a data input via pull down menu). The support website is not stright forward to use. Their website is also false in relation to mobile phones that are compatible (and god knows what else). It says mine is, then when it didnt work and I told them they said \After researching the details of your Phone, we have found that your phone is not compatible\. They then went on to make an excuse about how hard it is to test all phones. The last straw for me before being so annoyed I had to write a review, was advising them they had [again] providing me advice for Windows OS (I have Mac). They were rude, obnoxious and insulting. I can take wrong advise. I wont, as a consumer, be be spoken to in this manner by a provider.

    I appreciate customer service is a \catch phrase\ of the 90s, and no longer exists, but in this economic climate consumers need to know they are spending their money in the right place, and getting value for money. If you want a GPS unit, I wouldn’t waste your increasingly valuable hard earned dollar on Tom Tom.

    Paul - February 6th, 2009
    • I’ve typically found TomTom’s email support to be fairly poor, but their phone support to be quite good.

      Tim - February 6th, 2009
  75. Hi Tim,
    I am taking a motorcycle trip this summer. I am looking for a GPS that will work for the car and bike. If I keep the 720 dry would it work and does it have a jack that I could plug in an ear phone so I could hear the directions under my helmet ? Thanks

    Gary - February 8th, 2009
  76. Dear Tim

    Great site. I live in South Africa and recently bought a TomTom GO 720 and have a few questions:

    * I read above \As to converting it to the other software features the 730 comes with, I’ve done it myself with a 720.\ What does that mean? Can I convert my 720 to a 730? How? And how will I win by doing so?

    * When trying to update the gps and add more voices, etc, I was quite shocked to learn that my device’s flash memory is around 500MB and almost full. (At the bottom of the box it stated 512MB). Nowhere have I read any reviews about a 512MB device, all the reviews I read said 2GB. And the puzzled guy at support said that the device’s serial number points to a 2GB product. However, when I formatted the device because of errors, suddenly the internal flash memory was 2GB! Why on earth would TomTom downscale 2GB memory to only allow 512MB?

    * Does the voice recognition tool depend on your country’s map / country where you bought the device? Is it at all possible to download some fix or program to allow you to at least try the voice recognition?

    * Just a note: I only had good experiences with the customer support. The guys were friendly and help me sort out most of my problems in no time.

    Thanks for your great and timely responses!

    Rudi - February 17th, 2009
    • Yes, you can essentially convert your 720 to a 730. See this thread in our TomTom forums : Make 720 a 730.

      As to the flash memory… I really have no idea. I’ve never heard of that happening before.

      Yes, the voice recognition files depend on where the product was purchased. You can check the thread How to get VR to work everywhere, if you lack the files. for information on that. Keep in mind those files can be huge and you might run out of space.

      Tim - February 17th, 2009
      • Thanks for the fast reply, Tim. I’m a bit of a dodo, so please explain to me why I would want to convert from 720 to 730 (the advantages, etc).

        Also, surely I wouldn’t be able to use the VR on Southern African maps? Or is there any relief for us down here? :-)


        Rudi - February 17th, 2009
    • Hi
      I also live in South Africa and recently purchased a Go 720.
      Same problem as yours.Supposed to be 2gb but also got around 500mb internal flash memory.Wrote to support on TT website and asked about this 2 days ago but still no explanation from them.Even the supplier cannot explain this.
      Seems we in SA being taken for a ride as usual.
      Can you please explain how you formatted and re-loaded the unit with all the software.Thanks.Raju

      Raju - April 2nd, 2009
  77. I hear a number of people bitching about their Tom Tom GO720’s and about poor customer support. Well my experience is completely the opposite, I have had my GO 720 for over six months and the only issue I have had with it was last Sunday when I downloaded and installed an Application Upgrade for GO 520, 720 & 920. After this upgrade I could not operate my device from my computer. After contacting customer support ( who were very friendly and courteous ) my problem was resolved within 48hrs. The 720 is the best GPS I have ever owned and Tom Tom’s customer support is second to none. Maurice

    Maurice - February 20th, 2009
  78. Sorry if this is a silly question… I just can’t seem to find the answer on the Web. When you are listening to MP3’s with headphones will you hear the direction commands through the headphones?

    mary - February 24th, 2009
  79. For everyone that has been waiting on a stuttering fix, check out this thread in our forums and check HOME for an application update.

    Tim - March 2nd, 2009
  80. For those living in NJ, be aware that there are some inaccuracies & missing streets as well (eg.no left turn allowed at US 1 when approaching from Green st -instead its three right turns but I took the time to let them know but still dont see the correction either on my tomtom or on their map so i’m not sure what the point of the map share is. ofcourse google maps makes the same mistake given they too use teleatlas but they’re free so one can’t really expect them to be error free or are under an obligation to correct it once someone lets them know

    Sriram - March 14th, 2009
  81. Hi, I bought a TT 730go in January this year and have been trying unsuccessfully to link it up with the fm radio in the car. On the third attempt it actually worked….for about three seconds. Now all I get when binding the frequencies is the sound of the tomtom drums. Then I press done and get absolutely nothing. Please..any suggestions? Can’t get through to the help line.

    Antony - March 15th, 2009
  82. I have Tom Tom 720. It works pretty well for me. There are a lot more functions than I could normally use. I think it’s a great buy.

    Swanie - March 22nd, 2009
  83. Hi, I had TomTom software on my pocket pc at my old job and miss it terribly. I’m in the market for a dedicated unti but it seems I’m spoilt for chice. Is the Go930 significantly better the=an the 720?

    Ree - March 25th, 2009
  84. I have noticed that my 720 shows my location when I am off the beaten path of a roadway. I am an avid offroader and was wondering if it is possible for the 720 to track the trails that I drive, so if i get lost or disoriented I could fnd my way back to the starting point. Thanks

    Brad - April 6th, 2009
    • Brad, no, the 720 doesn’t have a tracklog function.

      Tim - April 10th, 2009
  85. Hi, I bought a TomTom 720 and few things jumped out at me.. can you tell what you think?
    1) Device seems to have an issue with highways.. in Boston, I got on I-93 and it was recommending sideroads.. and, in Chicago, was taking highway from Ohare to convention center and it wanted me to get off highway a couple miles into the trip..
    2 The voice cuts in and out… at first I thought it did it only when unit was low on power – now, I’ve seen it when it is charged
    3 When I’m in a new town, only way I can pick a starting point is to change my “home” preference to my desired departure point (so I live in Boston, but had to change my home to O’Hare)
    4 Can’t find way to simply ask, “where am I now?”.. and just track my movement on a map… one of my favorite features on an iPhone
    5 After landing in Chicago and each time I turned unit on there, literally took 10 minutes to find a GPS signal

    Thanks much…

    David - April 12th, 2009
    • 1) I frequently drive in Boston and the I-93 corridor through NH and I haven’t seen that issue.

      2) Are you running the latest firmware?

      3) I’m not sure what you mean. But you can pick any starting point (other than your current point) by using the ‘Plan Route’ button.

      4) If you don’t enter any destination (or use “clear route”) and it will track along.

      5) That is a function of how the GPS system works. If you turn the device on in a place that is a good distance away from where it last had a signal it will take a longer time to get a signal. 10 minutes is probably common in the scenario you described.

      Tim - April 12th, 2009
  86. i hear ther the best navigational feature on a gps is route optimization..does tt720 have it?

    tim - May 2nd, 2009
    • I’m not sure that route optimization is the “best navigational feature”. For those that need it, route optimization of multiple points is essential. But very few people, less than 1% I’d assume, need that feature. It is not on the 720, probably for that reason.

      Tim - May 3rd, 2009
  87. Hi,

    Is there away to download an address book in to the GPS? I’d like to get a GPS for my wife and pre-enter family, soccer fields, stores, kids playmate etc addresses so she can select them and go….otherwise we’d be back to her calling me to get the address.


    nik - May 12th, 2009
    • I asked this while I was calling support for another issue. There is no address book, but you can use the “Favorites” as one.

      Brandon - May 17th, 2009
  88. Hi, When I bought my tt730go a few months back I changed the start up splash picture to one of the exotic ones by selecting music and media and then selecting my choice and ending with the Done feature. I would like to change it again now but cannot do it using this method. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    antony - May 14th, 2009
  89. Forgot to tick would like to be notified by email. Sorry.

    antony - May 14th, 2009
  90. Does the TT720 have an option/screen that shows your current GPS coordinates? The only mention of coordinates I’ve found in the .PDF version of the manual only says how to enter coordinates for a destination.

    Patrick - May 17th, 2009
    • Patrick, tap on the satellite reception icon and then tap on it again near the top right. You will see your current coordinates.

      Tim - May 18th, 2009
  91. can the 720 play movies?

    bryant - May 21st, 2009
  92. Hi Tim
    I am trying to purchase an updated map for my go 930,but the unit is saying not enough space available,so can you tell me what is recommended for me to delete or is it better to put it on another memory (sd card)and if it is how do I do that…..Thanks


    Anthony Goodman - May 27th, 2009
    • Anthony, you might try deleting some of the voice files that you don’t use or some of the speech recognition files for countries/states you won’t use them. People in our TomTom GO Forum can give more specific assistance if you need it.

      Tim - June 1st, 2009
  93. hi…tomtom 720 go gps. bought used, supposed to be hardly out of the box for air. can’ get it tolk to me. could you talk me thru the steps as lord knows i’ve tried. thanks, andy

    andrew - May 27th, 2009
  94. Hey Mr. Moderator, you deleted my post made today that attempted to share with others the poor performance of my TomTom 730!!!

    What do we have here, a Sunshine forum where nobody is allowed to tell the king he has no clothes???

    I will wait to see if and how long this gets posted

    Joe - May 27th, 2009
    • Hey Mr Joe. I didn’t delete your comment. Your comment was not about the TomTom 720 which is what this page is about. Your comment was about the TomTom 730, so I moved it to the TomTom 730 page. So effectively– you got twice your money’s worth since it got emailed to the 720 subscribers on this page plus it is displayed on the 730 page.

      Tim - May 27th, 2009
      • Hey Mr. Tim–

        That is GREAT!

        Joe - May 27th, 2009
  95. Hi, can you please tell me how to get on to the tomtom 730 page. Many thanks.

    Antony - May 27th, 2009
  96. I have a friend with a much older garmin. His device is capable of telling him the elapse trip time, stop time, driving time, and average mph. I recently got a 720 go and am wondering if this device is capable of doing the same? I found some software called tripmaster, but it seemed to be incompatible with the latest version of software. Also, my screen will intermittently go black for a few seconds, has anyone else been having this trouble? Thanks

    Mark - June 16th, 2009

    1 – create a wordpad file in your ASR directory on your TomTom
    2 – Call it support_asr.dat and save it.
    3 – Open support_asr.dat with wordpad (when asked) and type ONLY the number 1
    4 – Close and SAVE the file

    Restart the TomTom and you should have it as a settable option in Quick Menu. (only place i could find to access it)

    If this doesnt work you need to edit one more file on the root of the TomTom called ttgo.bif (again open with wordpad)
    Inside it will list the Features= (scroll down to find the list)
    After ,VoiceRecording, add ASR followed by a , (if there isnt one there already.

    So it should read something like Features=blah,blah,blah,VoiceRecording,ASR,TTS….. and so on.

    Save the file. Restart TomTom and add Voice Recognition to your Quick menu (in options) and you should be good to go.

    Siyx - June 29th, 2009
    • I used my Macbook to create the Support_asr.dat file (using Text-edit). However, I was unable to open or edit the ttgo.bif file. I can see it it being listed in the root directory but it is only shown in light grey (ie, not available to be edited). Any hints would help. I live in Canada and I am most disapointed of not having the voice recognition feature.

      Claude - July 13th, 2009
      • Hi Claude sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. You could try changing the extension .bif to something your macbook can open. Make the change and then save it back as a .bif
        It may or may not work, if it doesnt you could simply try using a friends PC and do the change there.

        Siyx - March 1st, 2010
  98. The input power connector is detached from the printed circuit board on my 720. Where is a good, reasonable place to get it repaired.

    Joe - August 25th, 2009
  99. I am looking to purchase my first automotive GPS. Your review of the GO 720 is awesome. Up until reading this, I was going to purchase the XL 330s, but now I am liking the GO 720. I can’t find an in-depth review of the XL 330s, and was wondering which is better: GO 720 or XL 330s? Thanks for any help.

    shannon - September 15th, 2009
    • Shannon, the 720 is better than the XL 330s.

      Tim - September 17th, 2009
      • How does the 340s compare?

        John Hammond - September 17th, 2009
      • Thanks Tim. That sealed the deal for me. The prices are comparable, and the features are out of sight. I will definitely be going with the GO 720. Your reviews of GPS’s are awesome! Do you review any other electronics? Thanks again.

        Shannon - September 17th, 2009
  100. have a 720 go for 1 1/2 yrs. and battery would not hold a charge, customer service says “too bad” they don’t work on or trouble shoot after warranty. toke apart on my own and seems easy fix if i could find a VF8 Sony 503759 A8 battery.

    Ron - September 23rd, 2009

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