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TomTom GO 730


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48 Responses

  1. Great website! A few questions:
    1. I’m looking at the 730 model, and would like to see your review? Plan on doing one soon?
    2. Compared to the 720 model, what additional features does the 730 offer? Does it drop some features available on the 720? (I wish the TomTom website let you “compare” their models.)

    Jim Autrey - August 24th, 2008
  2. One other question:
    3. For the price range of the 730 model, what other GPS units would you consider?

    Jim Autrey - August 24th, 2008
  3. I’m not planning on doing a separate 730 review since I’ve reviewed many similar models. AS for the features the 730 has that the 720 doesn’t, you can read about those in our TomTom 930 review.

    Tim - August 24th, 2008
  4. Thought I would post this for users. I bought my first GPS after reading a number of different reviews on this site and some vendor sites. They were very informative. Some info that may help. The unit’s maps where out of date right out of the box and connecting to the Tom Tom site did not give me free upgrade. To get this update quickly, you need to make a call to Tom Tom support. If you have a electronic copy of your invoice, setup an account on Tom Tom site and make the call. The support person will walk you through the process of getting the invoice to them, otherwise you’ll have to fax a copy. I got the new map in 5 minutes. I was able to pair the blue tooth connection to my blackberry and iPhone. The feature of speaking to the unit for input was about 70% accurate. The lane guidance does not work where I live (Toronto, Canada). I don’t think they have the info in the maps yet. The traffic cameras is not working in North America, but available for Europe. The info on the cameras for North America is not available. Speaking to a buddy in England, they have fixed radar cameras all over the highways. I’m manually adding the red light cameras for my drive routes. We don’t have fixed radar here. There are a lot of other features, too many to go through, but I am very pleased with this unit. The only disappointment was the unit did not come with a carrying case.

    Dave - October 7th, 2008
  5. Does the GO 730 have the Active Lane Guidance feature? Which would you recommend the GO 730 or the 930? Looking for text-to-speech, lane assist, wide screen,multiple destinations US/Canada maps and wasy to read and use. A gift for older parents. Thanks for any help. Your website is great.

    Tracet - October 11th, 2008
  6. Yes, the 730 has Active Lane Guidance, and all of the other features you mentioned. The 930 adds a remote control, European maps, and a sensor that facilitates GPS reception if you are driving in places like a tunnel.

    Tim - October 11th, 2008
  7. Does the tt 730 have the IQ route time feature like the tt 930?

    Bill - October 27th, 2008
  8. Yes, all of the x30 models come with IQ Routes. The x20 models can be upgraded to the version 8 application and map and get it as well.

    Tim - October 27th, 2008
  9. Is the IQ routetime feature available on the 720 model or only on the x30 models?

    Bill - October 27th, 2008
  10. I just answered that in the question above, sorry if it wasn’t clear. Yes, the x20 models can use IQ routes with application version 8 and a version 8 map.

    Tim - October 27th, 2008
  11. What is the difference between 730 and 930? Is it only navigation active while driving thru a tunnel?

    Puneet - October 30th, 2008
  12. You also get European maps, a remote control, and voice assisted address entry comes standard. See our TomTom 920 review for more info on those features.

    Tim - October 30th, 2008
  13. Tim,

    I am thinking of getting either the New Go 630 or the 730. I checked the specs and the only difference I can see is the FM transmitter that is on the 730. I currently have a
    One XLS and use the RDS-TMC antenna daily. I have heard there are some voice problems on the new Go 630, and that it uses different voice software. My One XLS uses Loquendo and I have had no problems. Which voice software does the Go 630 and 730 use respectively? Also, which models use “Vocalizer” software? A lot of questions I know. Which model ships with the newest maps? If you know of any other differences in these 2 models I would appreciate your comments. Many Thanks,


    Lee - December 5th, 2008
  14. Tim, you mentioned the only difference between the 730 and 930 are three things, European maps, a remote control, and voice assisted address entry. The 730 doesn’t have “Voice Assisted Address Entry”? If the 730 is lacking other items, please list. Thanks

    Rhonda Wilson - December 12th, 2008
    • I have the 730 and it does have the voice assisted address entry it called “Spoken Address (dialog). Its worked really well for me.

      Carolyn - January 5th, 2010
  15. Do you know what the maximum size (Capacity) SD card the 730 would be compatible with? I was thinking of getting an 8 or 16 Gig card to put additional music on etc, but was not sure if it would work in it as the one TT sells is only 2.

    Voice entry is available on the 730, but it does not seem to be that accurate.

    Jeff - December 17th, 2008
  16. Jeff, see this thread in our forums:
    What size SDHC card for TomTom 730T?

    Tim - December 18th, 2008
  17. Tim

    I just got a 730. After software update, I found broadcasting instructions over radio is gone. I called TT customer service, and they said it would not come back! Can I restore the device and get it back?


    harold - December 19th, 2008
  18. Harold, yes, there are instructions in our forums on how to downgrade to the previous application version.

    Tim - December 20th, 2008
  19. I just got a 730 and connot figure out how to turn up volume on hands free calls. Volume is so low that it is impossible to hear call.

    Mike - December 25th, 2008
    • I have the exact same problem… I have look in every forum I can find and there seems to be no answer to this. I don’t know if my unit is deffective or if it’s a bug that acn be fixed… can somebody tell me if the volume on the hands free works well for them so I can go exchagne my unit?

      Joe - August 27th, 2009
  20. Tom, how is Mac support for the 730? As I recall, getting TTS on the 720 to work required using Windows XP… Is that still the case? —Thanks, Darren

    Darren - January 9th, 2009
    • Getting TTS to work on the 720 never required Windows… it will work out of the box just by selecting a TTS voice.

      Tim - January 9th, 2009
      • I have the 730 and you just tap the screen at the bottom during a call to bring up the volume bar. I usually have to keep mine on 100% if I’m driving 50+ because of the road noise.

        Carolyn - January 5th, 2010
  21. Tim,
    I’m looking to buy my first GPS for me and my wife to share, so uses will vary. After much research I have narrowed it down to the Nuvi 750 and the Tom Tom 730. Both have the main features that I want but I wanted your advice on the subtle differences one would know from using them. For example: do either of the units display current heading (N,S,E,W) and/or current speed? Also, are there any issues that I should be aware of before buying either one?

    I woud appreciate any pointers you could give me.

    Steve - April 18th, 2009
  22. I went with a TomTom Go 720, and tried it for 3 months. Also in that time I used the Garmin 205w and 260w as I’m in a sales job where I often ride with others.

    i researched entry level widescreen Text-to-Speech GPS’s pretty extensively and thought that the Go 720 had the most features for the money. But after seeing the Garmin Nuvi’s in use I started to become a little envious of their sweeter looking graphics and less cluttered interface.

    I still thought my TomTom had a major advantage in that it was “upgradable” to a Go 730 just by updating its firmware and maps. This would enable lane guidance which is a feature many folks are excited about (although I live in a smaller town so it’s not one I would use often).

    Unfortunately I waited too long before I tried to update to the current maps as they wouldn’t update automatically. When I called TomTom for help they told me my unit was not eligible for their latest maps guarantee since I didn’t update it within the proper time limit.

    This was a little discouraging and got me thinking more and more about those easy to use Garmins with their much nicer-looking graphics. After much consideration, I ended up returning my TomTom and ordered a factory refurb Garmin 255w (for quite a bit less money).

    After trying both brands, I prefer the Garmin Nuvi’s.

    Darren - April 18th, 2009
  23. My 730 TomTom dissapointment! Last December I shopped and shopped for the best deal I could find to purchase a TomTom 730, my first GPS. I was so anxious to use this device since Wifey and I once returned home from Northbridge, MA, several towns away from where we live. We went around in circles THREE TIMES back to Northbridge before she insisted we travel the highways (the longest way) rather than continue onward using the back roads.

    I put Tom to his first test when I drove to a location in Watertown, MA. I had the device properly programmed but Tom kept insisting we take a \right\ off the what we thought was the better way. OK,enough! I will follow Tom, after all, that is why I purchased it. Follow indeed I did until Tom loudly proclaimed I had ARRIVED……right into an obscure intersection three miles from where we intended to go. Even the street name was different than that programmed.

    I frantically called someone at our destination and pleaded with them to extend my appointment time until we were able to arrive.

    Next and worse bad example— last week I needed to drive through Northbridge but I felt comfortable because I had Tom with me. Tom was programmed to HOME which had our home address properly described. Anyway, while I driving through Northbridge, I listened to Tom speak the way…….TAKE A LEFT….TAKE A LEFT right into a large shopping mall.

    I ignored its advice and kept driving hoping not to repeat my last drive through this town. The next command was TAKE A RIGHT……TAKE A RIGHT which would have put me into a large cemetery! Ridiculous!!! I kept driving and Tom kept talking but now the voice sounded like it was begining to break up. The voice finally STOPPED!!!!! I watched the display and was given directions via the map which I followed through goat paths instead of highly travelled roads. It did get me out of Northbridge.

    About one mile from my home the vice came back strong as ever. Now I have lost ALL CONFIDENCE in Tom! How can I place trust in an instrument that has given my wrong directions more than three times???

    This is a sad day but I feel I need to share my experience with others especially those who are considering purchasing a similar product. I mentioned in the begining this was my first GPS. Is my Tom’s performance typical of others? I am so disapointed with Tom I am considering selling it and either purchase some other brand that is reliable or just going back the paper road maps.

    Sorry, and I do mean sorry but my Tom sucks!

    Joe Howarth
    38 Valley Road
    Ashland, MA

    Joe - May 27th, 2009
  24. Joe
    My experience is different to yours!
    I have owned my 730 three months and travelled through England, Holland, Switzerland and France with it. It has been a marriage-saver. It never put a foot wrong in 10,000k.
    It totally changes your approach to a fly-drive holiday – just head off sight-seeing, then ask Tom to take us back to our hotel. Left-hand drive or right drive, it just works.
    Lane guidance is brilliant.
    ‘Take me to last known position’ is great when walking in a strange city (‘where did I park the car?).
    Text to speech street names is very useful.
    Count-down to turn-offs is very accurate – in Cornwall some lanes are invisible from only three metres away! and on motorways is a great help.
    Bluetooth is good for ‘hands-free’, but sadly most phones don’t allow us to both read and write text messages.
    A hood over the screen would help to reduce sun glare.
    I have driven at home here in Sydney for nearly 50 years, and I thought I knew the best routes. Not so! Tom invariably finds a faster route!
    Well done Tom Tom!

    Mike - July 14th, 2009
  25. England, Holland, Switzerland and France ?????

    That may well be but in New England, USA it performs POORLY.

    Last week I tried to get to an address on Williams STREET in Tauton, MA. The pig did not even have Williams Street in its directory but it did have a Williams Avenue. Mistakenly I thought heck, it has streets and avenues mixed up. So I plugged in the house number and the number was higher than that of any house on Williams Ave.

    Later I found Williams Street, and I activated the where I am a button on Tom, it correctly told me I was on Williams Street, Tauton, Massachusetts.

    European maps and software may be just fine but they are sub-par here in New England. Worst of all, if one is in an area where he is completely unfamilier, Tom cna make sure he is really lost. There are neighborhoods in the states as I imagine there are in Europe that are risky to be in. Would I trust Tom for my life/property in that kind of situations??? LIKE #$%^&* I WOULD!


    Joe - July 15th, 2009
    • I can find Williams Street and Williams Avenue in fine on the TomTom devices I have, assuming you mean Taunton. Here is the screenshot.

      Tim - July 15th, 2009
  26. Hello Tim,
    I’m a first time buyer for GPS, can you pick for me which is better of the 3, the TT GO630, TT GO730 Portable or Garmin 265WT? I’m undecided, don’t worry I’m not gonna hold your word for it.
    Thanks for the great reviews!

    Jesus - July 29th, 2009
  27. I purchased a refurb 730 prior to a trip from London Ontario to Vancouver Island BC and back. I had a hassle over getting an updated map since Tomtom says they don’t provide free map updates for Refurbs. I was persuasive and had a good argument at hand and they gave me the update anyway. I wouldn’t count on it though and the cost of a new map means you can probably get a better deal on a new one. This was my first GPS and I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I have to say that it was a great experience and that I’m very happy with my choice. We traveled through the states both ways and it never lead me astray. When I wanted to connect to the Internet, I just put in to navigate me to the nearest Starbucks and did what it said. When I was driving, I just stayed in the lane it told me to no problem (with one exception which was toll roads where cash pays on the right while I was suppose to stay left – TomTom was right, but…). I listened to audiobooks over the FM (it would be a great feature to suggest the station with the least noise, but…). I’m not sure about the Bluetooth stuff, mainly because I’ve been too lazy so far to try it out. Overall, a great purchase that I’m very happy with. For the price I paid, I couldn’t get more features and I’ll try and use most of them eventually. There were a couple of times when the roads in very rural Alberta didn’t line up exactly and one time where they had just changed the road and it kept telling me to turn left to get me back on the road – unavoidable I suppose. The other thing that got a little annoying after a few thousand miles was that when I stopped for gas or food it would keep telling me to get back on the highway – pushy little thing! Since I don’t know any better and ignorance is bliss, I think this is a great piece of technology and I doubt the other choices are much better. When I wanted to stop, I could just navigate to campground – follow directions and was done for the night. It made a long drive MUCH more enjoyable.

    Jim - August 11th, 2009
  28. For the people that are having problems with the volume on a hands free call. You can turn up the volume, but it can only be done while in a call.

    1. Establish a hands free call
    2. Touch the bottom of the screen on your TomTom
    3. Adjust the slider bar.
    4. Job Done!!!

    BTW – The quality of the hads free call is still pretty poor even with the volume turned up full. I think this is because the speaker is on the back of the unit.

    Hope This helps someone

    Barrie - August 28th, 2009
  29. Hi All, so far I’m happy with TomTom 730. It’s a refurb out of the USA (I’m in Autralia).
    I’m trying to get the text messages to work, from my Nokia N95, to no avail.
    The two devices ‘see’ each other. I select:

    All four options are ‘greyed out’
    How do I activate this feature or is it a problem with the model of the phone? I Hope not as it’s too good to upgrade just now.
    Cheers Mark

    Mark Wright - September 8th, 2009
  30. Hi Mark
    Go to http://www.tomtom.com/phones/compatibility
    Sadly, I think your Nokia will not send or receive SMS, but will do hands free calling.
    I too am in Australia – My Motorola only receives SMS, but will not send.

    Mike - September 9th, 2009
    • Thanks Mike,
      I can’t beleive that the N95, top-of-the-line Nokia mobile Phone isn’t compatable with my TomTom for text. What are the odds?
      Can’t really complain as TomTom was a Fathers Day gift.
      I assume it’s a software incompatability. Do these deficits ever get corrected by software updates to the phone or GPS?

      Mark - September 10th, 2009
      • Sometimes software issues are addressed– but unfortunately it isn’t terribly common. Each side (GPS company, phone manufacturer, voice carrier) typically points fingers and blames the other.

        Tim - September 17th, 2009
        • I can’t say I’m not surprised. otherwise very happy with my Tomtom

          Mark - September 17th, 2009
  31. does anyone know how to connect ipod to tomtom go 730?

    johnny - September 15th, 2009
    • TomTom used to offer an “iPod Connection Kit” however it is difficult to find these days. That is the only way I know of.

      Tim - September 17th, 2009
  32. With the 730 – Am I right that this model can have up to 50 seperate routes each with 48 waypoints per route? And, can these routes be saved.


    Shon - October 11th, 2009
  33. What is the difference between the GO 630 and the 730? I don’t see specific reviews of the 630. They appear to have the same features.
    Has anyone used a Magellan?

    Thank you

    Barbara - December 11th, 2009
  34. I rec’d a brand new TomTom GO 730 as a sweeps prize and sold it on ebay. My buyer in Canada says:
    “When you touch it is making a small sound and is going few mm inside the device. This thing is happening in the corners and on top or right/left side of screen. It`s like is not properly fix in the frame.”

    Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be, and what to do about it? I’ve never had/used a GPS and don’t have a clue.

    Linda - December 15th, 2009
  35. I live in Ottawa, Canada and my experience with Tomtom 730S in the last 3 weeks leaves a lot to be desired. I had high expectations from this unit after all the time I spent researching before deciding on this unit but so far it failed me miserably.

    I’ve been misled 4-5 times already in and around Ottawa/Kanata ON and Gatineau QC. I’m considered a nerdy person and I knew this device inside out even before I bought it. The maps are up-to-date and I really know how to use this device, so it’s not a problem with the end user.

    First disappoinment was going to Costco in Gatineau:
    1100 Boulevard Maloney Ouest
    Gatineau, QC J8T 6G3

    The unit takes you somewhere 4-5 blocks away from Costco. We had to ask around to find Costco. In this case the map was simply wrong. (To verify go to maps.google.com and enter the address above. Google still uses the same TeleAtlas maps for Canada as TomTom so they take you to the same wrong location:

    I immediately tried it on my friend’s Garmin and it was right on. (This is where it’s supposed to be:
    1100 blvd maloney w, gatineau, qc j8t 6g3

    The POI are way outdated too. For example, it has no knowledge of Future Shop in Kanata Centrum. I actually tried this on GPS’s on display in Bestbuy Kanata. Garmin was able to find the Future Shop just across the street, while TomTom suggested the far away one in Merivale. Not good.

    We have been led to the wrong end of a crescent, or to wrong house numbers so many times that we mostly use it just to get to a street now.

    I always heard TeleAtlas excelled in Europe while Navteq was better in NA. My experience so far confirms this.

    So my conclusion is TeleAtlas maps for Canada are crap and not trustworthy. Other than that the unit is fine: The menu system is intuitive, the display has the right info, bluetooth works fine, the mount is sturdy.

    But at the end of the day, it doesn’t fulfill its primary job of correctly routing you from A to B, at least in where I live.

    Jay - February 9th, 2010
  36. Hi I was wondering how you recognize a refurbished unit.

    Bon - April 3rd, 2010
  37. Regaurding the TT GO730, it’s my first GPS and I use it on my motorcycle. I’d like to create a motorcycle to use on the screen but that feature seems to be grayed out in the options menu…. anyone know how to get this feature so I can create my own “car”

    Dwayne - July 7th, 2010
  38. I need a battery for a GO 730. Where can I get the unit repaired? Or where can I purchase a battery for it?

    BILL - February 18th, 2011
  39. How many points can be put in one route?

    May I save routes within the the unit? I have a 2G chit

    I do not need pictures, music etc. so which unit should I buy?

    Glenn Hadley - December 5th, 2011

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