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TomTom GO 730T


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4 Responses

  1. Hi Can you please tell me which is the most advanced out of the 730T and 920T. I have tried comparing specs but find then a bit confusing.

    Eric - December 13th, 2008
  2. Eric, they are different vintages and each have different features, so one really isn’t more ‘advanced’ than the other.

    Tim - December 14th, 2008
  3. Tim, many thanks for sorting that out, I think I will go for the 730T

    Eric - December 16th, 2008
  4. I have purchased a Garmin 765T after having owned a TomTom One. It has great features but I am having problems with it finding addresses. Can someone that has a TomTom 730T tell me how it does on that feature. Also does it have up-to-date restaurants, streets, etc.

    Joyce - July 19th, 2009

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