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TomTom 740 Gets Price Drop, Shorter Service


Back in January when we first heard about the TomTom 740 LIVE, it was described as coming with one year of the connected service at $499.

The TomTom GO 740 LIVE will sell for $499 at major retailers in the United States beginning in Q2 2009. One year of TomTom LIVE Services will be included in the box.

But since that time, TomTom has apparently had a change of heart.

Now nearly shipping, the configuration will come with three months of service at a price of $399.

The TomTom GO 740 LIVE recommended retail price is $399.95 which includes three months of LIVE Services.

With monthly service fees of $9.99 it could be argued the deal is better by about $10. However the new structure also means a lower entry price which might make it more attractive to people on the fence about the connected services. The change also puts the device in closer alignment to the pricing structure of the TeleNav Shotgun. We recently compared the pricing and connected services between those two devices as well.

Amazon is still showing the old MSRP price based on one year of service. While they are selling it at the new $399 price, the “$100 off” they are showing is a bit misleading since the $499 price was based on one year of service.

7 Responses

  1. Is there any plan for the GO 940 live ?


    jules boisvert - April 3rd, 2009
  2. TomTom hasn’t announced such plans, but it is a logical next step.

    Tim - April 3rd, 2009
  3. The TomTom 740 has been delayed to 4-20 at Amazon.com.

    Shocky Hungate - April 3rd, 2009
    • Apparently available now from Best Buy, with a new owner posting the purchase.

      gatorguy - April 6th, 2009
      • Do you know if the 740 works with the traffic receiver I have for 920 or with my pda’s unlimited data plan? I see it is available now on Amazon and am about to take the plunge but don’t like the monthly subscription.

        Toko - April 15th, 2009
        • I suspect it will but I don’t have any confirmation.

          Tim - April 16th, 2009
        • What would be the added benefit of the 740 over the 730, or even 720, if you didn’t use/purchase the subscription?

          gatorguy - April 16th, 2009

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