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TomTom 740 LIVE vs TeleNav Shotgun


With the TomTom 740 LIVE due to hit your local store any day now, people are starting to discuss the pricing, services, and comparing those services to existing “connected” devices. With the demise of the Dash Express, the current matchup is likely between the TomTom 740 and the TeleNav Shotgun. So how do the services and prices stack up?

TomTom 740 Live TeleNav Shotgun
MSRP Price $399 $299
Included Service 3 months 3 months
Monthly Service Fee $9.99 $11.99 ($9.99 2 yr)
Traffic Reports
Fuel Prices
Connected POI Search
Predictive Ephermeris
Weather Reports
Not Yet
Location Sharing
Not Yet
Mileage Tracking No
Free Map Updates No, MapShare Only
POI Reviews

So where does that leave us? The TomTom has predictive ephemeris, weather reporting, and location sharing through TomTom Buddies. I’m not sure I’d consider any of those critical services worthy of paying for. The TeleNav should be getting weather reports and some sort of location sharing soon.

The Shotgun from TeleNav offers a mileage tracker as well as free map updates. The free map update service is certainly a great feature to have, although I haven’t seen any stats to show how often the maps on the device will be updated. We’ve previously compared GPS map update costs, and you would need to pay another $3.98 per month (averaged out) to get map updates from TomTom.

Of course all we are comparing here are the services offered on each device and the cost of those services along with device cost. Looking at it this way, the TeleNav Shotgun has arguably better service offerings at a similar price. (The same price if you purchase two years.) The Shotgun also costs $100 less.

When it comes to connected services, the TeleNav Shotgun costs $100 less than the TomTom, with better services at the same subscription price.

4 Responses

  1. Has there been any discussion of the screen brightness of the 740? My 920 is so dim it is impossible to see on a bright day. It is much dimmer than my Garmin and Navigon.

    Eric - April 6th, 2009
  2. Tim if your maps are up to date you can get quarterly map updates with TT for $40 a year or $3.33 a month averaged out.

    Jim - April 9th, 2009
  3. Picked up the 740 this week at a local [deleted]. When in direct sun, the unit was tough to see, could benefit from some type of shade, but this was true of my Garmin 680 as well. Haven’t fiddled with the screen brightness settings, since the problem was only when in direct sun from the side or rear. So far I’ve been impressed with the GPS, just wish it had a USB port in lieu of the connection/charging dock. The new style window mounting device seems to work OK. I’m getting an Arkon dash mount for it today.

    Bob - April 10th, 2009
  4. I’m still a very happy Shotgun owner/user after 4 months.

    rob - April 25th, 2009

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