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TomTom Active Lane Guidance


The newest TomTom models will offer a new feature called TomTom Active Lane Guidance. This feature simulates what a highway interchange should look like as you approach the intersection. For those of you familiar with the NAVIGON Reality View, this is very similar. I must admit that after having used “moving” map displays, the NAVIGON Reality View seemed strange and somewhat un-comforting at first. The difficulty was that the map was “static” and didn’t show me moving along the map as I got closer to the intersection. TomTom is now offering a similar feature, and here is a quick peek.

As I used the NAVIGON more I became accustomed to looking at the “progress bar” that would show how close to the turn I actually was. TomTom’s display will continue to show and update the “distance to turn” field which should help with that as well.

As you approach the intersection, highway interchange, highway exit, etc the map will switch from a moving 3D display to a static 3D picture showing the highway lanes and the lane you need to be in to make your turn/exit. Then as you make the turn the map will change back to the 3D moving map display.

TomTom Active Lane Guidance

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    Tim - June 27th, 2008

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