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TomTom AddTo


We’ve been waiting for this one since about September 10th, but TomTom has finally announced TomTom Add-to. I frequently get questions from store owners who don’t know their physical address and want to know what they should tell people with GPS devices who want to know how to get to their location. The question is more common than you might think. Of course wouldn’t it be easier if you could just have a button on your website the user could click that would load the address into your GPS?

So called “connected” GPS devices are starting to get that capability and this is similar except it doesn’t require a two way “connected” GPS– rather it requires that your GPS be connected to your computer. 😉

Through this service you can now add buttons to your site that will allow users to download a single address for your location, a group of addresses for all of your locations, or a specific route for people to download and follow.

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