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TomTom Car Connect


TomTom Car ConnectWe are starting to get information about TomTom Car Connect, a Bluetooth device from TomTom which is compatible with the TomTom GO 510, 910, and RIDER becoming available in the USA. This device will allow you to hardwire your TomTom to the existing audio system in your car. You can choose where you want music from your TomTom to be sent to as well as where you want spoken directions to be played through.

Hands-free calling are played through the TomTom Car Connect device. Even though the Car Connect device does connect with your TomTom via Bluetooth, you still establish a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the TomTom GO, not directly to the Car Connect.

The device can also automatically switch the display on your TomTom from day to night mode when you turn your headlights on.

Since installation does require messing around with the electrical wiring in your car, professional installation is suggested, and required for warranty. You must be using TomTom software version 6.52 or greater for TomTom Car Connect to work.

Your car will need ISO-compliant connectors or an “Aux in” socket to support Car Connect.

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  1. […] Also discussed was a “Bluetooth Mobile Device Gateway” which will allow MP3 music and audio directions to be broadcast over the in car stereo. Hmmm…. That sounds an awful lot like TomTom Car Connect that we were just talking about… […]

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