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TomTom Eclipse AVN2210p


I recently wrote an article called Death of the PND where I stated most of the things I don’t like about portable navigation devices. The suction cup mount is ugly, cords hang everywhere, and the devices don’t interact with your car in a “smart way”. In dash-systems also have less than desirable features– many don’t offer 3D views, upgrades are difficult and costly, and you can’t take the device to another vehicle. Luckily there are products on the market now which are designed to address most of those issues, and recently I’ve spent some time with one of them, the TomTom Eclipse AVN2210p. The TomTom Eclipse is basically an in-dash stereo, CD, and navigation system which replaces your current double DIN stereo. However the really unique part is that you can quickly snap out the GPS device and turn it in to a slim and portable navigation device for another vehicle. I’ve got the AVN2210p mounted in my car and have been test driving it extensively for the past few days, and here is what I think.

AVN2210p Physical

Describing the TomTom Eclipse takes on two aspects, one is the overall unit itself and the other is the PND. The overall device is what is known in automotive circles as “Double DIN”. So if you have an existing Double DIN sized stereo, or room for one, it will likely fit in your vehicle.

On the top left is an audio display which will show you the current radio station, CD track, or other interactive feedback such as setting the bass level or other sound quality settings. In the middle of the left side is round four way button which resembles the round button on an iPod. This is used to advance tracks, switch radio stations, etc. Rotating that dial changes the volume. Surrounding the dial are buttons to change the music source, power the device on and off, select a different band, as well as a handy mute button.

TomTom Eclipse AVN2210P AnimationMost of the right side of the device is where the TomTom GPS snaps into place. There is a quick-release button on the right which when pressed will pop the GPS off the radio stack so you can take it with you. Along the bottom is a reset switch, microphone and a USB port. The USB port enables you to connect a USB stick (not included) loaded with MP3 or WMA music files. You can then use the TomTom Eclipse as a music player reading off of the USB stick.

TomTom DUO Physical

I’ve chosen to refer to the PND part as the TomTom DUO, because it has two capabilities; one as an in dash system and the other as a portable system. The FCC ID for the device is also stamped “DUO”, and when you connect to the device via Bluetooth it reports itself as “TomTom DUO”. Therefore I’m going to refer to the entire product as the “TomTom Eclipse” while referring to the radio stack permanently installed in the car as the “Eclipse AVN2210p” and the PND portion as the “TomTom DUO”. So using my terminology you snap the TomTom DUO into the Eclipse AVN2210p forming the TomTom Eclipse.

The DUO is just about the same size as the TomTom ONE. It has the same 3.5″ screen size as the ONE, and is a similar width, height, and depth. Unlike how the ONE has a round back, the DUO is square.

On the top of the DUO is the power button, and a charge indicator light. The power button is inaccessible when docked, however it isn’t necessary there because it will sense when it is docked and if the AVN2210p is powered by your car, it will power on itself and the GPS. The maps and application are stored on an SD card rather than on an internal memory, and that SD card slot is at the bottom of the GPS. Also on the bottom is a reset switch and a mini USB plug for software updates or connecting to (optional) DC power when in a car separate from the AVN-2210p. On the back is a speaker, as well as the connector to the AVN2210-p.

Internally, the TomTom DUO is powered by a SiRFstarIII chipset and is stamped as such on the bottom of the device. Therefore satellite reception has been nothing short of excellent. The AVN2210p also has its own GPS antenna which adds to the reception. As mentioned above, the DUO uses a 3.5″ touch screen similar to the ONE. At first glance the quality of the screen didn’t seem as good as what I’ve come to expect from the ONE, but directly comparing the two side by side they do appear to use the same screen. The screen is not nearly as nice as the screen on the ONE XL (even taking into consideration size) but it performed acceptably.

I had serious reservations about how well the screen would perform, mainly because of where the DUO gets installed into the vehicle as compared to a device suctioned to the windshield. The screen on the ONE and DUO performs well when viewed from wide angles left to right, but when viewed from angles high and low the colors tend to wash out. However I was pleasantly surprised at the actual performance in the car.

I had serious reservations about how well the screen would perform, mainly because of where the DUO gets installed into the vehicle as compared to a device suctioned to the windshield. The screen on the ONE and DUO performs well when viewed from wide angles left to right, but when viewed from angles high and low the colors tend to wash out. However I was pleasantly surprised at the actual performance in the car. I suspect this might be partly because there is less sunlight reaching lower levels of the car. Regardless, the screen performed well ad was legible even under direct sunlight due to the tilting function. (See more about the “tilt” function later.)

It would have been really, really nice if they could have somehow squeezed a 4.3 or even a 4.0 inch screen into this setup, but I can imagine that could have caused some major technical issues of of how to cram it all into that space. Still if the PND housing could have had a smaller outer trim and perhaps some of the buttons on the AVN2210p moved around… maybe just maybe a wider screen could have fit in there. People comparing this setup to other in-dash systems will note that many in-dash navigation systems have 7″ screens, fully twice the size of this setup.

Most of the time you would probably use the DUO connected to the AVN2210p so battery life won’t be an issue. However if you want to use the device detached from the AVN2210p you might want to run it on battery. The battery life printed in the manual is listed as 1 hour. I’ve seen other websites selling the device which list it as 1.5 hours. Upon fully charging the device, I was able to run it for two hours and ten minutes, although I didn’t have Bluetooth turned on.

Another difference between the DUO and other similar models is routing speed. There is much more horsepower driving the TomTom DUO than models like the ONE and ONE XL. For example in a 3,100 mile route we calculated, this DUO zipped through the calculation in 23 seconds while the ONE took 54 seconds and the ONE XL lagged in at 96 seconds. So for that particular route calculation the DUO was over four times faster than the ONE XL.

AVN2210p Installation

Of course one of the barriers to people using in-dash navigation systems is the difficult installation. If you don’t know if you will be able to pull this off yourself, you probably will want to seek professional installation. In other words if you are unsure if you have the skills, you probably don’t, as much as I hate to state it that way. While I’m somewhat comfortable with hacking around splicing cables and taking apart my dash, I was glad to have someone with me who knew what he was doing. It too him (with my occasional assistance) about two hours to complete the process, although a good amount of time was spent trying to find the speed sensor in my vehicle. In the end, I could have probably pulled it off myself, but it would have taken me all day.

For people who don’t install car stereos on a regular basis, installation likely involves removing pieces of your dash to access the stereo, removing the old stereo, splicing in the new wires with the old wires, running a GPS antenna to a desired location where it will get good satellite reception, and splicing into your speed sensor cable. Despite being told where the speed sensor was in my vehicle, we never did find it. We had a couple of likely candidates, but we were never certain enough to splice into one. Despite not having the speed sensor connected, the GPS still performs just fine which is exactly what I expected. The speed sensor will provide additional guidance to the GPS in the event of signal loss such as if you drive into a tunnel. So if your travels frequently take you underground, you might want to find that speed sensor cable.

One other note about the installation is that the AVN2210 sticks out about one half inch further from my dash than my factory stereo did. This didn’t impact the operation of my car at all, including shifting, but if you have an abnormally tight space there for some reason you might want to take note.

Audio Quality & Voice Prompts

The volume of the radio/MP3/CD works independently from the volume of the PND. And since the AVN2210p sends the voice prompts just to the driver’s side speakers the volume of the music going to other occupants really doesn’t need to change.

After getting my car put back together, it was time to reconnect the battery and turn everything on. It was nice to see everything immediately light up. Of course the first thing I did was to check out the voice prompts. Talk about a night and day difference between the nice voice speaking through the tiny PND speaker and one going directly wired through your sound system! Although we immediately panicked because we were only hearing sound from the left side speakers…. We turned the radio on… duhh!!! Of course, the voice prompts only come out of the driver’s side speakers and the rest of the vehicle occupants are spared the voice prompts and continue to listen to the music! So yea, everything was working as designed. And I’ll say it again, the quality of the voice prompt is simply amazing when heard through the car’s audio system rather than through the PND’s speakers.

I typically keep the volume level on most PNDs pretty close to the maximum setting. For some devices such as the LG models, the loudest setting still isn’t loud enough, while on other models such as the Magellan Maestro series the volume is quite good at about 70%. With this setup going direct to the stereo I’ve found that I only need to keep it at about 50% to get the voice prompts plenty loud. Since the speakers in my car are better than the tiny speaker in most PNDs, the volume doesn’t even need to be quite as loud since the quality is that much better.

The volume of the radio/MP3/CD works independently from the volume of the PND. And since the AVN2210p sends the voice prompts just to the driver’s side speakers the volume of the music going to other occupants really doesn’t need to change.

Special PND Functions

The PND’s touch screen takes on a bigger role of managing some of the audio functions of the device. while you can control many of the audio functions without docking the DUO, it is just more fun to control it from the PND. You can tap a button on the AVN2210p to switch the PND to audio mode. The screen will no longer show a moving map but will instead display information about the audio such as the radio station frequency, the track playing from a USB memory stick, or an audio CD in the deck. Not that even when the DUO is displaying audio information, the GPS is still following along on your route and will still call out voice prompts when necessary.

TomTom Eclipse iPod ConnectorYou can control your presets (favorite) radio stations from the DUO when it is docked to the Eclipse system. Also if you’ve installed the optional iPod connector you can control playlists and get track information from the DUO’s screen when it is docked and connected to the iPod. (So far I haven’t seen that anyone is shipping that cable yet, however I do have one ordered. Unfortunately since it connects to the back of the system I’ll have to pull everything out to install the cable when it comes.) I wish I could attach names to radio station presents, and some screenshots in the manual do show text that reads “channel name” but either that feature isn’t universally supported or I just couldn’t figure out how to do it myself.

TomTom Eclipse RadioI did however play with MP3 music on a USB memory stick. Within iTunes I created a playlist based on files that were MP3 encoded, and copied that playlist to a USB thumb drive. From there just insert the USB drive into the AVN2210p and select USB as the audio source. The DUO then scans the USB drive for music to allow selection by artist, song title, genre, album, etc. Album artwork isn’t supported, but while the song is playing the artist, album, and song title are displayed along with a progress bar showing the length of the song and how far through it is.

If you are listening to music from the USB drive you can switch back to the radio by tapping on the Source button. When you navigate back to the USB drive it will resume playing where it left off.

There is also an optional system to connect to Sirius satellite radio.


Another way that the DUO can interact with your car is in a semi-automatic night mode on the navigation screen. When you turn your headlights on, the PND will switch to night mode. Turn the headlights off and the PND will switch back to day mode.

Another great aspect of the Eclipse system is the “tilt function”. With a tap on the tilt button the face of the entire unit will rotate up, exposing the CD slot. A longer tap on the tilt button will rotate the entire display by a few degrees. You can then choose what angle the PND is easiest to view and operate from. When you turn the car off the display will retract to zero degrees and when you turn your car back on it will go back to your last tilt angle. I found this to be very handy in every day driving as I could angle the device (and thus the DUO’s screen) to an angle that was comfortable to view. Also in case of direct sunlight you can easily change the viewing angle to help reduce any glare that might be coming back to you.

Another way that the DUO can interact with your car is in a semi-automatic night mode on the navigation screen. When you turn your headlights on, the PND will switch to night mode. Turn the headlights off and the PND will switch back to day mode.

While I’m a huge proponent of having navigation devices interact in a smarter way with vehicles, I ended up not liking the auto night mode feature for several reasons. First is that I typically always drive with my headlights on for additional safety. Second is that in my state if you have your windshield wipers on you are required by law to turn your headlights on. But if it is raining it isn’t dark enough for night mode. And third is that in the evening you would typically turn on your headlights before you would turn on night mode. I like the effort being put forth creating more interaction of the car and the navigation system, but I was glad to see there is an override for this function. You can set the docking preference so that the day/night mode isn’t connected to your headlights and you can make the change manually yourself as I do.

While speaking of night mode, the illumination of buttons on the AVN2210p uses red bulbs. I don’t have anything against red (and believe it is a better choice for preserving night-vision) it would have been nice to be able to purchase it with other bulb color choices, or be able to easily switch out to a color bulb that matches the rest of your car’s bulbs if they are not red.

Travel Kit

If Eclipse and TomTom missed on one big item, it was not including the travel kit to begin with.

There is an optional travel kit you can purchase for this setup which costs about $70. If Eclipse and TomTom missed on one big item, it was not including the travel kit to begin with. The travel kit consists of a suction cup mount, AC adapter, DC adapter, and a cover for the slot left open when you un-dock the DUO from the AVN2210p. Paying $70 for these accessories is too much and since the whole point of this device is to be a dual in-dash and PND system in one package, those accessories should have been included.


The navigation functions on the TomTom Eclipse are virtually identical to the other TomTom models, so I won’t go into great detail about it here. The best aspects of the TomTom applications are that you can plan routes in advance with a different starting location than your current location, being able to create saved routes, and the Itinerary Planning feature which allows nearly unlimited “via” points to be inserted into a route. There is also a more sophisticated detour function than found on other devices which allows you to detour from a user selectable distance rather than just making the next available detour.

For more detailed information about navigating with this device, just check out or review of the TomTom ONE and the navigation functions offered there. There is no need to just restate everything that was said there.

Pedestrian Mode

I’m not sure what another reviewer was thinking, but there is a pedestrian mode included. While there isn’t any way to lock the screen, you can select between the typical route styles offered on TomTom devices such as fastest, shortest, avoiding freeways, walking routes, bicycle routes, and limited speed routes. If you are driving most of the way to your destination and then walking a distance, navigate to the parking lot, then plan a route to your destination and use the ‘Plan for walking route’ preference which will allow you to get there ignoring road restrictions for cars. For example you would be able to go backwards on a one way street.

Bluetooth Hands Free

The TomTom PND in the AVN 2210p is often described as a TomTom ONE, and it does share a similar size to the ONE. However unlike the ONE the DUO includes Bluetooth hands-free calling, so in that regard the features more closely resemble the 510. (The ONE only uses Bluetooth for data services.) For hands free calling the AVN2210p has a microphone built into the front, and of course the audio from the other caller is piped through your car stereo for optimum sound. Not all devices perform equally well with Bluetooth hands-free-calling, so it is difficult for me to say how well it might perform with your phone. The best thing to do would be to check out the compatibility chart and make sure your phone is compatible.

The phone I’ve been able to test so far was specifically listed by TomTom as not being compatible. However I was able to get the phone to pair, place calls, and receive calls. The audio of the other caller coming through my car’s stereo was fantastic. Regardless of my cell signal, the other caller could barely hear me. Again, it wasn’t that my phone wasn’t listed in the compatibility charts, it was listed as specifically being incompatible.

Purchasing Advice

The extra $400 gets the ugly mount off the windshield, eliminates the cables, pipes the voice prompts through your car stereo, pipes Bluetooth phone calls through your car stereo, ads a large touch screen interface to your stereo, yet still gives you a device you can take with you on pedestrian routes or in rental cars and is less expensive to upgrade than other in-dash systems.

There were only two “misses” on this device. One was not including the travel kit as mentioned above, and the second was not including text-to-speech. An $800 GPS system should include text-to-speech in this day. Otherwise, this GPS is easy to grin at.

The TomTom Eclipse AVN2210p is aimed at a tight niche. There are great benefits to an in-dash navigation system. One of the best parts is that there are no ugly cables having around. The DC power adapter is now free for some of my other geeky devices to get charged. No need for an ugly suction cup mount fixed to the windshield. Voice prompts and hands free calling audio are routed through the car stereo rather than the tiny PND speaker. You can control audio functions through a modern 3.5″ touch screen.

Yet there are also benefits to a PND– you can easily take them with you to other vehicles or as a pedestrian, a wider option of mounting locations, and their are easy and inexpensive to upgrade when compared to traditional in-dash systems.

Those conveniences will come at a price though. Most retailers are offering the AVN2210p at around $800. And since most people already have a stereo and CD player in their car it might seem hard at first to justify spending $800 when the net benefit is a GPS with a 3.5″ display, Bluetooth, and no wires. You can pick up a similarly featured GPS (MP3, Bluetooth, 3.5″ display) starting around $400+. So figure you are spending an extra $400 on integration. Now I’m not saying that extra cash isn’t worth it for this device. The extra $400 gets the ugly mount off the windshield, eliminates the cables, pipes the voice prompts through your car stereo, pipes Bluetooth phone calls through your car stereo, ads a large touch screen interface to your stereo, yet still gives you a device you can take with you on pedestrian routes or in rental cars and is less expensive to upgrade than other in-dash systems. For many people that is worth the extra cash for this setup.

205 Responses

  1. Yep, it seems to be the US-version. But there is no reason the stepping couldn’t be changed. it wouldn’t be cost-effective to have different hardware for different markets. It most likely is a setup-feature, as the steering wheel remote can be programmed by just clicking the buttons on the radio-unit – even if it’s not mentioned in the manual.
    Speaking of remotes. My unit was missing the 8-pin cable for speed sensor & wheel remote. Does anyone have the pinouts? – Or could someone with the cable have a look at where the wires go in the connector? – I’d like to get those working too… =)

    Tuukka - May 8th, 2008
  2. Hi, I have a TomTom Toyota and I would be really interested in you “Navcore 7” hack, since I’d like to try to merge the “v6 audio part” with the v7. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m so angry with TomTom that I’d really like to try. Can you point me to the right direction please?

    Claudio - May 11th, 2008
  3. Having the same problems as previous posts but when the Tomtom is docked it is continuously re-booting and works fine undocked. Tried all versions 6.550>6.544 -plus different SD cards no
    luck. Getting nearly ready to ditch -any suggestions

    john - May 13th, 2008
  4. John, you can read 18 pages worth of suggestions starting here.

    Tim - May 13th, 2008
  5. Well this is July 2008 and I am wondering where this is? So far I have read most of the post on a unit That I believe is AVN2210p. There is a new unit Eclipse Avn2210p Mk II that is now available. Are these problems solved in the new unit? Does anyone know for sure on this post know what is what? Are the post talking about US units that don’t work in Europe or US units not working in the US when updated with the new software from TomTom?

    Is the TomTom in this unit a special made unit for this only or is it a existing unit that is modified to fit the radio? Do the updates at TomTom home work on this unit and the radio? I’m not sure if I can make an guess at this being a good buy or not from the post.

    And what is up with this link in post 104 that goes nowhere?

    Bob - July 5th, 2008
  6. The mkII is the same thing only it has blue lights instead of red, and it comes with the travel kit included.

    If you want to know if something is “solved” we’ll need to know which issue you are asking about. Most people here are talking about US units, although there are a few people in Europe as well.

    The device does work fine with the TomTom HOME software/updates. The hardware is designed in part based on the GO 510, although it is a different model.

    Tim - July 5th, 2008
  7. Thank you for the update. Most of the questions centered around if the BlueTooth is working with their phones and if the mic was picking up their voice. Does the new unit fix that or was it the software upgrade in the TomTom; or has it been fixed at all? The issue with start up time and the USB port (is that fixed in the new unit)? The Ipod cable is available now as I understand it, if connected when you start the car does it scan all the files on the Ipod (including any video or pictures or other files I may have on the Ipod) before starting? When you shut off the car does it break the link to the bluetooth connection on the phone or do you have to walk away (30-50 feet)first?

    Bob - July 5th, 2008
  8. Bluetooth works fairly well for me with my iPhone. Doesn’t work so well with an older Treo– it really depends on the phone. I’ve been told by Eclipse that there is something different about Bluetooth on the mkii, but they haven’t been able to tell me exactly what is different. The iPod cable is available and works well. it does can all of the files when the car starts, but it only takes a couple of seconds– nowhere near as long as scanning a USB drive. If you want to continue a call and shut down the car, transfer it to a different audio source first.

    Tim - July 5th, 2008
  9. Thank you for the update. I am looking to replace my car unit and this looks good. I have a TomTom 920 now and love the unit. The updates everyday and on the fly corrections are great. I have had autos with In-Dash units and will never have one again. The maps were outdated when I bought the car and no one knew any thing about it. The dealership was lost every time it stopped working. The TomTom just works. Updates every day with the latest corrections and just works.

    This MKII must be a new unit. I have looked it up and only 2 places carry it now. Most sites just refer you to the old unit.

    Hummmm I just reread you comment about transfering to another audio source to keep the call going. I have another question now. If you phone is paired with a ear piece say and you enter the car and turn it on does the bluetooth sync with the phone? Upon leaving the car does it free the ear piece up to reconnect with the phone? I have a Motorola Q and it will connect and reconnect to bluetooth devices I have paired up with within range. I am also wondering if you can use the voice dial to diall out with this unit. My 920 loads the address book in it and uses it to call from.

    Bob - July 5th, 2008
  10. This device doesn’t currently support MapShare, so you won’t get the “on the fly corrections”. The mkii is newer, but not all that new. This just wasn’t all that popular of a device due to the installation type.

    If your phone is connected to another audio source it isn’t going to automatically switch– you would have to request the switch via the phone. No voice dial.

    Tim - July 5th, 2008
  11. Bummer……. Well I guess I will look at some others. I really like the MapShare. Thank you for the help.

    Bob - July 5th, 2008
  12. I have a 2007 Toyota Highlander and had the avn2210p installed for me but they said the steering wheel audio control will not work. Does anyone know differently.Its not a big deal but it would be nice.

    Kurt - July 28th, 2008
  13. In the retail AVN2210p the wiring exists to hook it up– but I suppose it might not be compatible with all vehicles.

    Tim - July 28th, 2008
  14. Does the TMC traffic service work with this unit in the US? Do you have to do anything or get a subscription for it to work?

    chris - August 14th, 2008
  15. I don’t believe TMC will work however traffic should work via a compatible Bluetooth phone/plan.

    Tim - August 14th, 2008
  16. I bought this unit when it came out. I will say that I do like it but i’ve had my share of issues with it. First, steer clear of using the usb for your ipod. that kept screwing up the files on my sd card. I had four units put in before they realized the real problem was the sd card the whole time. that might have been the problem with some of your restart problems. It would also mess with the cd player, eating cds and not giving them back. the face would open, nothing would happen, and then the face would stay open.
    Second, the bluetooth sucks. You can hear the other person absolutely perfect. Ask them how it sounds to them and all i get is complaints. You practically have to put ur face up to the radio for them to hear you.
    The ipod cable works fine…restarts everytime with the same song. sometimes if you leave it plugged in and restart ur car it will only read 85% of ur library and will only play one song.
    Overall, the unit works fine. I like the fact i can take it out and use it in other cars. I got the travel kit free. it sounds good as an aftermarket stereo. I bought it when it was 800 and then a short month later it went on sale so i was bitter about that. The price drop coupled with the constant in and out of units did sour my feelings for this, but it does work fine. worth f 400 dollars.

    Chris - August 16th, 2008
  17. I hope I am totally waking a dead page but I will add my info about this device. I have it installed in Pontiac GTO with SWI-PAC ECL steering wheel controls. The only button on the wheel that no longer works for me is the mute button. All others work fine. I have used Bluetooth with a Blackberry Pearl, Nokia 6555b, and Motorola RazrV3. All worked flawlessly and voice hearing was not negligable for my callers. The DoubleDin placement in my car is low and away from to much noice and light so the DUO is easy to see in both brigh sun and night. The unit of cource will not support SDHC cards and I currently have a 2GB car no problem. There are several Audio and Video apps 3rd party to address what some have asked for when playing music via SD Card but with CD and USB that seems like a moot issue to me. I find that keeping files organized helps the DUO scan quicker. I have the most current version and have not experienced the rebooting issues.

    Alec - October 21st, 2008
  18. Thanks for sharing, Alec.

    Tim - October 21st, 2008
  19. For those who are having rebooting issues. Using Notepad or similar, creating a poweroff.txt file on your PC/Mac and save as poweroff without the .txt extension to the root of your tomtom.

    Alec - October 21st, 2008
  20. Those steps were targeting devices that are running version 8 of the TomTom app that are having trouble with the device spontaneously booting after it had been turned off for some time. It is a different issue than the issue people were having with the DUO. (And it didn’t even really fix the issue for the device it was trying to fix.)

    Tim - October 21st, 2008
  21. hey i used to have a z3 in dash untill recently was robbed for it i wanted to get a portable navigation that also plays audio i wanted to know if this system work with a loaded car audio system amp the whole 9.. reason i ask is because a geek squad rep said i may not and i need a system fast….. and has anyone heard of the pioneer f500tb?

    Jankely - October 22nd, 2008
  22. I recently bought a Toyota Urban Runner with this system factory installed. The dealer was pretty clueless about ipod connection, so I was looking into it on my own. I know what cable I need, but I was hoping someone could tell me how it looks once installed in the car. Is it just dangling out of the dash somewhere or is it hidden in the center console. I am concerned about the ascetics after the installation, so please, if you know, let me know!

    Annie - November 12th, 2008
    • Annie,

      I have an ’07 Sport 4Runner and the iPod connect is in the center console/arm rest. I don’t have this unit, but I was thinking about having it installed until I read about all the the support issues.

      Check the center console between the front seats. It is difficult if you have big hands (I do, and I’m sure you don’t). But, you can plug in the standard jack cable and have your iPod going. Let me know if this works.

      Also, I currently have the Sirrius 6 disk changer. Does your unit get Sirrius or XM radio? Does the factory unit have 6 disk or DVD capabilities?

      Most importantly, how do you like it??


      Adam - March 12th, 2009
  23. The cable installs into the back of the system, and I don’t recall for certain but think it was about 4 feet long. You can run it wherever you like, so in a sense it will just dangle somewhere but you could dangle it wherever you like. 🙂

    Tim - November 12th, 2008
  24. Just a note that we expect the AVN2210p to get a big brother in the next few weeks: TomTom Eclipse AVN4430

    Tim - November 24th, 2008
  25. Does anyone have a link to previous versions of the Navcore app? I am looking for a link for version 6.50. I have contacted TT support and they insist that 6.553 is the earliest version they can send me. Thanks!

    Sid - December 16th, 2008
  26. Sid, I think most people are getting better stability with the newest version 7 app over the older version 6 apps. Have you tried the v7 app?

    Tim - December 17th, 2008
  27. Tim, thanks for your response. I was at version 7.831 when I lost all functionality of my head unit. I really want to go back to 6.550 or earlier before I have to rip out my deck and send it back to Fujitsu for repair/refurb. I wonder if Fujitsu/Eclipse is aware of the v7 app?

    Sid - December 17th, 2008
  28. I recently got the eclipse tomtom AVN2210p from [deleted]. Based on some of these posts, it seems like I got a good deal. The only problem is that the unit didn’t come with any cords or harness for the back. Anyone know what all I would need to hook it into a 2006 Jeep Liberty, and/or where to look for it?

    Matt - December 23rd, 2008
  29. Sorry. Also, do you know if it is compatible with blackberries as far as the tomtom plus features?

    Matt - December 23rd, 2008
    • Do a google search for eclipse diamond service or have your local radio shop order the part for you.

      I had to send mine back to them to get it repaired, luckily it was still under warranty. I have not had any luck with the TT plus services with my Verizon 8330. Not sure if CDMA has anything to do with it, but on the list of preloaded handsets, it is only GSM carriers and lots of Euro carriers, which makes sense when you look at TT.

      Sid - January 14th, 2009
  30. I think TomTom has pretty much stopped supporting the DUO, and has orphaned it. Its no longer on their website for map upgrades when you choose what GPS you have, and TomTom HOME software, in the latest version does not even offer newer maps apparently.

    I even wrote recently to them and asked if this was the case, and they have not returned the email.

    So as someone who bought this product, I absolutely can not recomend buying it, or the newer TomTom/Fujitsu model either.

    Ron - January 20th, 2009
  31. I have to agree, unless someone is giving you this unit, there is no way I would recommend spending money on it. The support was lacking throughout the product life cycle. Now that the AVN4430 has been released, my only hope is to obtain the application and maps designed for the 4430 and see if I can load them on the 2210. Although my 2210 is back in my possession and working perfectly, during my journey of trying to get it fixed I found too much of the blame game. TT blames Eclipse, and vice versa. Even when I went to CES, they had a TT rep at the Eclipse booth. The Eclipse rep listened to my comments and complaints and then assured me that communication between TT and ECL SW developers had increased for the 4430. When I asked about support for the 2210, he pointed me over to the TT rep’s kiosk, we walked over and he immediately blamed TT! “I don’t know why the TT rep left early; he is going to be in trouble tomorrow for this”. I just chuckled inside. The next day I came back to talk to the TT rep, and I was commenting how much I liked the new 4430 and why the 2210 wasn’t more like it, he went off on ECL! “Eclipse designed the 2210! It is such an ugly device, etc”. I thought I was in a scene from the movie Groundhog Day.
    Never have I had such a bad case of buyer’s remorse! When looking at how slick the 4430 is and the increased functionality, it makes the 2210 look like something Fred Flintstone put in his ride. Despite my horrendous experience with the 2210, I would still recommend the 4430. It is as if the 2210 was just a beta. The 4430 has fixed several of the things I didn’t like about the 2210. Such as:
    1. Bigger wide screen display
    2. When using the iPod controller, the damn song doesn’t start back at the first song installed in the root directory EVERY TIME.
    3. The Bluetooth mic is physically on the TT PND, so you can still use Bluetooth when you take your PND out of your car.
    4. You can now play DVD’s
    5. You have front and rear view camera viewing capabilities.
    6. The virtually useless USB connection has been moved from the face of the device to the back.
    7. The face doesn’t protrude forward, ruining a flush mount.
    I am sure there are more reasons why the AVN4430 is better than the AVN2210, but you get the idea. In my epic journey to get the AVN2210 serviced, I have learned everything there is to know about this device. If anyone has any questions, please reach out to me. Lastly, as of this post, the most recent map version for the AVN2210 is 6.75, with the most recent app version being 6.553. I am sure you can upgrade the app to the current 7.XXX, but nothing after 6.553 will be supported, that is if you think being told that it’s the other company’s fault qualifies as support. If you do upgrade past 6.553, make sure you have a back up!!!

    Sid - January 21st, 2009
    • Oh yes, their great support, where you felt like you are a ping-pong ball. TomTom tells you it is not their product and has you call Fujitsu, Fujitsu tells you to call TomTom. One will spend hours on the phone, at times they accidentally hang up or give you the wrong number. TomTom will tell you it is a Fujitsu GPS even though it says TomTom on it in 3 places.

      Mine shipped with ancient maps, that do not even show any of my neighborhood streets, nor was I even able to get any newer maps from them when I bought it.

      Sid is correct, we were basically beta testers, and basically got dumped afterwards. Except that we paid a lot of money to be beta testers. It would behoove TomTom/Fujitsu to offer us some kind of good trade up program, maybe even some new maps, for all the time and trouble, and money we spent on them.

      And if this level of service continues for their AVN4430, someone would have to be insane to buy it. Its too bad, even the 2210P was great in concept, just flawed and with horrid support.

      Ron - January 21st, 2009
  32. Ron,
    So your experience was akin to a ping-pong ball huh? My experience was more like a pinball stuck on a never-ending carousel ride where the person next to you just ralph’ed all over themselves and every so often a little bit gets on you. I joke about it because I have been through all the previous phases of a terrible customer experience and have resigned myself to accepting the reality. I am still going to write the executives over at TT, just because I can find their email addresses on Jigsaw. I wish there was some sort of trade up program and I will pass on the word if I hear back from TT. [deleted] To everyone else, do not spend US dollars on the AVN2210; I am not certain I would even spend Zimbabwean dollars on it. I do not see anyone selling the AVN4430 currently, but when it comes out; keep in mind it has been through some serious beta testing.

    Sid - January 22nd, 2009
    • Sid, while I agree with many of your points we have zero tolerance over theft of maps. While I understand the frustration of TomTom no longer supporting their product with map updates, we will not tolerate people using this site to illegally obtain maps.

      Tim - January 22nd, 2009
      • Tim,
        My apologies! It will not happen again.

        Sid - January 22nd, 2009
  33. I agree with much that has been recently said. Why no more map updates available? Why when I call Eclipse to they always say “ask TomTom”? Why when I call TomTom do they always say “ask Eclipse”?

    The one I have now has a seemingly hardware issue where the GPS will no longer provide any audio when docked. The CD player works, the iPod connection works, the USB port works, and the GPS audio works fine when it is not docked, but when docked you can tell the GPS thinks it is speaking, but no audio is sent out to the car. The connectors on the back of the GPS have become very corroded, so I suspect it is some type of a connection issue there.

    Tim - January 22nd, 2009
  34. I know this is OT, but had to say this. Copying maps is NOT theft. Nothing is being stolen. It is copying. While the act of copying may be illegal (and most countries it is), it is still not theft. This is a misconseption pushed to us to make the illegal act seem more graphic than it is.

    As for the ongoing discussion about TT/Eclipse’s extremely bad customer “support”. I have a AVN2210 and wrote to Ecplipse about it (on two occations) to ask for help/info. They have not replied once, nothing, total silence. Unforgiveable!

    I for one advice all people to steer clear of all Eclipse/Fujitsu-Ten products. The AVN2210 will be my last, and I will get rid of it when I sell the car it’s installed. As for TT support, I have no personal experience but just by what I have read here, I am very unlikely to ever buy any of their products again either.

    Tuukka - January 22nd, 2009
    • Doesn’t matter what you call it– it is illegal and it will not be tolerated here. I don’t care if you call it “illegal copying”, “theft”, or “stealing” it is no less of an illegal activity than walking out the door without paying for something. End of discussion on this matter.

      Tim - January 22nd, 2009
  35. If anyone hears ab a trade in value on the other piece of crap sticking two inches out of my dash, please let me know. Also, not sure if u guys have done this, but if u update ur tt home, u can update the duo w a more current app. Thanks for any info u can give.

    Chris - January 22nd, 2009
  36. It is time we start a grass roots movement to get the support we deserve when purchasing the AVN2210.
    Here is the email address of Wolfgang Reelitz, VP Sales Automotive. I also managed to find the email address for PR, and the CEO. I urge anyone who has been affected by the lack of support to email TomTom. Hopefully they will give us the proper support, maps, or a trade-up option.

    anette.hendrickx@tomtom.com (PR)
    wolfgang.reelitz@tomtom.com (VP of Sales Automotive)
    harold.goddijn@tomtom.com (CEO)

    Good luck!

    Sid - January 30th, 2009
  37. What is the most current map that people have seen? TomTom did offer me 675, but that is a two year old map that is hardly changed from the 665 that it shipped with.

    Ron - February 5th, 2009
    • 675 is the latest available for it. 🙁

      Tim - February 5th, 2009
  38. Ron, I have the 7.25 maps. I had to upgrade the OS to get these to load. Nice thing is now I have \map corrections\ so it makes it a bit easier to get small updates.


    Alec - February 5th, 2009
    • My Eclipse came with the 665, and I have heard the 675 still does not even have any of the streets on it in the part of town I live in, which was built in 2006.

      I did put on it a 7.831 navcore a while back, but then it seemed I could not download much of anything from HOME, and was not offered ANY maps to download.

      Ron - February 5th, 2009
  39. Tim I will double check but I think I have the v7.25 maps.


    Alec - February 5th, 2009
  40. I have the 7.25.1904 maps on the 7.832 OS for the TomTom Eclipse & Toyota on a 2GB non-HC SD card. When I upgraded to this OS, Mapshare was enabled via TomTom home but I lost SDKregistry items like video and MP3s directly from the PND. I can say that the majority of my neighborhood, built in 2005, is on these sets of maps. The cul-de-sacs that are missing aren’t even on Google, yahoo, or MS Virtual Earth yet.

    Alec - February 5th, 2009
    • Alec, did you get the 7.25.1904 maps on the 7.832 OS for the TomTom Eclipse from TomTom? Just wondering how I can upgrade a refurbished 2210P I bought last week.

      charesty - August 12th, 2009
      • I tried this morning but it does not look like TomTom has them online and possibly you have to use the HOME application. If you would like to email me at owlick(at)hotmail.com I can give you some instructions on how I got them from TomTom.

        Alec - August 12th, 2009
  41. I just upgraded to the 7.832 OS and now my Sirius Sat. will not changes station that I have preset. I can do it manually but using the touch screen does not work. I reset the device but still not working. Anyone else have this issue and if they know a fix, please let me know. Thanks!


    Kurt - February 8th, 2009
    • Did you also do the CD update? It is for XM, not Sirius, but perhaps it might have something to do with it, I don’t know… http://www.eclipse-web.com/us/upgrades/index.html

      Tim - February 9th, 2009
      • Yes, I did apply the XM update. I too was hoping that would fix the problem but it did not. Any other ideas? I sent Tomtom a note but I have not heard back yet.

        Kurt - February 9th, 2009
        • After 3 attempts I got the TT CS to at least get my sirius preset issue resolved by rolling back to the 6.55 application. I really would like the 7.831 so I can try and get the 7.xx maps. Does anyone have a copy of the 7.831 ? That was my most stable version. Thanks!

          Kurt - February 24th, 2009
          • I believe the 7.833 fixes the Sirius presets issues.

            Alec - August 12th, 2009
  42. Brother, I know what you are stepping in, I have stepped in it myself. Please check out post # 136.

    Sid - February 9th, 2009
  43. I did it. I killed the tomtom. I tried to reload the backup onto my tomtom after I updated it with all the awful new software. As I was doing this, ab halfway through the upload there was an error. Said it couldnt complete. When i unhooked my tomtom, the only thing it would do was turn on the black screen that says tomtom and go to the screen that loads the data, then the eclipse screen, then power down only to repeat the process. wow…

    Chris - February 9th, 2009
    • Chris, this happened to me before and my fix was to move all content from the original card to another new card. I think for some reason the original card got corrupted. I also think it was doing this when I tried to use the SDHC cards which do not work as far as I know.

      I am not sure if you have anything that can pull the data off that SD card and reload onto another to see if you can get past the reboot or not but I would try that before making it a paperweight. /my2cents

      Alec - February 10th, 2009
  44. Does anyone know what is the difference between Navcore 7.831 and 7.832?

    Sid - February 12th, 2009
  45. So good news about my tomtom. I called Eclipse support and told them what happened with the gps and told them what I have had to endure with owning one of these units (post#116), and they ended up sending me a whole new 2210. I got it put in the other day and so far, so good. Working like new.

    Chris - February 18th, 2009
  46. I have the 2210 in the 2008 toyota 4runner urban runner pkg. Went through the red X of death issues and Toyota replaced the card (Black) with version 7.xxx. All is well. Then bought the iPC-107p ipod cable reccomended for the 2210 and installed it. Now on start up of my 4runner I get a totally random series of events deling with the TomTom unit and ipod interface. When I start up the 4runner the 2210 will be in radio mode. Fine. Start it agian, now it remained in ipod mode. OK? Start it later again still in ipod mode but seems to be lock up. I can switch between ipod screen and Nav on the TomTom, but the ipod screen will show the last song I heard before shutting down the engine. Sometimes the ipod screen shows nothing. When this happens if I switch to radio then back to ipod on the 2210 controls itsef the ipod will start playing again.

    I dont get it. Its totally random so I cant narrow the cause down. Has anyone experienced this or can think of a fix? Of course TomTom nor Eclipse had an answer. Blame each other.


    Jake - February 19th, 2009
    • I have the IPC-107p cable and haven’t seen those things myself. I’ve seen other strange things, but not those. 🙂

      Tim - February 19th, 2009
      • I am using an ipod mini. I wonder if that is the cause. What are you using?

        Jake - February 19th, 2009
        • I typically use a mini as well, but also frequently use an iPhone (original 2G) as well as an iPhone 3G.

          Tim - February 19th, 2009
    • Jake,
      Sorry to hear about your problem with the AVN2210. As an armchair technician, exactly which application version and which map version are you using? I have the AVN2210, using the Sirius module, and the iPod cable with my iPod Touch. I got so fed up with the primitive AVN2210 iPod menu that I just decided to keep the cable and use it only to charge my iPod when needed, and use the AUX input to run the iPod. That way I can keep using the Apple software. Definitely let me know which application version you are using. I have been on countless message boards, spent hours researching the AVN2210, and have never heard of your problem, but my experiences point to the application version. On a side note, the best shot all AVN2210 owners have is waiting for the release of AVN4430 so that TT can start supporting it. Once that is out, use the firmware application from that device and see what happens. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to try to help.

      Sid Desai - February 20th, 2009
      • Here is minus my device serial#, what the version screen shows:

        TomTom Toyota
        App 7.832 (8707/080904) OS:220942
        64MB RAM (free 22.9MB)
        GPS v1.21, Boot 8.0017
        Map: ‘USA_and_Canada’ v720.1802

        I have searched the net everywhere and havent found anything like this also. Thats why I am so frustrated. Do you think the clearflash download would solve it? I had the same issues using a friends ipod, so my mini has been ruled out. I have heard of so many problems of people using TomTom home and getting the red X of death so I havent downloaded nor hooked my Tom Tom to my computer. My current version came with the new card I got from Toyota which has the Tom Tom emblem on it and says USA and Canda. Toyota had a service bulletin to replace the card if customers had the Red X. The new card I recieved is Black not the blue card that became corrupt after using my Tom Tom after 2 weeks.

        Jake - February 20th, 2009
        • The Red X just happens when you disconnect the TomTom before HOME has finished writing files to it. Even if you get it… it is easily corrected just by replacing the application again.

          Tim - February 20th, 2009
  47. And while dealing with TT support, they are doing it again. Telling me that they actually do not have anything to do with the TomTom Eclipse GPS part of it, all they did was let Eclipse use the TomTom name.

    Card got corrupted, so put 7.832 navcore on there then copied maps. Activation code does not work.

    Ron - April 15th, 2009
  48. Well – I made the ultimate mistake! I gave Eclipse a second chance and bought the AVN4430.

    I already have the AVN2210P and I have had the same issues that others have reported on here. To be fair most of these are now sorted with the latest software.

    I saw the new 4430 advertised and liked the sleeker look with the widescreen etc. So I decided to give Eclipse another chance and I bought it.

    Unfortunately there is some problem with the Ipod interface i.e it doesn’t restart from the last song like its supposed to. So its exactly like the 2210P in that respect. While it plays all the songs OK, it doesn’t hold the Ipod preferences i.e. “Shuffle” and “repeat”. At each restart, both of these boxes are unticked when they would have been selected at switch off. I’m not concerned with the “repeat” function but I always leave my 2210P on “shuffle”.

    My own Ipod is a 4th gen model so I borrowed a friends 5th gen Ipod just to try it in case mine was faulty – although mine worked fine on the 2210P. The 5th gen didn’t work at all!! It just said “connecting to…..Ipod” and that was it.

    The worst part of this saga is that Eclipse will not answer my emails on the subject. I have tried to contact them about 4 times and have gotten no reply.

    So it looks like I will have to return it to the Seller. Unfortunately this whole experience will have cost me about $230 as I had the unit shipped to Europe, paid customs charges, downloaded a European map and will now have to pay to return it.

    So I will NEVER buy another Eclipse product and I would urge other potential buyers to think twice before they do.

    EM - April 21st, 2009
  49. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on fixing the issue of the speakerphone? I have been told that I am hard to hear when using the mic on the Eclipse (like I’m talking through a tin can) I wondered if it was possible to attach an external mic to make the sound better?
    Also, Im using an iphone 3G and found that the volume of the person I am talking to is quite low and I can’t adjust the volume at all. While talking to them, there is a menu that pops up on the Eclipse and it says I can adjust the volume from the screen instead of using the volume knob, but when I try to adjust it, I disconnect the call instead. Oops. Has anyone else had this issue?

    Stef - April 29th, 2009
  50. Hi,

    I’ve just got AVN2210 on my Corolla. Installed TomTom Home software to install TomTom Plus software. After connecting my TomTom to computer it upgraded my TomTom to version 7.903. Now when I’m PND to system its rebooting itself. Called TomTom they asked me to change the application version to 7.832 however its not available on website and they won’y support me as I’ve to contact Fujitsu. Called Fujitsu they asked me to go back to my dealer.

    Just want to check if anybody has similar issues? Is there any place from where I can download 7.832 navcore or if somebody has software is possible to email me?

    AS - May 1st, 2009
    • AS – you can download it direct from TomTom:

      Tim - May 1st, 2009
      • Thanks a ton! It really helped. I managed to fix the PND. 🙂

        AS - May 1st, 2009
        • Do you still have a copy of the 7.9 application? TT Home will not auto update me to that version. Has anyone else picked up 7.9? I would like to try it. I get better help from this forum than TT Support so I appreciate any help / advice.


          Kurt - July 5th, 2009
  51. Further to my post about the AVN4430, Eclipse eventually responded to my queries. After numerous emails it transpires that the AVN4430 has software problems just like the 2210P. Eclipse are working on a \solution\ but I returned the unit to the Seller.

    I really can believe that Eclipse have once again released a unit that does not perform as it should. Do they not have a quality control department?

    I will NEVER buy another Eclipse product.

    EM - May 14th, 2009
    • We have a specific page for the TomTom Eclipse AVN4430. Let’s leave comments about the 4430 on that page and keep this page for discussing the 2210p.

      Tim - May 14th, 2009
      • Apologies Tim. You can remove my 2 posts here.

        EM - May 14th, 2009
        • No worries– just wanted to make sure people reading the 4430 page saw your info. 🙂

          Tim - May 14th, 2009

    RICARDO - May 26th, 2009
    • Ricardo, use HOME to delete the application from your device, then reinstall.

      Tim - June 1st, 2009
  53. I found a 7.12 version of the eclipse app and want to upgrade from 6.55. Can anyone provide instuctions how to get the app installed. Notice my previous note (141), for some reason the 7.8 version does not allow me to us presets with the Sirius Sat as it does for previous versions.

    Kurt - May 31st, 2009
    • Kurt – To replace the app you just overwrite the files on the device that have the same name as the ones you are dropping in.

      Tim - June 1st, 2009
  54. Hello- Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the connectors on the back of this unit? Thanks.

    David - August 10th, 2009
  55. Should I go through the email addresses in post 136 to try and get updated maps for a refurbished 2210 I got a few weeks ago?

    I’d like to get version 7.25.1904 maps. Is it pointless at this point?

    Thanks for any advice.

    charesty - August 12th, 2009
    • charesty,

      I got the maps from TomTom via their Web site. I ordered them through the TomTom store and I did not get them through the HOME application. They would not install at first because I was using an older OS version and the person at TomTOm I spoke to said the map versions should not have been offered to me on the store based on my OS and model. But, I was able to download and manually install them. Although, I believe the newer HOME application should get you the newer maps if you have the newer OS. I had both old HOME application and older OS at the time.

      Also the current OS has been upgraded to 7.833 which I believe fixes the Sirius presets issue. Also, I believe version 825.2159 maps for US and Canada work with the 7.833 OS. See http://www.tomtomforums.com/tomtom-one-xl/16839-eclipse-map-updated.html.

      Alec - August 12th, 2009
      • Thanks for the update. The new application 7.833 did fix my Sirius preset issue. I will update the home application but the reps at TT and a “supervisor” told me I cannot get updated maps which is infuriating since I know many of you did get the update. My version is v675.1409 which is old.

        Kurt - August 12th, 2009
  56. Hi, I have a 2009 4Runner UrbanSport with the Tomtom system and keep having a recurring problem that Toyota nor their “stereo” company knows how to fix. I am supposed to be able to switch between the Tuner/CD/Aux, etc using the source button. Last week my whole stereo reset my preset stations, etc. Now I am unable to view the Aux option (enabling me to listen to the DVD player). The first two times this happened Toyota “accidently” fixed it by “resetting” the device. I am not sure how they reset it as the little reset button does nothing. Now I am getting the run around because no one seems to know how to fix this problem. Any ideas?

    Melanie - August 18th, 2009
    • I too have a 2009 Urban and the same problem plus the Mortorola phone to the Tom Tom sounds like someone is talking into a tin can. Did you ever come up with a solution?

      Eric - December 15th, 2009
    • You need to activate it on your unit. The following is quoted from the operating manual:

      (1) Press the [source/pwr] button for more than one second to turn radio mode off. “Audio off” is displayed on the PND display. On the sub display “GOOD BYE” will be momentarily displayed and then “ALL OFF”.
      (2) Press the [TEXT} button and [FUNC] button simultanously for longer than 3 seconds. AUX / AUX OFF

      vwli - December 18th, 2009
  57. Has anyon gotten the CD update to work?

    Every time I try i get stuck on the arrow up step, the CD ejects at this point and it never upgrades.

    Any suggesstions?

    Mike - November 15th, 2009
  58. i wonder if anyone can tell me where to get the gps cheaper than i can at fujitsu it all cost me 425.00 but i can buy the whole unit for 399 on the internet this is for the avn2210p any help please feel free to contact me via email brogdonr@comcast.net

    Ronnie - February 9th, 2010
  59. I have owned a AVN2210p for 2 years and haven’t experienced any problems until 2 wees ago. The song information display for Sirius Radio has quit appearing on the main screen but I am still able to listen to the stations. However, on the small screen above the controls, it shows “Updating” constantly and on all stations. I called Sirius last night but they have no idea what could be causing the problem. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Judi - April 28th, 2010
    • This has happened to me a few times when Sirius has an update. The only way I know how to fix it is to use the reset button. You will lose any presets but it worked for me. From my experience, if you see the “updating” text on the display try and wait for the update to complete before you turn off your engine(usually not convenient). I hope that helps.

      Kurt - April 28th, 2010
      • Kurt, thank you for responding. I had tried to reset the system and that didn’t work. But when I logged into the Tom Tom website, synced my system and loaded the updates, it started working again. But now the volume is starting to fade in and out; even when the audio is off, I can hear noise coming out of the speakers and it is fading on and off. Any idea as to what is wrong now?

        Judi - May 7th, 2010
  60. My unit had suddenly stopped having any audio output and I constantly get alternator noise through the speakers, even with the unit off, which it did not do before

    There was once yesterday that as soon as I turned the key off back to accessory power, that sound suddenly came on and it stayed on until I turned the turned the car off, then it did not come back on the next time.

    Ron - May 3rd, 2010
    • The audio on mine broke about a year ago. It still works undocked, but when docked no audio. (MP3, CD, radio audio still work too.)

      Tim - May 3rd, 2010
      • Right now, I have no audio output from the head unit at all for anything, whether radio, gps, etc. The GPS works fine, but again with no sound when docked.

        I will try a reset and see if that does anything

        Ron - May 3rd, 2010
        • Any luck on the audio problem? My volume just started fading in and out this afternoon.

          Judi - May 7th, 2010
          • Its intermittent, and so those are the worst to figure out. Sometimes it comes on fine, and sometimes it does not come at all. If it is off though, it is not going to come back on by itself while the engine is running.

            But strangely enough, sometimes when I turn the engine off but do not turn the key completely off, the audio suddenly comes on. So sometimes the audio works fine, and sometimes it just doesnt.

            Ron - May 7th, 2010
  61. Does anyone know where I can get a travel kit TRK-107p for my AVN2210p–the unit came installed in my 09 4Runner, but nobody–Eclipse, TomTom, Toyota, aftermarketers, has a travel kit. the radio is durn near useless, but at least I might be able to use the nav for another car. Help

    Bill Woodward - July 29th, 2010
    • Bill– are you looking for the charger and mount? Was anything else part of the kit?

      Tim - July 29th, 2010
      • I was mostly interested in getting the mount that holds the tomtom and the suction cup. I really don’t need a charger.
        Thanks for the reply

        Bill - July 29th, 2010
    • The travelkit consists (if my memory serves me correctly) of a holder, charger and a blockout plate for the radio. Last I saw these was on eBay.
      – The blockout plate is useless for you, if you don’t use the radio anyway.
      – Any USB-charger (with mini-USB) will work with the PND.
      – Any holder that the PND fits will work too.
      Personally I have a USB charger+cable and a some el-cheapo holder for the PND. They work just fine. Or did, until my PND lost it’s US-map!

      Tuukka - July 30th, 2010
  62. hello,
    Thieves have stolen my tomtom in my house and i would like to know if someone know where could I to buy an other one, (only the gps)
    Thanks you for your help

    ene - May 6th, 2011
  63. I was getting ready to buy an new Nav head unit and I gave TomTom one more try. It looks like they have new maps for the AVN2210p. I just downloaded the US version for $49 and it appears to be working just fine. The map version is USA v8.70.

    Kurt - May 23rd, 2011

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