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Is TomTom favoring Google over their own POIs?


When the newest version of the TomTom app for iPhone came out recently I noticed some of the items in the navigation menu had been rearranged. The menu order for the ‘Navigate To…’ menu used to look like this:

    Home –>
    Favorite –>
    Address –>
    Recent Destination –>
    Point of Interest –>
    Point on Map –>

However the new app displays the Navigate menu like this:

    Home ->
    Favorite ->
    Address ->
    Recent Destination ->
    Places ->
    People ->

The first four items remain the same, however Point of Interest and Point on Map have been replaced by Places and People. People is a quick way to access your Contacts (as well as Facebook friends’ check-ins) so this makes sense.

‘Places’ will search Google for a location and will now search Facebook too. The older ‘Point of Interest’ has been demoted below the fold. My take from this is that users are more likely to find the POI they are looking for from the Google (and now Facebook) search than TomTom’s own POI database.

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