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TomTom Go 300 GPS Review


pcmag has reviewed the TomTom Go 300 GPS. They liked the antiglare screen, 1GB SD card, portable size, and that it was practical enough for pedestrian use. They didn’t like that it did not come with vocalized text-to-speech directions. (Like being able to say “turn left on first avenue” rather than the generic “turn left in 400 yards”.)

When we first reviewed the TomTom GO, in October 2004, we were extremely impressed by its handling and 3D navigation view. The new TomTom GO 300 keeps the best features of its intuitive original interface and even offers some improvements, such as an antiglare screen and an itinerary-planning menu. Even with the fierce competition in the market now, the combination makes the GO 300 one of the best midrange products available—and our Editors’ Choice winner.

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