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TomTom GO 510, GO 910 Mount Problems


TomTom has posted information about the mounting problems some TomTom 510 and TomTom 910 owners have been experiencing with the suction cup mount. While it seems obvious there was a problem with some of the early mounts as evidenced by the redesigned mounts, they also recommend you make sure you are mounting it correctly by following these steps.

  1. Place the mount on the desired spot on your windshield and turn the dial to the right until it clicks once (make sure your windshield is clean)
  2. Place your TomTom on the spoon of the mount and adjust the elbow so that you can clearly see the screen from your position in the car.
  3. Turn the dial to the right again until it clicks once more to lock it in position.

They emphasize that the last step is the most critical. You can follow along with this video demonstration for properly installing the windshield mount for your TomTom 510 or TomTom 910.

url coordinates.

6 Responses

  1. Living in Belgium, Europe, I was the happy user of one of the first TomTom GPS …
    Visiting the US in May 2006, I bought in Paris ( 699 euros more than 1000 us dollars ) May 6th 2006 the brand new TomTom GO 910…
    It was more than “problematic” …needed more than four hours to fix satellites leaving O’Hare …, power connexion problems, suction device rapidly broken, and after an update for 89 euros dec 2007 … not able to work in Belgium anymore . The old one perfect in Belgium is still working everyday …
    It is not the problem ! You may have problem when you buy a new computer, a cell phone or anything …My experience with Dell computers and their customer service is a very good one !
    But with Tom Tom ( Amsterdam is very close of my home town ) it is incredible …True hell …
    Impossible to speak with somebody or to share with a human brain …Only computer ( very stupid computer ) to answer and to ask …if you are satisfied …
    I am fighting with my GO 910 sent directly to TomTom for many months …and I’ll Friday to Philadelphia…without my GPS ( the old one, still working, is essentially for Belgium and I do not want to buy obsolete maps for this short travel …)
    Do the American TomTom customers share the same bad experience with TomTom support ?
    Thank you for your comments .

    Philippe Ledoux
    Namur Belgium

    Philippe Ledoux - April 22nd, 2008
  2. I reside in Texas and have had nothing but hell from this so called company. My unit constantly falls off the windshield. How they could sell a 250 dollar unit with a 50 cent non-mechanical suction cup is beyond me. I called their \customer service\, it should be called \we don’t know anything about anything\ department. What a bunch of morons, no names or phone numbers for their corporate headquarters. I’m looking for a full refund of this unit. I’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General, the National transportation safety board and the Consumer Product Satety Commission. Hopefully this will be taken care of. I ADVISE ANYONE WHO PLANS ON BUYING A GPS UNIT TO STEER CLEAR OF ANY TOMTOM PRODUCTS !!!!!!!

    Pete Fern - March 4th, 2009
  3. I purchased a TomTom GO 910 in Sept. 2006 and I have had nothing but problems with thi. At one point it froze on the start up sceen and had to be sent back. I have since received it back and now it is 7 months out of warranty and TomTom said they have nothing to do with any unit out of warranty. I tried everything the said to do and now I am left with a $700.00 plus dollar piece of junk. I cannot get it fixed and TomTom Inc. DOES NOT CARE!
    I advised anyone out there….DO NOT Purchase from TomTom Inc. Go for all the other products out there

    Dan U. - March 10th, 2009
  4. Have had nothing but trouble with my Tom Tom. It falls off the windscreen and when your driving along it goes blank and when it comes on again you have to put in the info again (a bit hard when your driving). Would not recommend a Tom Tom to anyone. April 2009

    Lorraine - April 13th, 2009
  5. I have Tom Tom GO910 with broken sucktion cup.. I can’t even purchase this broken accessory. In the first several months, it was okay, but sucktion cup broke suddenly. I don’t really recommend Tom Tom to anybody..

    Patrick - July 25th, 2010
  6. I agree, what a bad design the suction holder is. I’ve lost count of the times the whole lot has fallen off as I’m driving along. I bought a holder that clips in to the air outlets from a firm in Hong Kong on e-bay for £2.75 inc air mail, works perfectly ….problem solved. Come on Tom Tom up your game

    Mal - February 23rd, 2011

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