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TomTom GO 700 and Treo 650


Trying to pair a TomTom GO 700 with a Treo 650? Frank dropped us a line and showed us how he was able to connect his TomTom 700 and his Treo. While he wasn’t able to get it working as an external, hands-free microphone and speaker setup he could connect to TomTom Plus services.

The trick to this was enabling the Bluethooth mode on the Treo 650 and turning “Dial-up Networking” [ ON ]. The phone WILL successfully pair up with the Go 700 (you might have to try a few times) and if you have a service plan like Cingular’s MediaNet (I have the unlimited), then you will be able to connect to TomTom’s Plus services and download updates, get traffic and many more services.

Thanks for sharing that with us, Frank! You can check out his post over here which also reviews some of the finer points of the TomTom GO 700.

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