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TomTom GO 700


The TomTom GO 700 is at the upper end of TomTom’s auto GPS navigation systems. Like many other GPS systems in its class, the Go 700 comes with a 3.5 inch, color, touch screen display. However I’ve noticed the Go 700’s screen is a little easier to view in high glare situations.

Perhaps the most talked about feature of the TomTom GO 700 is Bluetooth phone support. This feature allows you to pair your bluetooth enabled phone and use the Go 700 as a hands-free device. Where this feature really shines is that incoming calls are displayed on the Go 700’s screen. You can also dial phones from the Go 700. This is a very nice feature… even for people who might already have a hands free kit for their phones.

What I like best about the TomTom GPS receivers is their software interface. It just seems much more intuitive than other systems. Of course this could quickly turn into a “Windows vs PC” type debate, I rarely consult the manual with TomTom devices.

TomTom uses Tele Atlas maps on the GO 700 which provide coverage in the USA and Canada. Voice prompts guide you to your destination via either the quickest route, shortest route, or a route which avoids toll roads.

If you don’t have a bluetooth equipped phone, you may want to consider the lower cost TomTom GO 300, otherwise the TomTom Go 700 is a great pick.

15 Responses

  1. […] During the holiday season, the most popular GPS systems pushed by each manufacturer were the Garmin Nuvi , TomTom Go 700, and the Magellan RoadMate 800. […]

  2. […] Lots of good news for those in the market for a TomTom Go 300 or TomTom Go 700 this week. Engadget announced the TomTom Go 700 was their “GPS Device or Application of the Year”. […]

  3. […] Back at CES, TomTom VP of Marketing Anne Louise Hanstad was interviewed with Computer Outlook Radio. During the interview Anne talked about the ability of the TomTom Go 700 to pair with a bluetooth phone providing hands-free communications, and the TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS. They also touched briefly on off-road maps, the TomTom commercials, and TomTom Plus services. You can listen to the TomTom Podcast here. […]

    TomTom Podcast GPS Review - May 11th, 2006
  4. […] Thus a community called OpenTom has emerged to take advantage of the Linux core in the TomTom devices. Savvy developers have built an MP3 Player. The OpenTom MP3 Player application will work on the TomTom Go 700, 500, and classic. It hasn’t been tested on the TomTom Go 300, the TomTom ONE, nor the TomTom RIDER. Make sure to backup your data/SD card before attempting to install the OpenTom MP3 Player! […]

  5. […] TomTom has announced a new promotion for the upcoming holiday season. The promotion is valid for both the TomTom Go 300 and TomTom Go 700 GPS devices. Purchasers can receive a $50 mail in rebate and free TomTom PLUS Traffic updates until 12/30/2006. […]

  6. […] The quality of the sound has been optimised when using hands-free calling (GO 500 and 700). […]

  7. […] TomTom has announced that the TomTom GO GPS navigation systems are available at Best Buy locations across the United States. The TomTom Go 300 and TomTom GO 700 GPS systems are expected to be first available. “The market potential for personal navigation devices is tremendous; through this relationship, Best Buy will broaden TomTom’s reach and bring the TomTom GO line to drivers nationwide,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, President of TomTom USA.  “This only reinforces that consumers want personal navigation in their lives.”  […]

  8. […] Design: The TomTom GO 300 comes with everything you’ll need to start navigating, including a cigarette-lighter adapter, an AC adapter, a USB cable, mounting hardware, a quick-start guide, and an installation CD with an online user guide. You even get a cloth to keep the touch screen clean. Our only complaint is that the GO 300 does not accept an optional remote control, although the more expensive TomTom GO 700 comes with one. […]

  9. […] The Magellan RoadMate 760 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigation System has been reviewed by pc magazine. The 760 looks identical to the RoadMate 700 however the newer model has many advantages. They really liked the new Smart Detour feature and text-to-speech capabilities. They also remarked on the verbal announcement of full street names an categorized points of interest (POIs). They didn’t like the lack of a 3D map view and they thought the interface was more difficult to learn than other GPS systems. Viewing the field as a whole, we still consider the Lowrance iWAY 500C a better device, and it’s available for significantly less money. The TomTom Go [700] and TomTom Go 300 have routing capabilities similar to the 760’s, as well as simpler and extremely intuitive interfaces. You must, however, rely on SD cards with these models (remember, the 760 has a hard drive), which means you may have to load additional map data for new locations. […]

  10. […] T3 has written favorably about the TomTom GO 910, comparing it to the TomTom GO 700. They really liked the new, larger hard drive yet small form factor. Although it boasts a larger screen than its predecessor the GO 700, the unit is actually smaller overall. That’s pretty amazing when you consider it’s housing a 20GB hard disk, of which 8GB is taken up by maps of Europe, America and Canada. That leaves 12GB for your pics and MP3s. […]

  11. […] Trying to pair a TomTom GO 7100 with a Treo 650? Frank dropped us a line and showed us how he was able to connect his TomTom 700 and his Treo. While he wasn’t able to get it working as an external, hands-free microphone and speaker setup he could connect to TomTom Plus services. The trick to this was enabling the Bluethooth mode on the Treo 650 and turning “Dial-up Networking” [ ON ]. The phone WILL successfully pair up with the Go 700 (you might have to try a few times) and if you have a service plan like Cingular’s MediaNet (I have the unlimited), then you will be able to connect to TomTom’s Plus services and download updates, get traffic and many more services. […]

  12. I have problem to pair my blackberry 7100 i to Tomtom GO 700. the software has been updated to 5.42. However, blackberry still can not paired with Tomtom Go 700. any suggestion?

    JJ - December 17th, 2006
  13. JJ – Have you talked with TomTom to see if they have done any testing with the Blackberry 7100i? I don’t see it on their list of compatible devices which means either they haven’t tested it, or they did test it and it doesn’t work.

    Tim - December 17th, 2006
  14. […] Gizmo has reviewed the TomTom Go 700 and writes: It is easy to use and simple to set up, working flawlessly while driving. There is the added bonus of Bluetooth capability that enables it to be used as a speakerphone, which is neat. You can also sync your phone’s contact book with the Go 700 and receive emails via the large screen. […]

  15. […] Another review has been posted for the TomTom Go 700 GPS Navigation system, this time by Pocket-lint. […]

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