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TomTom GO 715


Another day, another TomTom pre-announcement. As the model name suggests it looks to be a feature bump to the existing TomTom GO 710. Not familiar with the 710? Then you are likely from North America where the 710 model is not currently being sold. The TomTom 715 might not also make it here in the USA anytime soon.

TomTom 715 Orders and MessagesThe TomTom 715 will be heavily integrated with TomTom Work and WebFleet applications. As an example an office can send work orders to the 715, including additional details about those work orders. Then you can view an overview of your work orders, reject work orders, note when you are working and when you are on a break, send text messages to and from the office, as well as reporting on the status of orders. For delivery personnel, this could be a fantastic resource.

Data transfer takes place via a SIM card. The 715 has its own GPRS antenna and will keep track of your current position, as well as an odometer of your total driving distances.

New icons show on the main navigation screen to indicate if you are on a business drive or on a private drive. Icons will also display to show when a new message or order is received from the office.

Work orders can also include the telephone number of the customer you need to visit. If you are going to be late or early you can call ahead, directly from the TomTom 715.

Bluetooth for hands free calling (and also possibly traffic) will be included. While the Bluetooth hardware is BT version 2.0 it appears the software in the device will only allow its operation in v1.2 mode.

Like many of the other high end TomTom devices the 715 appears to come with a remote control. An iPod connector will either come with the device or be offered as an optional accessory.

The 715 will be available to TomTom WORK (commercial) customers in April.

2 Responses

  1. Will the TomTom 715 be making its way to Asutralia?

    Emma - June 26th, 2007
  2. I haven’t heard specifically that it will or will not. Although I suspect this device is highly targeted to the European market.

    Tim - June 26th, 2007

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