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TomTom GO 910 C|net Review


Cnet has written an initial review of the TomTom GO 910. They liked the addition of the 4″ screen, Bluetooth features, and the integrated MP3 player along with the iPod connectivity. They didn’t like that you need to pay for the TomTom PLUS services such as traffic conditions.

Though the TomTom GO 910 supports a number of great services, such as traffic and road-condition updates … you have to pay extra for these services

Did they really expect to get those services for free? They also mentioned as a downside that they hoped the 910 would have a better screen than the 300. Of course the TomTom GO 910 comes with a 4 inch, 480×272 pixel, 64,000 color screen which will certainly be better than a 3.5 inch, 320×240 pixel, 4,096 color screen. So I wouldn’t really discredit the 910 for having a better screen. Overall they seemed impressed though.

There’s no doubt that the TomTom GO 910 is a feature-rich GPS unit and that the inclusion of European maps is a great boon for world travelers.

One Response

  1. Also saw that GPS Magazine awarded the 910 with the Editor’s Choice award today, stating that it “performs better than any of its current competitors.” The most exciting part of the entire review that I saw was that the reception is supposedly “Phenomenal.” The reviewer was able to receive 3 out of 5 bars indoors with the GPS on the floor. These two reviews alone may have me sold on this new device.

    Marco - June 6th, 2006

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