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TomTom GO 910


Rounding out the new TomTom GPS receiver releases today, the TomTom GO 910 has been announced. This receiver is also expected to be available on April 1st. The TomTom 910 is a global navigation device coming with maps covering all of Europe, the USA, and Canada on one device. The GO 910 also comes with an MP3 player (YEA!) which will play music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Text to speech functionality also exists for speaking street names.

The TomTom GO 910 comes with a 20 GB hard drive and a high quality speaker. Similar to the 510 and 710, the TomTom GO 910 comes with a four inch LCD display, the TomTom HOME software and TomTom HOME dock and a new design.

182 Responses

  1. Wow– that’s a pretty stellar review from Laptop magazine. It seems like this is one of the most popular GO devices and now I can see why. And TomTom seems to be continually making improvements like the mount replacement program and the new Map Insight program that their map provider, Tele Atlas recently introduced.

    Whitehorse - October 6th, 2006
  2. Responding to Michael comments from June 2nd, 2006. I can assure you Verizon Wirless fully supports all the plus features. I own a Motorola v710 w/ Bluetooth. In the username screen enter xxxxxxxxxx@vzw3g.com, Password ‘vzw’.
    (‘x’ being your phone number) and voila!

    Everything works but the safety camera feature because I live in Southern California, and we are not there yet!! So Enjoy!

    J Gonzalez - October 30th, 2006
  3. […] TomTom announced on Monday a price cut to the TomTom 910. Previously set with a retail price of $799, TomTom’s new price is $699. We’ve seen some retailers who have the device as low as $569 but the price reduction will still make this device quite competitive as we wind through the rest of the holiday shopping season. […]

    TomTom 910 Price Cut GPS Review - November 1st, 2006
  4. […] The TomTom FM Transmitter will work with both the 510 and 910 models. In addition to MP3 music files, calls connected to a Bluetooth phone can be routed to the car stereo as well as any music from an iPod if connected to the GPS with the TomTom iPod connectivity kit. Voice directions from the GO are also sent to the car stereo. […]

  5. Tim, I have been reading reviews all afternoon. I probably do not need a gps for where I live in Idaho but am traveling to Italy in a couple of months and think that could be a suitable justification.

    I have somewhat narrowed my choice to Tom Tom G0 910 and the 720. However, I can’t seem to find pricing for the Europe map set for the 720. Is it only sold by Tom Tom? Their web site has been down all day. Do any suppliers other than Tom Tom sell it?

    Has the 910 matured enough to have the bugs worked out or is it a lemon in a expensive box?

    I have seen lots of love-hate reviews. Enough to believe all of the hate can’t be groundless. The mounting bracket issue seems most common but the idea of overcharging and freezing up seems to be a poor design issue. Managing how long it is plugged in seems to be a totally unnecessary human requirement. However, I am fairly PC and Tech savvy so I am not afraid of software manipulation and upgrades. The feature set looks great and it can now be bought for under $400. However, $400 is a lot to pay for lemon juice!

    Less important features of the 910 (unless I grow into them) are bluetooth and traffic updates. I will probably use the MP3 but don’t really have to have that feature.

    Can you provide an update of your thoughts on the 910? Should I be looking at other units? Thanks for an interesting web site.

    Bill Quapp - August 25th, 2007
  6. TT maps are only sold by TT. The best place to purchase it from them is through the HOME software.

    I certainly don’t consider the 910 a lemon. There was an initial issue with mounts which was addressed in late Sept of last year.

    I’ve seen just about as much love/hate feedback from purchasers as I have with most any other GPS… no more or less stands out except for the beginning with the mount issue. Since that was cleared up, I haven’t seen any widespread issues.

    I’ve never heard of any issues with the device being plugged in too long, your comment is the first I’ve heard of it and I haven’t seen any problems with my 910 or 510 that often stay charging in their chargers for days at a time. I’m not saying there couldn’t be an issue there, but I haven’t seen it myself and I don’t recall others mentioning it to me.

    Tim - August 25th, 2007
  7. I’ve had the GO 910 for about a month now and my frustration increases every day. I purchased this unit because it promised something more than just basic point-to-point navigation, but so far have been frustrated at every turn. The Tom Tom Home software is juvenile, the Tom Tom website is directed toward Europe and contains little for American users. The website is unsupported; it was last updated in 2005! It downloaded 3 viruses to me! I challenge anyone to find how to contact customer support and, if you do find that thread, to actually last long enough on telephonic hold to talk to someone. I have more than 20 years experience with computers, computer programming and programs, and with small electronic devices, but I find this one to be the most frustrating of them all. Were my expectations too high? Have I just picked the worst of the lot? What?

    Forrest Park - September 28th, 2007
  8. Hi
    I have just spent quite a long time reading your reviews and found them very interesting. I have just bought one of the last tom-toms 910 are as apparently they are going to be discontinued in UK soon. My occupation is a truck driver so the gps comes in very handy. it is my second unit my first one was a medion pda 3 years ago and apart from the odd gps dropping at the crucial moment it has worked fine. Anyway getting back to the 910.i have to say I am most impressed with the unit. I have been testing it for quite a few miles now and have fond it flawless. The Bluetooth phone is real handy too with the new laws on mobile phones in cars for England. I think the only thing I find a problem with is the pc software ‘tom-tom home’ I cant seem to get it to add voices from my laptop what I have downloaded. What I have on the file that I have downloaded is an image file with the person’s picture on it. When I click properties it shows the file as the pic with 2 cogs on it (not sure of that name) then the choice file is the same with the 2 cogs. Can anybody help me with adding these voices and where to put them in the tom-tom’s stumbles across this great site while doing research on the fm transmitter which I am thinking of purchancing.feedback on that would be great?



    scott - September 30th, 2007
  9. Frankly Forrest, I don’t think we are looking at the same TomTom website. Their site is updated almost every day. You can find all of the USA information by selecting “United States” in the language selector in the upper right. I’ve seen updates as recently as Friday, not 2005. From any page on the site click on ‘Support’ and their North American support phone number is on the right side.

    Tim - September 30th, 2007
  10. Scott, did the voices come from TomTom?

    Tim - September 30th, 2007
  11. they arent from the tomtom website but they are avaliable for download.

    scott - September 30th, 2007
  12. Then you might want to check with the company that provided them to see about their installation procedure.

    Tim - September 30th, 2007
  13. I purchased my TomTom910 in Austria July 2006 and it provided very good service during my travel from Austria to Denmark.
    I was a little disappointed when I returned home to Las Vegas, Nevada and discovered that my residence was not in the data base. However with the map update I received FREE of charge, the problem has been resolved.
    I took a three week autotour from Las Vegas to Minnesota and back via Canada in the spring and a six week autotour from Las Vegas to New York and back this summer. Without my TomTom guiding me the trips would have been a nightmare.
    I am very happy with the unit and will again use it extensively on my travels in Europe next summer.

    Karl Reitter - September 30th, 2007
  14. I wanted to aks whether TT 910 has an option to enter current location in memory so to have it as a favorite. Also is there any way not to enter specific destintion but to stop current route and just use TT to see where you are on a map in
    a paricular place?

    vlad - October 7th, 2007
  15. Vlad, yes to both questions.

    Tim - October 7th, 2007
  16. I am thinking to buy tomtom910 soon and since no where telling exactly how many POI tt910 can carry that makes me iffy ! based on your own experiences, can you tell me how good is tt910 poi ? cover enough through out all its maps ? with great space (HDD 20gig) I expect tt910 should cover all possible pois and maybe more than garmins that usually have like 6.xx mil ? about other feature like mp3, picture viewer,…those are crabs…I love tt for its great graphic design, clear voice and fast re-route calcuation…

    wonderboy - October 12th, 2007
  17. I believe it has around 5 million POIs, which is about 25% coverage.

    Tim - October 12th, 2007
  18. Just returned from Europe. Used TOMTOM 910 thru Germany,Austria & Italy.Was easy to use & took the frustation out of driving.Is there a Tomtom 920 in the works? I read of some new technology for Tomtom coming soon.Can you update me.Thanks

    jim - October 14th, 2007
  19. We have a page discussing the new TomTom 920.

    Tim - October 16th, 2007
  20. Can you give me the phone number for TomTom where I can ask about Map upgrades? I bought the 910 in Sept and do not know if I have outdated maps or current ones. Thank you.

    William Quapp - October 16th, 2007
  21. 866-486-686.

    Tim - October 16th, 2007
  22. Thanks for your answer Tom. Would you please so kind to send me unstruction son how to do it( I mean both questions)? I tried multiple ways and was not able to make it happen. I tried to call TT support however was not successful since I can’t stay on hold more then 40 mins and had to hung up

    Vlad - October 21st, 2007
  23. 1) Menu -> Next -> Add Favorite -> Next -> GPS Postion.
    2) Menu -> Next -> Next -> Clear Route.

    Tim - October 21st, 2007
  24. Thanx for your help!

    Vlad - October 21st, 2007
  25. Has anyone used the FM transmitter mount for the GO 910 with a rear antennae in the rear window glass? I have a concorde LXI and the antennae is in the rear glass. Like to know if there is any chance that it would work?

    Sheridan Grant - October 29th, 2007
  26. Is the 910 dual voltage?…I’ll be in Europe in two days and was wondering if I needed a converter to recharge the unit or just a European plug…Thanks in advance

    Greg - October 29th, 2007
  27. For new or old users, I have some feedback from a trip to Italy. As some may know, traffic habits and road patters in Italy leave something to be desired. However, if you wish to go far from the train stations, then a car is necessary. We spent about 7 days driving around Tuscany starting in Florence and ending in Pisa with a diversion to Cinque Terra. This amounted to several hundred miles through moderately large cities and very rural the countryside that we tried to focus on. The miles on the Autostrada were few. One doesn’t need anything more than eyes to use those roads. However, the rest of the time, the 910 was critical to our sanity and safety. However , it didn’t help much when I stopped for a man and his child at a cross walk and was rear ended. To my surprise and luck, the fellow I stopped for spoke English. He explained to the Italian driver who was right and wrong. There appeared to be no damage to either car so I was lucky.

    As a new user of the 910 just a couple of months before, I didn’t know what to expect but the map changeover was trivial. The overall usefulness was great. Signals were acquired very fast and calculations providing responses to my bad turns, were near immediate.

    We picked the “Susan” file as the voice. We now won’t go anywhere without her. I would guess the instructions were near 95% to 98% accurate. On a few occasions when I missed a turn, the corrective action instructions were poor as they suggested silly roads just to get back on track — but how would Susan know better?

    The only SERIOUS negative is here pronunciation of many of the Italian roads and cities is HORRIBLE. Frequently so bad, my co-pilot had to resort to a map to understand where Susan was sending us. Given the high quality of Susan’s other speech (computer generated), it would seem that TomTom could and should fix this problem.

    The only other annoyance was the estimates of distance to the next turn. Generally the estimates seemed poor. While I understand the technical challenge, especially since Susan may or may not know my speed, often, the poor distance warning caused the wrong turn to be made. I can easily live with this problem. Furthermore, if one was skilled enough to listen, drive, watch for the Italian drivers, and view the 910 screen — all at the same time — most of my wrong turns could have been avoided as they were marked on the screen.

    So, while you can’t go out and burn your maps, the 910 was a great aide driving in Italy. It was very useful in Italy since there hasn’t been a new road created in “hundred’s of years.”

    In contrast, the 910 fails to find an address in my hometown often due to construction over the last 10 years which is generally not up to date on the maps provided. So, if you want something to get you to a destination that has been around a long time, the 910 is a great solution. If you want to find a friend in a new subdivision, pick up the phone a call for directions.

    William Quapp - October 31st, 2007
  28. As a follow up to Question 114 and your answer 123. As I traveled around Italy, I wanted to make my new hotel each day as Home. Is there a faster way than entering the address? I didn’t have a handheld to find the GPS position. Hand held GPS devices allow one to Mark any location and then using the GoTo function, easily return. In some cases, my lodging (farmhouses) did not have an address that TomTom would recognize. Thus, the need for a “Mark Home” function.

    William Quapp - October 31st, 2007
  29. William, in my 123 answer, that is a function on the GPS. You can set your “home” location or add a favorite based on the current GPS position without using another device.

    Tim - October 31st, 2007
  30. FYI: Got my Tom Tom 910 today and found tips in accurate but wish to add. The bluetooth capability is not fuctional with many phones. I did ask tt and was told that my phone would work -the phone links up but the tt 910 will not recogonize the phone! Also yes the unit is heavy and the mount looks questionable. Also, if you are thinking about getting the optional FM transmitter mount do it now – They are hard to find, costly and are being backordered by Tom Tom. If you are lucky you should be able to get one for about 49.95. All other positive comments are accurate – very capable unit clear, quick, and powerfull. Oh yes, I think the software for Tom Tom Home was designed by the boss’ son – amoung the worst I’v seen and I am a retired corporate programmer. Very unclear.

    M Lee - November 2nd, 2007
  31. M Lee – If TomTom says your phone is supported then I’d work with them to help you get it working.

    Tim - November 2nd, 2007
  32. UPDATE- Well, I got my GO 910 today. Guess what TomTom does not recognize my Virgin Phone. I had called and verified and wa wrongly told that it would work. Now they tell me it won’t! Unit powered up quickly and found location. However, it can not find Cleveland Hopkins International Airport – not via POI, airports, Street address, nor crossroads, not even if I type in suburbs names instead of Cleveland. TT c support tell me the maps on it are old (unit is two day old) and that if I want to update maps that I have to buy em. Then they eventually after six hours on phone loaded out some newer (Not new) maps. Only thing they downloaded okay, but will not install.
    Error msg says that there is a file apn.ini in the map file that is not supposed to be in that file and the update stops. After being on phone from 9 AM til aftr 3 pm. still not resolved.
    Guess the box should have had an expiration date on it. Thought a new unit would not need updating or if so that it would be a free update.

    M. Lee - November 3rd, 2007
  33. M. Lee, sorry to hear your having trouble. I can’t do much about an incompatible phone, but it should be able to find CLE airport. I’ve found it the following ways with maps that are likely older than what you are using.

    Menu -> Navigate to -> Address -> street and house number -> “Cleveland OH” -> “Riverside Dr” -> “5300”.

    Menu -> Navigate to -> Point of Interest -> POI in city -> “Cleveland OH” -> Airport -> “CLE Cleveland-hopkin…”.

    Menu -> Navigate to -> Point of INterest -> POI near you -> Airport -> Find -> “Cle”.

    Tim - November 3rd, 2007
  34. Doesn”t work with either software rel. 6.525 nor 7.xxx. I have tried ALL of the above and verified same today with cust svc. They said that if I wanted I could BUY updated maps! Thought this was outragous since I am supposed to have a NEW unit and paid for same. Map Quest has no problem finding it. Still pursuing the matter. Not reasonable to me. I can access other airports without issue. I doubt if new maps will resolve issue either. Will let you know. I did locate spot near CLE and made a favoite then renamed it CLE airport. Works but something is still rotten in Denmark (Ampsterdam)

    M. Lee - November 3rd, 2007
  35. M. Lee – It sounds like there must be something wrong with the software on your device. I too doubt that a new map will fix the issue because it doesn’t appear to be a map issue. I found CLE with those methods on six different TomTom models, including a 910 without updated maps.

    Tim - November 3rd, 2007
  36. Final conclusion is: After 20 + years of tech support in fortune 500 company – All GO 910 units are not created equal. It appears that it depends on your software version, your map release and perhaps the quality of production. At any rate you can not beat a Mapquest map. So if you already know where you need to go this device is fun. It may be useful, in some instances, but costly so don’t leave home without your maps! Would NOT buy this unit again – enough said.

    M. Lee - November 4th, 2007
  37. Eureka – solution! TT Go-910 well, Cleve (CLE) airport was NOT on the V650.1052 Maps but is on the new 710 map! In order to upgrade these maps you can NOT just upgrade the map. You must first remove the oem V650,xxxx version, then install the newer ones. And Caveat: when it says click on ‘done’ to continue do not unhook your GPS before you click on the Display tab in the upper left hand of computer screen. Then on that drop down select the ‘safe disconect’ tab before you undock the GPS. You are NOT EVER told to do this way – but it is essential that you do exactly this way! And I now know after only about six hours on the phone about 8 calls to cust sev in USA, one call to amsterdam, and two additional calls to the USA line (finally I got a competent cust svc rep). PS. fm transmitter will not work if your antennae is in real glass as it is on my concorde lxi. TomTom had told me that it would. Not so. Not powerfull enough, too far from antennae. M. Lee

    M. Lee - November 6th, 2007
  38. I just purchased a 910 and functionally, it meets all my expectations. However, if you are considering buying one, be aware that the pre-loaded US/CA map is out of date (mine came with v 6.5) and does not include some major road improvements. US map 7.xx became available after TT ceased producing the 910. You can purchase the new map but it’s an additional $60. I think the 910 is still a bargain, just not as much of a bargain as I thought.

    Craig - November 7th, 2007
  39. well, Amen. I think when you buy a ‘New’ unit that you are entitled to have the software updated as of the date you take delivery of that item. This is common practice of all the electronic software from every reputable vendors. So, get vocal and demand what you pay for. The initial update should be free – then is you want additional maps other than the ones advertised as being preloaded and up to date when you buy the unit then you should expect to pay for it. Don’t take “no” for an answer. It is not your fault if some vendor let it sit on the shelf for a few months, did not rotate stock and shipped you an older unit. Get Vocal. call amsterdam if you need to. I worked in tech support for 20+ years and base my comments on what is usually the standard for this industry.

    M Lee - November 7th, 2007
  40. M. Lee, what is the release date of the 7.xx software. I bought my GPS in Septemver and wrote twice asking if I had the most current release (I have 6.525), each time I was told I did. Now, it appears questionable. Can you post the phone number where you eventually go someone capable of helping you? Thanks for your tenacity.

    William Quapp - November 7th, 2007
  41. William – Be careful not to confuse the software version with the map version. The version you are looking at sounds like the software version. Just in the past few days that has been updated to version 7 which you can get through the TomTom HOME program.

    Tim - November 7th, 2007
  42. okay sorry I did not check for msg last few days. The current maps sould be V710.1584 for north america. Just a con incidence that the op system is also ver 7.160 You will probably need to completely remove the older maps before you will be able to sucessfully install V710.1584. Once done it works great. Also in reply to the other question from another reader above re phone number to call: I did get the new maps from the home office in amsterdam but it was only after repeated calls to the us number that I learned that it was necessary to uninstall the 6.625 maps before the v7.1584 would install. another caution. do no unhook the tt unit until you have used the pull down from the top left of you computer screen and select option ‘safe disconect’ wait for the prompt to unplub the tt unit or you will not get an eof and maps will not be accessable. Also during the map download – it is so slow that you may think that the download has hung. Watch the green update bar very closely. It may at times seems as if it is not moving but watch closely for a few minutes to see that it is. This download may take about 30 min with a cable modem. If you get unsatisfactory responses from cust support just keep calling until you get someone who is able and willing to assist you. Do not give up. I will look up phone number for amsterdam and post for all who need it.

    M. Lee - November 15th, 2007
  43. okay the customer support in amsterdam is: dial access 011 wait for tone then dial 31208500800. Call early in am. You will have to wait. It took me 32 minutes (toll charged) but they need to know that they do have a problem with the people in upstate NY (company is a Mass corp in usa).

    M. Lee - November 15th, 2007
  44. Does anyone know the map versions that were installed in the last 910s that were produced? My 910 – which I purchased in October – has version 6.5 maps. Were the 6.75 maps pre-installed?

    Craig - November 24th, 2007
  45. Hi Tim
    I purchased TT 910 in october,2007,and i am wondering am i entitled to the latest map upgrade or do i have to pay for it.I have been reading up on the mapshare program and it sound’s like a great ideal i know in order for it to work on my machine i would have to upgrade to the newer map.Has there been many changes on the Europian to justify upgrading to it too?

    peter - February 2nd, 2008
  46. Peter – The latest map guarantee isn’t offered on the older models such as the 910.

    Tim - February 3rd, 2008
  47. Tim,
    Although it was related, I inappropriately asked a question about the V710 map for my GO910 on the Map Share forum. You did, however, respond and advised that V675 was the most recent map available for the 910.

    I see above that M Lee has V710.1584 installed. Also, late last fall, TomTom Home listed V710 available for purchase for my unit, but something was wrong with their system and I couldn’t get through to the final purchase check-out screen.

    The telephone Help Desk offered no explanation about the purchase problem, but were great in “giving” me an update to V675. V675 is riddled with errors (at least in my area) and I’m anxious to acquire the newest map possible.

    What’s the deal here? Is V710.1584 somehow no longer available for the GO910?

    Any suggestions?

    BTW …. while I’m here on the GO910 specific site, I’d just like to add that I’ve been thrilled with the performance of the 910. We have a travel trailer and last year visiting Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island the 910 was fabulous. I recently added the FM transmitter mount and it too works beautifully.

    John Varey - February 12th, 2008
  48. John, I don’t know how someone was able to install the 710 map on the 910. From what I’ve been told they are incompatible at this time.

    Tim - February 13th, 2008
  49. I have had problems with the connection between the mounting bracket and the 910 unit since it was new. The design has been terrible for me. I have had to have 4 mounts. The mounts charge well for about 6 months then the connection fails and will not charge. This has been a terrible design for me, and if you look at the new designs, they seem to be better, but the old design is terrible. Customer service has not looked at my unit. I have been on the road when this fails and it is terrible. I would not by the 910 old design. This should be recalled.

    Richard - February 28th, 2008
  50. Tomtom blanks out when I dissconnect it from lmy computer, and won’t turn back on until it has completly died out? Why is this? Can it be fixed?

    Selena De La Garza - March 30th, 2008
  51. Selena – It sounds like you might not be disconnecting it properly. Are you (software) ejecting the drive before you disconnect it from your computer?

    Tim - March 31st, 2008
  52. Hello,
    I live in Portugal.
    I bought on March 26th a “TomTom 910 refurbished” model.
    When I try to upgrade it using TT Home 2.2. it says that the period of 30 days claim for new maps versions has expired, I also cannot use Map Share, is this normal?
    Tom Tom says, their products always are SOLD and upgraded with last version maps.
    Is the TomTom 910 refurbished sold in Europe compatible with map share?
    The GPS seems very good, my map version is 7.163. The 920 has version 7.22.
    Should I claim to Tom Tom?

    Vasco - April 3rd, 2008
  53. Hello,
    My correction,
    My map “Westrn Central Europe” V660.1219
    “North America” v665.1293
    Are those Upgraded?
    And about softwear can I Upgrade it?
    New versio 7.22????

    Vasco - April 3rd, 2008
  54. Hello,
    My correction,
    My map “Westrn Central Europe” V660.1219
    “North America” v665.1293
    Are those Upgraded?
    And about softwear can I Upgrade it?
    New versio 7.22????

    Vascogoncalves - April 3rd, 2008
  55. The “latest map guarantee” only applies to models that were released after they started offering the guarantee. (It wasn’t retroactive.) The TomTom 910 was released before they offered the map ugarantee.

    Tim - April 3rd, 2008
  56. Tim,

    If you go back to February 12th, you’ll see we had an exchange about the North American V710 map for the GO 910.

    On Feb 12th. before I received your reply I looked again at map availability on TomTom Home 2.2 and lo and behold …. there was the V710 listed for download (purchase). I bought it and installed it.

    I’ve waited this long to write back to you as I wanted to test the new map.

    Basically, the map seems to work fine. A strange thing is that it doesn’t appear as a “MAP” in the TomTom Home MY GO file directory and I can’t have another version installed on the 910 at the same time. Previously, I had V650 and V675 both installed and I could switch back and forth when I needed to.

    You said that V710 was not ‘compatible’ and maybe this is part of the problem. After spending the money on the new map and then reading your comment, I’ve been somewhat concerned. So far, the V710 seems to be operating well and has substantial improvements over the V650 without all the gross errors of V675 (I experienced in my part of the world).

    I’m still a bit leery about relying on this map and have backups of both the V650 and V675, just in case something happens.

    If anyone has a comment, or additional experience, it would be appreciated.

    John Varey - April 4th, 2008
  57. Yes, they have made changes to make the installation compatible with more older devices now.

    Tim - April 4th, 2008
  58. John,

    Just FYI, when I updated my 910 through TT Home (2.2), North American map versions “715” were offered. I haven’t updated yet so I’m not sure if this is a revision or just a designation for North America “710”.

    BTW, does anyone know if any discounts or promotions are available for the full USA/Canada map? TT wants $100usd for this. They ought to be a bit more generous to those of us who shelled out $700-800 for the 910 last year 😉

    Mike - April 5th, 2008
  59. Mike,

    715 must have some updating. When I downloaded it was definitely 710. What I did to see what I was getting was to simply look at the file size. 650 is 1.2 GIG. 675 is 1.4 GIG and 710 is 1.9 GIG. When I bought 710 it was 49 Euros which ended up costing me about $75.00 Canadian.

    I haven’t seen any promotions for us old 910 owners. Isn’t technology wonderful – these units are outdated before you get them out of the store!

    John Varey - April 5th, 2008
  60. Hello, i have a HUGE dilema. I bought my Tomtom almost a year ago and only used it once on our trip to France last june or july. In december,my family and I went to the states and wanted to use the Tomtom but when we turned it on, the screen frozed. I tried to reset it but still nothing. I was communicating with tomtom but they are saying they cannot do anything for me since i don’t have my reciept. It is still under the one year warrenty. Is there anything that i can do. Has anyone had any problems like mine? I do want it to get fixed. I paid too much money ( i bought it when it came out ) to just use it only once. I’m so bummed out. HELP!!

    Yeinmi - April 25th, 2008
  61. Yeinmi,

    In response to your posting #160, I recall having a similar problem several months ago. I had to reset the unit SEVERAL times in order to get ti working. If that fails, you might contact the store where you purchased it as some of the larger sellers are able to retrieve receipts from their data base. Also, if you used a credit card, you might be able to access the receipt through your online account or ask the the card issuer to send you a copy by mail or email.

    Mike - April 25th, 2008
  62. Mike, thanks for the quick response. I have gone to the PX (store) where i bouoght Tomtom and they just gave me a hard time and said that the reciept was not legiable cause it was too old, which was just under a year old. well, Tomtom support said that they could not do anything with a reference number from the bank cause i also contacted them ( the bank ) and they sent me a statement along with a reference number, i think that since i spent soo much money, they should consider the statement from the bank. But i will try to reset a few times and i really hope that it works. Thanks again Mike for your advice.


    yeinmi - April 25th, 2008
  63. I purchased my TomTom Go 910 about a year ago, and have been very pleased with it, until recently. I did the update for the TomTom Home software, to v2.3.1.92 and then started getting the QuickGPSFix updates. Ever since I started getting the QuickGPSFix updates, the TT has not properly locked in to the satellite signals. When I look at the signal status screen, there are usually 6 to 8 signals, and all are strong, but they flash in and out. This happens even when I am standing outside in a wide open area.

    I live in Southern US, but have had the problem in the MidWest, East Coast, etc.

    Has anyone else had this experience or have a solution / suggestion?


    Tom - May 26th, 2008
  64. Tom – You can remove the ephemeris (QuickFix) files from your TomTom and now download them anymore. I think the procedure is discussed in the forums.

    Tim - May 26th, 2008
  65. In reply to Posting 163, yes, I too have noticed similar behavior with my 910 since installing the update. I can acquire acquire satellite signals only while my vehicle is stationary. I have to turn the unit on and sit in one place for several minutes. However once acquired, the signal strength seems fairly constant.

    IMO, the 910 is a great unit when it’s working properly but overall is buggier than most.

    Mike - May 26th, 2008
  66. I want to hard mount my TT910 to a bracket but want the ball joint for adjustments. So How do I remove the just rubber suction cup?

    Kevin - June 2nd, 2008
  67. I am still having trouble with the mount on my TomTom 910. It falls off the mount but the mount stays on the window. Any suggestions? I ordered a mount from an auction but it didn’t work because of the shape of the TomTom. Thanks.

    Luci - June 8th, 2008

    DENNIS - June 25th, 2008
  69. My 2 year old 910 died, I think from overheating on the dash. I say this because I have had problems in the past with the unit not turning on when hot and having to cool it down in front on the aircon.
    I contacted TomTom to be told that they do not offer an out of warranty repair service.
    I was though offered a Loyal Customer Discount.
    I asked if they had any long term warranty policy to be told no, They were a little upset when I asked why would I want to spend money on an item that dies after 2 years. BTW I have a Sat. Radio that is 4 years old sat side by side with the 910.
    I dont think I will be buying anymore TomTom products again.

    Peter - July 21st, 2008
  70. We’ve had ours for over a year and have had no problems.

    First of all … falling off the windshield???? Are you sure you are turning the locking device to the SECOND lock point??? The first one allows you to mount the GPS, adjust the angles etc. and the SECOND one secures it.

    OFF and ON with the TomTom are a bit tedious. You must press and HOLD for a few seconds. Turning ON press and hold until you see the screen “flash.” I had a lot of trouble for a while and would have to “reset” the unit. Now …. I have no trouble at all. Haven’t “reset” for months!!!!!

    It’s a great unit. Had an opportunity to compare with a Garmin 750 this week and I wouldn’t trade on a bet.


    John Varey - July 21st, 2008
  71. I’ve had my 910 for 2 years and now it’s dead. While I loved it while it was working, it’s a lot of money to pay for a unit that the battery won’t last longer than 2 years, and tomtom won’t fix it.

    Tom - July 30th, 2008
  72. Tom – I’ve had exactly the same experience … “I’ve had my 910 for 2 years and now it’s dead. While I loved it while it was working, it’s a lot of money to pay for a unit that the battery won’t last longer than 2 years”. Is there anything I can do … or is it just an expensive paper weight now?

    Larry - July 30th, 2008
  73. I just discovered this TomTom GPS review and felt a strong urge to reply. I received my first 910 as a Christmas 2006 present without much research (very generous and well intended wife) so it is less that 2 years old and still under warranty. On three trips to Florida, Detroit and North Carolina (New Jersey is home) my 910 failed me RIGHT ON THE TRIP; the screen would just not turn on. I was able to reset it a few times (carry a paper clip at all times) but the last few to no avail. I sent it in twice now for repairs, they completely replaced the unit each time, and I have discovered in talking to TomTom reps that you need to charge the 910 in the stand with house current a few hours every few days depending upon how much you use it, even if you use it with the car charger plugged in. I use it one hour daily to go 30 miles to work (in case I need to take an alternate route) and then one hour home 5 days a week. I also use it on weekends. So religiously every Tuesday and Thursday evenings I charge it for about 4 hours and then on Sunday night the same. Knock wood, no more failures so far. I’ve even used it in my Model A Ford with an 8-volt negative ground system (need to change the wiring to the 910 first). So before its too late, keep a GOOD charge on that baby and cross your fingers once your 2 years are up!

    Tom - October 28th, 2008
  74. Two years since I bought the unit, and I’m very frustrated. I purchased my 910 in June of ’06 and quickly learned that the windshield mount was a very poor design. After about 3 months, the suction cup broke, I called Tomtom and indeed it was recalled. They did replace it (3 weeks later) so I was happy. The unit worked well for the next 20 months or so. I too have to carry around a paperclip for those occasions where the unit just decides to not work, and need to hit the micrometer sized reset button.

    Then, my warranty expired and the device stopped charging. It seems to not make a connection well when in the suction cup mount. If you wiggle the device, it makes a connection for a few seconds, then loses it again.

    So, I called Tomtom….. Only to find out that they not only no longer manufacture the windshield mount, but no longer sell it and won’t help me.

    Had I known that this $800 GPS would be disposable after two years, I would not have purchased it.

    Not very happy.

    Bill - October 29th, 2008
  75. In reply to 174 (Bill), when purchasing hi-tech “gadgets” we never “know” if and when they will become “disposable”. Several years ago the 910 represented state-of-the-art in mobile GPS. Unfortunately though, the unit (and it’s hardware) weren’t adequately debugged prior to release. Over time I experienced numerous problems with mine although most were more in the “annoyance” rather than “serious” category. But… for no apparent reason it finally bit the dust a few months ago. Very disappointing! The only saving grace was the fact that I had purchased the extended warranty. When it died, I returned the unit to Best Buy and walked out the door with a new Garmin Nuvi 5000 and a $300 gift card. I don’t routinely recommend extended warranties but in some cases they are money well spent.

    Mike - October 29th, 2008
  76. I believe that TOM TOM corporate should be looking at these comments and I know this is the tip of the iceberg. Doe anyone know how to send these to corporate. We all spent a lot of money on our GO 910 and should not have these types of problems They should offer replacements or Coupons to help pay for the cost of a replacement. What about free updates for a long as we own and it works?

    DENNIS - October 29th, 2008
  77. Dennis, speaking as someone who has worked as a beta-tester for several large software developers, be assured that TomTom Corporate is well aware of the many issues pertaining to the 910. Whether hardware or software, pressure (from the Marketing Department) to release a sellable product is “intense” to say the least. If non-gating issues haven’t been fully resolved within the allotted time, manufacturers will sometimes opt to release the product and attempt to patch it with updates “after the fact “. In the meantime, the majority of design efforts and resources are shifted towards the next generation product. In my opinion, certain issues surrounding the 910 couldn’t be fully resolved via patching making it somewhat of a “lemon”, depending upon how high one’s expectations of the unit are or were. Ethics aside, some manufacturers feel that admitting the truth isn’t a wise course of action. Better to incorporate fixes (along with some new whistles and bells) into the next model, get some great reviews, and the “lemon” is soon forgotten, except of course by those who are stuck with it. Having dealt with TomTom’s Customer Service Department on several occasions I’m of the opinion that their overall customer commitment and support policies are well below par. When given the opportunity to utilize my extended warranty, this is why I didn’t even look at TomTom’s latest offerings.

    Mike - October 29th, 2008
  78. I am really frustrated with my GO910 — I am tempted to throw it in the trash! It wouldn’t turn on for a long time. It made a horrible crash like sound then nothing. It finally turned on today and now I get a white x in a red circle. I’m going to check with tech support one more time to see if I get someone else. The last person I got was useless.

    Luci - October 29th, 2008
  79. I have had my 910 for a little over 2 years now. The not connecting problem/charging is happening on mine now. I have contacted support, but do not expect much after reading these reviews. I have had problems with it being a bit wobbly in the dock since day one and even notified support about it, but they told me there was not anything wrong with my dock. Oh well, live and learn. I doubt I’ll ever buy a TomTom product in the future.

    J.R. - March 4th, 2009
  80. Guys,..My 910 just died today, while on the 401 highway. i’m new to Toronto, so i figured out the GPS would help me out a big deal..I tried resetting it like 4 times, but it just flashes on, then goes off…all this time, it was powered on..m so displeased with tomtom. I ended up at the US boarder, n i was supposed to go to london ontario..m so frustrated.I’m done with tomtom..Before this, i had the 920T. This was even worse than the 910. It would give u weird routes, even after asking it for the shortest route. Then it loses signal right in the middle of the highway, where there’re no buildings n all….Honestly i’m done with tomtom…..so yesterday, i just decided to find the nearest furuteshop along the way, went in there, and asked for anything else but a tomtom…n thats what saved my life.

    Czar - November 2nd, 2009
    • Asking the GPS for the shortest route will often yield very strange routes– that’s to be expected. The shortest route will rarely be a good route.

      Tim - November 2nd, 2009
  81. The blurb for the 910 mentions barometric pressure and altimeter. The units setting screen gives the option of setting barometer measurements to mB, hP or inches of Hg.
    However there is no apparent way of actually viewing a barometer. Is it a feature that was written into the software but does not exist in the hardware?

    bruce aka pippin - September 20th, 2011

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